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3 thoughts on “Beka! – Shambel Belaineh (video)

  1. the woyane rule by fear and violence and they know the Ethiopian people have had enough. it is important to break the fear if the peoples’ uprising is to succeed. In Egypt mubarak’s henchmen and security were feared to the extent that the woyane security agents, spies, and its ethnic militia the agazee are feared in Ethipia today.

    but these agents of the woyane security are worthless, who only serve the woyane to fill thier bellies. if faced with a determined public, they will melt away like the Egyptian police did when the revolution started.

    there is a lot of dissatisfaction in the woyane formed armed forces. the woyane has deliberately divided the military along ethnic lines and putting its trusted woyane henchmen at the top of the leadership. 99% of the top military commanders are former woyane ”tegadalys”,who have been appointed to posts like Brigdier General, Commander General etc, with out any merit. The woyane nepotism is clearly demonstrated in its military. It is unlikely that these military commanders will side with the people in the event of an uprising.

    The rank and file soldiers within the military are however open to persuation and they might refuse to shoot people. All in all it is not out of conviction the military open fire on the people when Meles or his ”tegadalay” commanders orders them. It is only out of fear that they take orders.

    All we need is a little spark and the woyane security machine will crumble like a pack of cards. No body likes the woyane, they seized power by force and rule and keep power by violence and murder. They have no ligitimacy to be where they are. bEDDE

  2. Shambel,

    You are the best of all our artists. Your new song is great. I liked it very much.

    You are the only one we have left who is still patriotic. Teddy Afro used to be patriotic until they sent him to jail. He started preaching us about LOVE after they released him because he got too scared to sing about the suffering of our people.

    I think you are the best. Keep it up.

  3. The capitain spoke clear and simple;BAKA!!!and the people acted upon the message!!!

    The enemy,it is what it has been and it will be what it is.Ethiopians,fight the enemy until it is defeated its crush.Now,the enemy is frightened to its core and soon it will be removed from the surface of Ethiopia.Our goal is to bring Ethiopia back to our caring arms.

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