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UK high court decides in Al Amoudi vs. Elias Kifle

U.K.’s High Court of Justice has issued an order in favor of Saudi billionaire Mohammed Al Amoudi in his libel lawsuit against Ethiopian Review editor Elias Kifle. (click here to read the order)

Bloomberg’s Kristen Schweizer wrote this about the case:

Saudi sheikh Al Amoudi, who owns several properties in the U.K., said a story in the U.S.-based Ethiopian Review website has subjected him to “serious libel centered around one of his young, unmarried daughters.”

“The Al Amoudi case is definitely libel tourism because Sheikh Al Amoudi lives for the most part outside the U.K. and is not a British citizen and the majority of readers of the Ethiopian Review are outside the U.K.,” Libel Reform’s Harris said. He said the draft bill is expected in late March.

Read the full text of Kristen’s article here.

56 thoughts on “UK high court decides in Al Amoudi vs. Elias Kifle

  1. Isn’t wierd that the whistle blower Julian Assange of wikileaks who is spilling thebean on the western hypocracy is being harassed, threatened and had to get someone pay £320,000 to bail him out for nothing as he is not ring charged yet except for the allegation made against him by some planted gold diggers. Theguy is on electrnic house arrest which defies the the very bedrock of western judiciary that says …..”Everyone is innocent until proven guilty”….. But that is a load of rubbish applicable for rich & powerful ones while others get harassed & abused by the system.
    Besides, do you know that all colonial UK occupying forces used to break every rule of the country they occupy as their IDs has got a statement written at the back of it saying ….”EXEMPT FROM ANY LOCAL LAW”…… they can get away with murder & “help yourself looting” to send it to their cash strapped families back in England.
    Where are thee CPJ & all those pressure groups whose activities are funded by the very interest groups who are at the centre of human right abuses across the globe. The CPJ & the mainstream coordinate a tooth & nail fight when cases are particularly politically motivated……. but when real & brave
    journalists challenge the authorities or establishment with facts, the CPJ slows down itsactivities. They definetely know which side their breads are buttered. People’s power is the only alternative.
    Go on Elias kick them on the curve……. Don’t use some weak arguement like ….tell them
    you have no money whatsoever for any legal cost and then you will be entitled for free legal cost……
    Tell them anddrum it into their thick skull that thewhole basis of their illegal law is not permissable
    in any legal court of law. And ask them to refer to their constitution for the common manso that you’ll ow where you stand or what your rights are…… Then the bucks stop there as UK hasn’t got one. However I have heard them
    argue that their constitution-less system is much better than the USA’s “constitutional tyranny” (as they usually call it).
    Not a lot of people know this very fact in UK including a chunk of Brits themselves.
    God help you Elias…… just as in the David & Goliath……

  2. Dear Elias Kifle: It would be more educational to know how you lost the case
    What was your report about Sheikh Alamudi and his family members? Were your reports not true? Did you not have the evidence to prove the truthfulness of what you claimed on your reports? Were your sources of information unreliable? Did you not attend the court? Were you not represented by an attorney in the British court? How did you lose the case?
    It would be very helpful to all interested if someone legally knowledgeable report and analysis on the case. In any struggle, you don’t always win, but learning from past mistakes adds some more know-how on how to do things successfully in the future. How did Sheikh Alamudi win? Getting an answer to that question will in the future deny victory to Sheikh Alamudi and his likes.

  3. So the’crime’ is outside UK & the verdict in UK, bcz he could afford it? Did u go 2 UK? @ ur expense? That is enough punishment. So u have to pay this rich man now? Where is justice? This man is good, bcz he could have chosen a court in Ethiopia rather & the verdict would B life term or death penalty like Mengistu. We will help u pay, if there is any. Hope ‘BEKA’ will succeed!

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