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Arab League to impose no-fly zone over Libya

(Reuters) – The Arab League said on Wednesday it could impose a “no fly” zone on Libya in coordination with the African Union if fighting continued in the north African state, Secretary-General Amr Moussa said on Wednesday.

“The Arab League will not stand with its hands tied while the blood of the brotherly Libyan people is spilt,” Moussa said.

One of the steps it could take would be to enforce a “no fly” zone in cooperation with the African Union, he said.

The Arab League has suspended the membership of Muammar Gaddafi’s government in protest at its crackdown on protesters who have risen up

7 thoughts on “Arab League to impose no-fly zone over Libya

  1. This is not a bad decision taken by the toothless Arab League. For more than ten years the Arab wanabes of North Sudan such as Turabi, al Mahdi and al Beshir … bombed the black Africans of South Sudan and killed more than two million people and in the last ten years the same Arab slaves such as Turabi, al Beshir … have burned down villages, raped and killed more than 300,000 Darfur’s, what did this hypocrite Arabs and the Arab League say? Nada, nothing, zero! …
    Finally, the Arab League spoke … when the victims are Arabs with a fair skin.
    Do you wonder why some black African Muslims want to be more Arabs than Arabs? Some volunteer Arab slaves want even to adopt Arabic language to look “civilized” at the expense of their own African languages. I find some despicable Sudanese, Jihadist Ethiopians and lowland Eritreans who want to be more Arab than the Arabs. What a shame!
    If you want respect, respect your own values, language and history. Stop being an Arab slave or servant.

  2. The Libyan revolution must succeed so that other dictators like weyane will not be encouraged to hang on to power by massacring their people. I am sure weyane is taking a lesson from these ongoing revolutions. Even the toothless AU took a stand on the attrocities being committed by Gadafi supporters against the people of Libya, and this a blow to weyane. When the time comes no one will save the tplf thugs, it’s western masters will switch sides in the blink of an eye when conditions change. Mubarek was their best freind more than weyane, but in the end they had to discard him.

  3. Most of the African leaders are dictators and how can they cooperate with the Arab League to enforce a no-fly zone on Libya.Even if they do cooperate,that will not be from their heart but to cover up and show the other world as though they stand for human dignity while almost all are right abusers. We all know the African Union is no better than it’s leaders.

  4. Libya may be better off with Gadhafi than Jihadist and extrimist who may take over. People – do not be emotional, if change is not handled with care and order it could be disaster. Ethiopia had its revolution in 1974 but Derge worst than Haileselassie took over.

  5. Give me a break! the Arab League enforcing a “no fly zone” in Libya, this is laughable at best and dangerous at its worst. No Arab or African nation has the air power and the technology that goes with it to enforce a no fly zone. What the Arab League is doing is laying the ground work for western powers to dip their dirty hands on Libya so they can install a regime that obyes them, make Libya a basket case like the rest of Arab countries and of course the main target control its oil wealth. That is what at stake in Libya at this moment.

  6. Eritreawi,

    You are absolutely right. Moussa is now a favored candidate by West to be the next Egypt president. Moussa as Arab league president is giving Libya as gift to the West.

  7. [Eritreawi]

    “What the Arab League is doing is laying the ground work for western powers to dip their dirty hands on Libya so they can install a regime that obey them.”

    No one is here to defend western policy in that region.Nevertheless, the statement you just made is heasty, least to say. There is no any data, at this moment, to support your allegations that western hand is working behind the scene to install regime in Libya. The Libyan uprising is not organized or instigated by outside power, it come to be as a result of Tunisian and Egyptian influence upon Lybians.There is no foreign power involvement in Libyan at this moment; neither is their any foreign advisors working with the opposition who control Benghazi and other towns.

    It will be a great help if you discuss such issues with your country men at Eritrean sights.

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