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Ethiopia’s ruling party wins 100% in off-term elections

Off-term elections were held in Ethiopia over the weekend although they attracted little attention. The elections were a waste of resources since 99.9 percent of the candidates and the voters are members of the ruling party Woyanne. Out of the 10,000 candidates, only 2 were non-Woyanne members, and less than 10 percent of voters went out to vote. More details in the Amharic section here.

10 thoughts on “Ethiopia’s ruling party wins 100% in off-term elections

  1. This is a feul on ragging fire, dedebit morons head became so fat MISSED to thinK what IS next, like the middle the east they have no idea what the people is capable of, congrat woyane,

  2. Elias, the whole continent of Africa expect a coupe of countries never been lucky when it comes to choose their leaders in open democratic free election.Hopefully the people Egypt and Tunisia will have the chance to elect their leaders. For the last 20 years plus the political system in Ethiopia is a one man show.

  3. In the last Egyptian election in September 2010 less than 20% of the people voted, a few months later the popular uprising began. This may be an indicator to Melles and his thugs that the bubble will burst in a few months.

    I think the majority of Ethiopians are getting ready for a signal to to overwhelm Woyanne by sheer numbers. Melles the insomniac must be scared to death and of course planning his exit and moving his money from the west because he knows money in western banks can be brought back after Melles is overthrown.

  4. Election what kind and who did participate ? the ethiopian people stop allowing a fool themselves four years ago this is just a game between the TPLF cadres and the so called rubber stamp opposition people it does not
    apply to the rest of ethiopian people i don’t even know why the bother doing an election any way.

  5. Why is Woyannie trying so hard to look good? For sure it is not to impress Ethiopians. It must be to make its cadres feel good about what they do. If you talk to any cadre they truly believe Woyannie is elected. I think they think election means stuffing ballot paper in a box by anybody.

    Talk about morons, they will never learn until reality slap them on the face.

  6. No one takes elections serious in Ethiopia. People leave the ruling dictator play his own game ALONE. This is a silent resistance and a brilliant move by the people. Well done my fellow Ethiopians! It shows that the dictator’s propaganda is received by deaf ears. 24/7 stone age communist propaganda won’t convince people! They are not morons!

  7. The West has to put Melass and the TPLF mafia in the Guiness Book of World Records. He and his Mafia group are the only ones to get 100% in a “democratic” election. Even the Illiterate Colonel Mengistu “Shasho” got 96% of the votes. This morning the ABC TV was showing Qudafi saying “people love me”; “they are protecting me” while the operessed people of Libya is marching towards Tripoli to distroy the regime. Melass and his mafia group is saying “the people of Ethiopia love me, and they gave me their 100% vote”, but soon we will see what is going to happen to this cannibal and his group.

  8. Woyanne is out of everything be it lies deception intrigue divide and rule as it is their last game to play like the previous comment put it to let the the thugs to cry out loud and the gujille in under ground is planning how to save his fat ass that has been sitting in minilik palace along his close allies like simon and berhane g/meskel and miss piggy (zenawis wife )for sure only sleepless nights

  9. Some of the woyanne thugs are in sick leave here in Canada. They are scared of uprising. One of them I know is trying to buy a house under his son name. His son is working in McDonalds. How could that possible?

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