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Ethiopians in Libya exposed to vigilante attacks

The brutal attack by mercenary forces against anti-Gaddafi protesters and civilians in Libya is now exposing refugees from Ethiopia and other African countries to vigilante attacks. The brutality of the mercenaries, many of whom were sent to Libya by planes in the past few days, is making Libyan citizens understandably bitter, and while the opposition groups are trying to calm down the angry and traumatized population and promising a fair trial for those who are suspected of being mercenaries, unfortunately incidents of harassment and attacks against innocent refugees are being reported in some of the liberated cities. An urgent call must be sent out to the people of Libya by Ethiopians around the world that most Ethiopians are as victimized as they have been by Gaddafi’s friend, Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia. Libyan’s must take care not to soil their revolution with the blood of innocent refugees.

The following is an interview by DW Radio with two Ethiopians in Tripoli.

Below is an interview with a Woyanne ambassador:

The stupid ambassador need to be told that the Ethiopian refugees have been migrating to Libya in the first place because his regime has made Ethiopia a living hell for most citizens.

Ethiopian Federal Police soldier in Libya The Woyanne ambassador says that his regime did not send mercenaries to Libya. But the evidence is indisputable. Members of the Federal Police, Meles Zenawi’s personal death squad, have been sent to Libya wearing their own standard issue uniform as this photo shows. The dead soldier in the photo is wearing the distinct Ethiopian Federal Police uniform. The Federal Police soldiers were indiscriminately shooting down Ethiopian civilians following the May 2005 elections, the same way as they are shooting down Libyan civilians now. Ethiopians have first hand experience of how brutal and barbaric Meles Zenawi’s death squads are.

Ironically, the poor Ethiopian refugees in Libya, who fled from these soldiers in their own country, are now facing an angry population in Libya for what the regime in Ethiopia and its blood thirsty death squads are doing to Libyan citizens.

A talking point has been sent out from Woyanne propaganda chief Bereket Simon’s office to every Woyanne cadre around the world to say that the captured mercenaries are refugees. While asking the Libyans to protect innocent Ethiopians, we need to also condemn Meles for the reason that the refugees are in Libya, as well as for sending his killers to slaughter civilians in another country.

25 thoughts on “Ethiopians in Libya exposed to vigilante attacks

  1. Brother Elias, thanks so much for keeping us informed.
    Woyanes want Ethiopians to be hated around the world. I beg you Elias not to let woyanes use your website to spread their fabricated stories and lies pretending to be one of us. With the help of some jero tebis, Woyanes probably know where Ethiopian refuges are staying and the unrest in Libya is convenient for Woyanes to ambush Ethiopian refuges.
    I believe Meles only sends non-woyane Ethiopians to the most unstable areas like Somalia and Libya. I wonder, if this poor soldier is another non-woyane Ethiopian that joined the Agazi Army out of desperation to feed his family.

  2. Woyanne/TPLF send its Federal police soldiers for two reasons.First, to pay back Libya’s favor during guerrillia Warfar training. And secondly, by taking advantage of Libya’s Revolution to hunt down those ethiopians who oppressed Woyanne’s burtality and choosed exile.In Amharic,” Girigir le leba Imechal.” Finally, I wonder how Woyanne’s Ambassador Haile Denied the truth on interview while his solder body in uniform on Libya ground?

  3. It is important to protect innocent Refugees. It is morally Alfa deed. Prosecute mercenaries through impartial court. Every one is innocent until proven guilty. Advocate for right of adequate legal representation. While advocating for rights of every Ethiopian everywhere is good. Please find a way to help them for they need your help. Again: Prosecute mercenaries through impartial court. Put spotlight on Ethiopian Embassy in Libya. If he is unwilling to help Ethiopians in Libya at their most need he is not your public servant. In radio interview he refuse to give phone number or disclose contact method. What kind of Ambassador his he? Others are evacuating their people to safety, he wont even give Ethiopians phone number. It is a shame!

  4. why is he insising that ethiopians know the embassy adress right away? if your embassy doesnot protect abroad you doubt whay they are for. is it to ship mercenary and collect fees.

  5. This is what gave me sleepless nights since the beginning of the Libyan popular revolt. From what I read on this and other websites, the refugees had been mistreated on several occasions before including being deported back to their home countries. A society which has been under an iron-fisted and utterly brutal dictator for more than 40 years and never had an opportunity to live in a democratic system, it most likely produces numerous monsters who take human blood as beautiful desert roses. It is even truer when they were ruled by a mumbling dictator who harangued them for hours in his style of addressing the state union. And when he killed, he killed in a way that will snap the human nature out of the surviving. That was why I tossed a shoutout at Brother Elias and all other website owners earlier today to use every means of their good offices to appeal to the international community including the major powers to find ways of protecting the refugees. Even if they are there solely for economic reasons, for leaving their homeland for such a reason is not a crime. I hope all of you are on the same wavelengths on this matter and share my concerns for these innocent refugees. I will continue praying for them.

  6. Hi,
    We Ethiopians where ever we live whether we live in at home or abroad are living a miserable life. Everyday Weyane survives is a painful and suffering for us all. To overcome this we need to come together regardless of what political group, what ideology we have, to which ethnic group we belong should not matter. I feel this is in the formation when I read a group calling themselves as Ethiopian Tensae Movement emerged this days. The only thing I am expecting is how this movement is organized and how to join them and also if they have roots at home or not. What I liked from their announcement is the movement is not as usual top-down rather it is bottom up which for me is really a democratic movement and will succeed. I will take this opportunity and urge this group to show as who they are and how to join them.
    Meskerem Tamerat

  7. Elias thank you very much for being a voice for all Ethiopians. I’m just wondering what we can do to make sure that this important message of yours can reach the people of Libiya.

  8. well done Elias for bringing the issue to the fore…… always first in breaking the news & the media “taboo”
    It’s sad that the innocent, forgotten and abandoned are usually the ones that always continue to suffer……. nobody had mentioned that Ethiopians refugees ever exist in Libya in the first place. I thought they were all been labelled Eritreans in the past. Despite that, all those brotherly people are in the same boat once they get there…… all in the similar situation sharing problems & bread alike…… You get to see more humanity there even in difficult circumstances than what we get to see & hear in the “media”…..
    Isn’t it ironic that Eritrean are privillaged political asylum by the US-UK influenced UNHCR
    where as the real political asylum seekers from Ethiopia are denied that privillage that they had to claim Eritreans for any chance of asylum grant. But we are not supposed to talk about it as all is swept under the carpet for political expediency at the expense of real people suffering there. Where is our conscious…… we have lots of VOA Amharic & tigrigna programs trying to put pressure on Eritrea on the refugees in Libya but work tirelessly to hush hush the suffering of fellow EtthiopianS in Libya again for nothing other than political expediency, all at the expense of the real people suffering, ignored & deliberately forgotten…… It’s immoral practice as well as unsustainable. Such practice must be halted & let the VOA reporters go there & report on the situation there, talking to the people concerned.
    Gadafi is so opportunist & unpredictable cult figure whose days are numbered.
    God bless them all.

  9. The woyane ambasador pretended to be on the side of the Libyan people. Would he then support if Ethiopian’s were to protest on the streets?
    Why didn’t the spineless journalist ask him that?

  10. Our grand fathers and our former leaders used to strugle for freedom of many, now the britual woyane/Mlese ganges supporting the brtual Gadaffie gange to be killed innocents in Libia, as he was kiilled innocents in Somalia. What a sham. we are losing what we have.

    the time is now all ethiopians please come togather remove this stupied narrow minded woyane for once and the last time. I know we can do it. please forget any other minner differnce, lets stand to gather the one killing our contry, our people, our identity and history.

    If we do not unit and strugle to day we are the one prmited to woyane to destroy our nation and our identity, we will be on the crime list the same as woyane. the time is now.

    Thank you vary much Elias Kiffel for your Information as usual,I really respect and support you, you did your own part still you are doing vary well I Know you will and can do more.

  11. Please let us tell all news medias, especially Aljazera,(which is mostly watched by the Arab countries)to spare the lives of innocent refugees who fled to avoid the oppression from their own countries.

  12. Tyrant Meles relates with his brutal buddies of Libya and Yemen, and he is doing everything in his power to help these dictators in the neighboring countries to stay in power, so that Ethiopian refuges have no place to go and organize as woyanes did in Sudan.
    Dictator Meles, face the reality, the end has come for you and your brutal regime. Here is a little advice for you: monkey face, go peacefully now and save your worthless life and live with your stolen money and ugly wife some where, where looters and dictators live. How about Zimbabwe Mele?

  13. Meles zenawi left with a o steps,he is the next .He start to act like a drunk man .both gaddafi and meles zenawi were a criminals killing a innocint people as they like. but now it is about to get end.if volince uprise in ethiopia meles going to bomb at the tekaze revier DAM,he warn the people simmiler to gaddafi

    Any country who send militry support for gaddafi would be wanted by crime against humanity.the ethiopian and libyan innocint blood will not remain watershed

  14. 10:20pm Chad’s Foreign Ministry has rejected allegations that citizens were among those reportedly recruited by Gaddafi to crack down on protesters.

    International media inundates the public opinion with information alleging some Chadian would be mercenaries currently acting in Libya. We want to formally and categorically deny all those allegations that are dangerous and could pose a material and physical danger to the many Chadians living in Libya for years and always in a peaceful way. There are no Chadian mercenaries, there are no Chadians being recruited on Chad territory to go to Libya as mercenaries. It is possible that some Chadians in a private capacity and for personal reasons can belong to such or such group.

    What about Ethiopian government? Oww, Ethiopia doesn’t have people government that is why they don’t care!

  15. What a stupid Ambassador is this. Other countries go out of their way to get their citizens out of harm way, and this fool, refuses to give his embassy phone number??? is he joking. even if he does not want to give the embassy phone, they could create one cell phone just for this purpose and say any Ethiopian that need help just call here, What a dumb ass. I was truly ashamed to be represented by an idiot like this ambassador. He has absolutely no idea what it means to be an ambassador, part of being an ambassador is in the even of problem to protect your citizen. This is just so weird to understand. This is just pure and simple quite an embarrassment to have such a representation. I feel bad to all the brothers and sisters that are stranded in Libya, especially with a government as woyane who could careless and puts them in harms way by sending mercenary adding oil to the fire. Woyane must go soon.

  16. The Observer ” He has absolutely no idea what it means to be an ambassador, part of being an ambassador is in the even of problem to protect your citizen” don’t u worry our protecter is one god not ambassador or melse. God, he will always save as, this is lessen for all ethiopian we all have to come together as one as the bible said Ethiopia starch their hand to God this is the time with the help of god we can achieve it like Egept.
    I think we ethiopian learn a lot the last 40 years.

  17. this is so shame. How could an ambassador be careless abt his people. What a great speech he did. he doesn’t wanna save his people not even giving the phone number.. so disgusting. How he become an ambassad??????????? Germany, Great brtain already evacuate their people if there are no telephone and internet how did they accomplished their job?????? senseless speech!!!!!!!!!! stop talking and save ur people.

  18. How come no country other than Kenya sent any rescue mission to Libya to take their Citizens out of the country. Many countries from Europe and far sent ships and planes to take their Citizens out. Wha are the useless and corrupt African leaders doing while the innocent and poor African brothers and sisters are trapped in Libya ? How about the African Union ? they have not even said a word let alone to send a rescue mission.

    Shame on you African leaders !
    Shame on you OAU !

    May the almighty God protect the poor and defenseless.

  19. What a shame! This will leave a black spot in Ethiopian history. Ethiopians who had fight the Haile Silasie regime and the brutal derg regime must not stand with and support a dictator like Ghaddafi. Thanks for letting us know this …and thanks for revealing what Ethiopian refugees are facing now in LIbya (They have suffered in Egypt, Yemen and else where too) …am so glad that at last someone is talking about this misery.

  20. Please i urge you all to praye & fast for all Ethiopians suffering in Libia only prayer can chang things. Our Lord is a stronghold in the day of trouble. Please please please aske GOD to make a way for for them. P.s Greatness is the portion of those who remember and take time out to pray for others.

  21. Whoever posted this has a different agenda of Propaganda. Instead of mourning for this soldier being killed in LIBYA you are reporting about Ethiopia’ Prime Minister. If you cared enough you could have orgainized petition to get all the africans out of Libya because most were just day laborers. Very Sad for all Dark Skin PEOPLE in Libya; I moure for those who are already killed and I pray for those still there.

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