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Al Amoudi gives $240,000 to his bootlickers in ESFNA

Ethiopian-born Saudi billionaire Ato Al Amoudi has given $240,000 to his thugs who have hijacked the Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA), according Ethiopian Review sources.

Al Amoudi is a major financial backer of the ethnic apartheid junta in Ethiopia that is led by Meles Zenawi. He is also a self-proclaimed member of the ruling party, Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF)

Using his enormous wealth, Al Amoudi has been trying to infiltrate various Ethiopian civic and political organizations inside the country and around the world and turn them into a political tool for the Meles dictatorship.

During the past 5 years, ESFNA has been turned into a personal club for Al Amoudi by a group of individuals in the 27-year-old organization who are prostituting themselves for the billionaire’s  crumbs.

Al Amoudi has been trying to shut down Ethiopian Review by hiring a powerful law/public relations firm in Washington DC named DLA Piper. Recently, he won a default judgment in a British court under a shameful U.K. libel tourism.

According to Forbes Magazine, Al Amoudi’s net worth grew by $2 billion in 2010 to $12 billion. Much of the $2 billion he profited last year may have come from his gold mines and farms in southern Ethiopia. One can imagine that if Al Amoudi made a net profit of $2 billion in one year, how much his business partners Meles and Azeb (the dictator and wife) may have made during the same period. Also in the same period, 2 million Ethiopians have faced food shortages, according to the UN, while Al Amoudi and Meles were looting the country.

27 thoughts on “Al Amoudi gives $240,000 to his bootlickers in ESFNA

  1. True;the sheik has entered Ethiopia as fork and knife to pock and cut the lives of Ethiopian farmers.Today,farmers are evicted from their motherland-given large farmlands and are completely in the hands of Al Amoudi,the looter,and soon thousands and thousands of farmers will turn into farm laboureres and their extended families and children will eventually be exported to the customers in the Middle East and to those sheiks who have voracious sexual apetite.

    Of little and young girls,the sheik is as fond of as cats are fond of milk.Money is not everything;Al Amoudi does not get it.

    When Al Amudi entered Ethiopia as an alien,he used special agents and hodams to fool Ethiopians and gradually penetrated into small and large Ethiopian communites both inside and outside Ethiopia and began to do the dirty work ranging from fondling little ones, luring young girls into his bedrooms and bribing and buying hodaders and the weaks to weaken diasporas.Today,as it was yeasteday,Al Amoudi is desperately attempting to create cracks into the diaspora through his especial agents by lavishly throwing party and pocketing money into varieties of individuals.Yes,eventually,this alien will be sent back to where he came from ,when the masters above him are crushed to thier eternal defeat.

  2. The guilty party is ESFNA not Mr. Al-Amoudi. Those guys at the sport organization ought to read their Isaiah (Chap. 1) and take to heart what is going on to their people and country. Instead of fighting corruption, injustice and the illegitimate regime, they have become willing associates of foreign plunderers. The idea of associating with the likes of Mr. Al-Amoudi, the idea of being willing participants of illigal transformation of wealth in the name of “Development” is simply wrong and not expected of any thinking individual. Al-Amoudi, the regime and the foreigners are robbing our heritage and owr future and giving us back hand outs in the amount of $0.00001%. In normal senario the people and legitimate owners own the resources and wealth and forigners, if need be, with know-how skills, which Al-Amoudi does not posses except buying, would recieve pay-outs, dividends and percentages, and the distributions of wealth would be far from plunder and slavery system levied unfairly on the people.

  3. WE should not blame ESFNA For those few in the admin. this is not a
    first time For Esfna to accept money from Al-amoudi they have been
    doing the same thing but here is something very difficult to swallow
    and if this people are doing it before how come they there still there and why don’t ESFNA Replace this people since it’s belongs to Ethiopians people off course we can’t blame Al-moudi he is doing what he suppose to it’s us ethiopian kiss his ass all the time mainly when it comes to money.

  4. We Ethiopian knows the hidden agenda of tplf and alamudin , by destroying the culture and pride of the ethiopians. Alamoudi is a saudi arabia agent working for the wuhabis,. Most importantly , behind the sheiky wealth is defence minster of saudi arabia(prince Bandar uncle).

  5. Fassil Abebe and Felke Teka they got paid for their contribution spreading their master, Al-Amoudi’s influence in North America.

    By the way, Fassil Abebe is the Public Relations Officer of ESFNA, and Feleke Teka is the crooked CPA who lives in Inglewood California with Fassil Abebe, and who has been helping the ESFNA cooking its books.
    Shame on Fassil Abebe and Felke Teka!!!

  6. I am not going to Atlanta. I am boycotting ESFNA until I see a major reform. I am sorry, Atlanta! I know it is not your fault but a few undemocratic leaders of ESFNA.

  7. Fight Meles/woyane state terror and then all garbage will be removed from Ethiopia, do not concentrate on the branches but on the roots and stems which are MELES/AZEB.

  8. Dear Fellow Ethiopians,

    It’s an open secret that Sheik Alamudi is only a front for the Saudi Royal family and reports directly to Prince Bandar’s uncle , I believe is also acting as aviation minister for Saudi Arabia.

    Sheik is an uneducated old man with no sense of morals. He has not built a single knowledge intensive company in Ethiopia. He either builds hotels or plunders Ethiopian natural resources. If you have capital, it does not take a genius to start bribing ethiopian ministers and then purchase all sorts of state owned commodity enterprises. Even this simple act is proving to be difficult for this disgusting man as he BORROWS money from Ethiopian state banks to fund some of his activities. Very sad man indeed.

    Once again, fellow Ethiopians, please note…..the overwhelming wealth attributed to the sheik is NOT his but of the Saudi family. He is simply an agent utilised for the purpose of destroying Ethiopia.

    We need to dismantle the TPLF/Arab government led by Meles by taking concious steps to expose them, influence the low ranking officers in the army ( who are extremly unhappy at the moment), penetrate into the security and intelligence organisation by co-operating with the low level officers who do not feel like they are being treated equally because they are not from Tigray, and finally a huge mobilisation effort of demonstration, internet……targeting institiutions, individuals and businesses.

    TPLF is much weaker than it seems. It will fall like a pack of cards do not be decieved.

    Thank you.

  9. Shame!!!
    Thanks to Ayaya, Sebsebe, Solomon Abedela, Mekonnen, Fasil, and their friends in crime, ESFNA is officially DEAD. This money they got goes directly to their pocket; and we shouldn’t blame Al-amoudi for getting his ass licked.

  10. What a sad story !!
    The only way we can show our influence is by boycotting this year’s event.I myself doing my part in my state spreading the news about the
    hijacked ESFNA and discouraging people not to attend.

    Power to the peolpe !!

  11. Thank you Ethiopian Reveiew for exposing a hidden agenda that has been cooking for some time. The shameless ESFNA executive board members for months they were using deceptive propoganda against the people who stand on their way.They were accusing courageous Ethiopians who challenged their culture of corruption. They even went to the extent to insult Ethiopian oppositin political organization for instigating unfounded lie on the organization that they love dearly. Now it is clear their love is Alamoudi’s money and thir complementary stay at Addis Sheraton. All this lie and accusation was to defened their future in the world of Alamoudi .

    In today’s Ethiopia there are millions of people who are poorly malnourished.There are hundreds of parents who do not have money to buy a simple school supply to send their kids to school.There are many elderly people who do not have a helping hand.In a country like Ethiopia where there is no social safety net, a rich person like Alamoudi generous hand would have been more appreciated back home. Investing money on the corrupt organization like ESFNA is not morally or politically right unless the billioner has a mission that we all are not clear. Any money that comes out of Ethiopia especially on todays economey has to be questioned.When donor countries are pumping millions of dollar to ease the suffering of poor Ethiopians back home,it is a shameful act for ESFNA to accept this money.

    I do not think we Ethiopians need additional fact to boycott the coming Atlanta Festival. It was clear in the past that the current leadership of the ESFNA have been immersed deepely in corruption.It is even more clear than ever that the leadership interest is not maintaing or preserving our rich culture.Their interest is to sipon the organization. If ESFNA executives find a higer bidder than Alamoudi, they are not shay from selling it to the highest bidder. It will be morally wrong to associate ourselves with morally bankrupt organization.

  12. Al Amoudi,philantrophic outside and more abusive at home.Human rights abuses in Ethiopia have worsened which have included arbitrary arrest and torture,and the silencing of many journalists.

    Al Amoudi filled the lives of a lot of farmers and families with grief and hopelessness.Al Amoudi came into Ethiopia with a lot of baggages;he is sympetatic with feeding the mouthes of thousands of Saudi princesses;to him,one princess is worth to feed than a thousand farmers,in Ethiopia;to him,keeping a roof over a princess’s head is worth than the home of thousands of farmers and childreen.Is it just to demolish the lives of farmers and build and nourish the lives of Saudi princesses?

  13. we should boycott esfna atlanta event until esfna clears out its vagabond leaders of Fassil abebe, ayaya, zealeam and other hodam and bullheaded stupid individuals who are sold thier mind to Alamudi as a prostitute …..ethiopians in north america should boycott the event this year and let esfna removes its garbege leaders…..shame on al amudi and its esfna corrupted leaders….

  14. Thank you Elias for posting the handout given by Alamudi to his North America needy fighters.ESFNA executive members in the past tried so hard to convince us that they do not have any association with the people who have a significant impact in todays Ethiopia political life.As we all know no business man will not invest so much money on people with out a reurn for it.Is this a political or business transaction between Alamudi and current ESFNA executives? I hope one of the insider will answer this simple question for me.

  15. The sheikh should remain businessman, but now he is political activist for the bloodthirty thugs of TPLF, who are terrorizing millions of Ethiopian on daily bases, that has its own consquences, he must be ready to bear with it. TPLF thugs and their associates will see the light of the justices they have denied millions of Ethiopians sooner or later!

  16. He is a creep and pervert yet a Billionaire. The sad reality is, Ethiopia being a back yard garden to satisfy Saudi Arabia’s food shortage, thanks to none other than this sneak and his boot lickers Woyane hooligans.

  17. One more note, I think every one should stop indirectly funding the ESFNA thieves by participating in their annual lucrative self enriching event. Any sensible Ethiopians need to stay home and express their outrage by denying ESFNA one more penny. These are cowards who have no limit to their selfish and disgusting appetite. By participating in their yearly stealing event, we are being participators and indirect collaborators with their repulsive deed. Let’s stop throwing our good and hard earned cash after ESFNA’s bad habit.

  18. Wow… Greed Maxims. Really really shame on you ESFNA becoming boot lickers ehe! Well you may think that you are telling the Ethiopian Diaspora in your face. But the bomb may explode in yours cause you may get your types of hod aders but not all that supported you in the past.Do not blame others you just have committed suicide.

    The Joke is on you, you have imploded in your stupidity and greed. Thank you ER you have made our decsion very clear. Boycott the ashkere’s of the goat sheik… The End of ESFNA

  19. Any Ethiopian Organization that accepts the sweat, tears and blood of poor Ethiopians money from Almoudi who is one of the closest friends of tyrant Meles should be boycotted. It would be one of the greatest shame if Ethiopians attend the 2011 soccer event, unless ESFNA distanced themselves from the abusers, looters and killers of Ethiopians. BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT!

  20. This is not the first time for ESFNA to be sold for Woyane.. They have done it twice in the last three years and this one is a coordinated buy out by Alamoudi and Woyane. The fact is that not only $240,000 but an additional $100,000 was paid for 5 ESFNA Hodams. Alamoudi had paid individuals over $10000 each time they did “a good Job ” for him. Solomon Abdela when he opened his restaurant in Maryland he got a check of $10000 from Abenet ( Alamoude servant) in return Solomon Abdela stood against Birtukan’s nomination and the call for ESFNA reform…
    ESFNA needs to be dismantled and organized as a new organization by removing the Woyane Hodams among its leadership. ESFNA soccer clubs need to boycott playing for Woyane this year….

  21. ESFNA is nothing without Ethiopians participation even with all Almoudi’s money. ESFNA have sold their souls to the devil when they accepted money from a man who have closed his eyes and ears from the sufferings of Ethiopians from hunger and political persecutions. Why in God’s name they refused to invite Birutkan that has scarified so much for the sake of her country and her people, and at the same time this organization didn’t shy away from inviting a man that has controlled most of the Ethiopian resources like Gold and other goods and also who is one of strongest supporter of TPLF brutal regime?

  22. The real ESFNA IS DEAD.The main characters who are
    directly responsible for the death:
    1, Eyaya Arega
    2, Mekonnen Demisiew
    3, Fassil Abebe
    4, Solomon Abedela

    All Al-amoudi’s money isn’t gone to save ESFNA let alone $240,000.The only way to get rid off this parasites is to form another soccer tournament. Those teams who were at Atlanta, last week, should take the initiative; and others will join them.

  23. ESFNA is an organization who is in the brink of collape. They may survive this year tournament as a result of their godfather money. In termes of empitiness of the organization it will be definitely felt.In order to attract spectators, they probabley need to use some of their fortune to fly few of behind the door supporters.

    We Ethiopians have a challenge given by ESFNA executive members and their masters. We have to riseup to this chllenge.I am sure we will prevail this challenge.In order to prevail in this fight we have to boycott Atlanta.In this fight failure is not an option. Falure will be used as a future measurement by our adversaries.

  24. What’s funny is how you all sit there and comment like this, what has the guy done? Help the poor, educate the young ppl create a job apportunity in Ethiopia! What he does extra is non of our business. I’m sure if you all get a $ from him you’ll kiss his hands and take it but now since u can’t get to him all u can do is try to demoralize the man by saying all this. If only he has time to read and listen to what you have to say I’m sure it will be a good laugh for him.

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