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Meles troops torture, burn Ethiopian women (photos)

The U.S.-financed tyrant in Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, has been committing horrific crimes in Ethiopia during the past 20 years. Many of these crimes have been documented by every major international human rights organization, including Amnesty Int’l and Human Rights Watch. Ignoring such crimes against humanity, the U.S. Obama Administration has allocated $580 million in assistance to the Meles regime in 2011. The following are graphic pictures of two Ethiopian women and an 8-year-old boy in the Ogaden region who are suspected of being supporters of the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF). Such actions alone should have landed Meles at the International Criminal Court (ICC). Instead, he is invited by the U.K. and U.S. governments to attend G20 meetings. The photos below are provided by African Rights Monitor (ARM) this week:

Torture of Ogaden women in Ethiopia by Meles Zenawi's troops Kowsar Yusuf Gud’Ade (Age 23) — Kowsar was arbitrarily detained by security forces of Ethiopia’s tyrant Meles Zenawi.

While in detention, she was severely beaten and tortured. The soldiers used different methods of torture including electrocution. Kowsar’s left arm was broken during one of the many beating sessions.

Kowsar begged for mercy and asked for medical attention, but the army denied her any treatment. She was eventually released. No explanation was given for the arrest or the subsequent release. Kowsar sought treatment for her injuries.

As shown in the picture, the injury was severe and the damage could not be reversed as the treatment facilities in the Ogaden are not equipped to deal with such severe injuries. She fled the region shortly after her release. Kowsar is now in constant pain and has so far not received the proper medical attention.

Torture of Ogaden women in Ethiopia by Meles Zenawi's troops Farhia Mohamed Mahad (Age 20) — Civilians are arrested and jailed in Ogaden on mere suspicions of being part of the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) and Farhia was no exception. Farhia was only a child when she was arbitrarily detained and jailed at Garbo Jail in the Ogaden. No explanation was given for her arrest. Farhia remained in jail for five years. During her imprisonment, Farhia was subjected to torture, rape, and electrocution. Her body, especially her chest and breast, suffered severe burns as a result direct electric current. Farhia has permanent scar tissues all over her body. Farhia received no treatment for her injuries.

Torture of Ogaden women in Ethiopia by Meles Zenawi's troops Ismail Abdirahman (Age 8) — Ismail came to the refugee camp with his grandmother Hawa Hassan. They fled from Gunagado, Dagahbur. According to Mrs Hawa, the military came to her village, caught many villagers by surprise, and ordered everybody to come out of their houses. The soldiers started targeting and burning certain houses including Hassan’s house. Ismail and his uncle Mahamud were in the house when the soldiers set the house ablaze. Mahaumud was severely burned as he shielded Ismail from the flames. As a result, Ismail suffered burns on his thighs and knees and Mahamud died from severe burns and fumes.

50 thoughts on “Meles troops torture, burn Ethiopian women (photos)

  1. I am sorry. This is horrendous crime. Mr. Meles had enjoyed like this one because every day there are many sadness and sorrow things in Ethiopia. He is not man. I do not know, is he human beings?

  2. We witnessed Zenawi’s inhuman crime against the people of Ethiopia and beyond-no doubt he must face ICC(International Criminal Court) for his crime against humanity -and yet we have no UNITED AND SOLID OPPOSITION LEADERSHIPS ,WE MUST LOOK THE SOLUTION INWARD ,So far we only have few individuals who wrap themselves up with their personal ego and Selfish goals than the freedom of Ethiopian people .Next time round when ethiopian people uprise the first people to avoid with TPLF is the people who claimed to be this or that organization “leaders’ Since they are the one who prolonged TPLF brutal era against Ethiopian people for their own personal fame ,They are as criminal as TPLF thugs

  3. My heart goes out to these women, who are suffering at the hands of USA and Meles. People who support Meles must be few and brain dead to analyse and differentiate facts from fiction. But time will for sure for our brothers and sisters in Ethiopia to see the tyrany facing justice and live side by side with thier Eritrean brothers and sisters.

  4. This what they used to the do on the amharas and Oromos now they start their atrocity on innocent the TPLF ia evil organisation for us we are disgrace to watch this in our own land give them the freedom to murder our people …….oh mama ethiopia

  5. It is so sickning. No word to discrib my sorrow. For God’s sake ! what are you doing the people of Ethiopia!!! when are going to stop talking hiding behind your screens and come out in the open to demand the departure of these criminal woyanes? Come out and let’s storm Meskel square with peacefull demonstrations! Others are showing us it is possible. Tunisia ,Egypt and now even the bullying Quadafi is in the verge of collapse. Who could beleive that only a few months ago? And now are we sitting with our arms folded and doing nothing? Where is your jeg ninet? . I didn’t see the slightest indication of any of us getting organized to do something to get rid of that tyrant. No internet, no facebook? who cares? Mubarak tried to block internet.He didn’t succed. Mercineries, bullets,police, army , thugs,machin guns? Did they stop the Libiyans to fight for their rights? No AL JEZZIRA
    ,BBC? CNN? So what? The arebs did it.
    . AND WE DID IT BACK IN THE 70’S TO TOPPEL HAILE SELASSIE. They will kill us like in 2005?Yes they will, but how many? 80 Million of us? Let’s die , let them kill us by thousands. But the remainig millions will be liberated. I want to see some meaning full organization for the uprising. Ethiopia will win. We shall win.

  6. As gruesome as these pictures are, this is just scratching the surface. There are more horrific, unspeakable crimes being committed on Ethiopians as we speak by the Godless, inhumane evil TPLF members. Meles and his gangs are worse than all of the dictators around the world put together. The TPLF army that was trained by Esayas and Meles to hate, to torture, to kill, to loot and treat Ethiopians as their foreign enemies will continue to commit the heinous crimes, unless they are stopped by all means of necessary. TPLF disguise themselves as Amharas, Guragaes, Gambelas, Kembatas, Oromos, etc, and Christians and Muslims to divide Ethiopians — Ethiopians be vigilant at all times! Please don’t be weak and be fooled by TPLF evil tactics. I heard yesterday from one of closet Meles supporter spreading woyane propaganda that if Meles leaves the Muslims will be killing Christians…if it never happened before why now? Regardless we are Christians or Muslims, we are all Ethiopians. Please! Please! don’t be the victim of one of TPLF propaganda tricks.

  7. is this what the weyane ill mindend and racist supporters want to tell us that weyane is a saint and a developmental. shame on you what a bunch of racist and evil minded criminals. we should raise up a reveolution against weyane as we should say enough is enough. i am sorry for the victims as we all Ethiopians should get rid of the weyane parasite criminals from ethiopia and hang them in public for the crime that they committed against humanity for the last 20 years.

  8. The problem with us is we don’t think that tomorrow it could be our family member that is tortured. We see someone else get harmed again and again, but until it comes to our door step, we are reluctant to take action.
    Every brother and sister that gets jailed, tortured and murdered is as significant as anybody. If this “Ethiopia” of ours is going to have meaning to people, we all need to stand up for one another as human beings.
    On the other hand, I have strong belief that none that inflict such misery and pain will be spared at the hands of the lord.

  9. This is absloutly disgusting. The reality is that the nomads,children and women of Ogaden area and sometimes even Somali-Ethiopians in Addis Ababa are taken to jails beaten most of the time to death.The clock is ticking for Meles Zenawi the tyrant will pay for the suffering of Ethiopians.We are not even safe in Addis Ababa and I honestly remeber horrid lifestyle people are living outside of Addis Ababa.Ogaden National Libèration Front is doing nothing but keeping Ethiopian soldiers and agents away from killing somali people.I wish I could help but the world is totally ignoring what is happening in areas like this.Majority of Somali’s in the region are living off what their families send them.No developments are happening and men just sit around eat qat.ONLF contains men and woman fighters who are fighting for the right of Somali’s to have rights.Speak out against the government and you risk being killed.

    You can try to call ONLF terorists but they really are fighting for one thing: Freedon for Somali’s on their own land.

  10. This is a sickness and absolutely disgusting. I am sick to see such a crime committed by the same people who crying and blaming the past regime for the same crime committed on their people. These thugs should go. Hope whoever comes next put this people in front of the public and burn them.

  11. This news if true is among the lowest point in Priminister Meles’s legacy. He has proved he has stooped to the lowest form possible. When Libyans ambassador and other military high ranking officials are defecting the country and distancing themselves, Why on earth would Melese get involved in a problem that is not his, and assist in the massacring and genocide of poor Libyan citizens. This is really hard to take, I just can’t put any logical reasoning as to why on earth would he do such thing. It absolutely make no sense what so ever. When I first read the news on algezera, where they said, an African mercenary army has been shooting at people, I thought for sure would be that crazy Qaddafi boy ISSAYS AFEWREKI who sent some of his SAWA ABUSED youth army to help his ALL time friend and confidant Qaddafi, but to learn even ISSAYS has not lower himself to this level is just totally hard to take. Can any one try to make any sense of this, Why would MELESE send some one to do such thing, unless, this agazi were sent to practice on how to shoot on crowds so they perfect their skill and come back to Ethiopia in the event that there is a peaceful demonstration in addis, they will do what they have done in Libya. WAY to GO melese you really showed the world the real you, this is in a way a good thing for us, now every one in the world knows exactly what kind of a low life Melese ZENAWI IS. Just know this no amount of AGAZI FORCE trained or untrained, will not stop the eventual down fall of your government and it is coming and very soon.

  12. This is for Haddish and others like him who hail from Tigray and have fallen victims to Dracula Meles. You should come out in groups and tell your saddening stories of you or your relatives as political victims. Tell us such stories first even before someone like Mr. Elias’ stories starts tickling you to talk. Come out in force and tell us about it and don’t try to hold it back because Meles is one of yours. Shout out ‘Freedom!!!’ standing along side millions others and free yourself from this so-called Tigrayan narrow nationalism poison that has afflicted many of you for decades. Free yourself at last and once for all from such a disease that is going to eat you up from within like cancer. Free yourself brother, free yourself!!! Because nobody will!!!

  13. The Ogaden people are subjected to torture, extra-judicial killings and electrocution and many Ethiopians are silent about it. It is time Ethiopian intellectuals and opposition leaders speak out about the situation in Ogaden.

  14. This is despicable, unfathomable to any human! We are dealing with demons in a human form. I am sorry to see this happen to our people.May the LORD give these victims comfort and copurage to move iin their in life. We can all agree there is a day of recompense for the perpetrators both here and in the hereafter.

  15. This is despicable, unfathomable to any human! We are dealing with demons in a human form. I am sorry to see this happen to our people, but we can all agree there is a day of recompense for the perptrators of this crime both here and in the hereafter.

  16. OMG, I feel sick deep in my stomach watching these horrible images of innocen women and childern. The Agazi Janjaweed is the most brutal torture and kill squad who considers other ethnic groups as literaly enemies.

    My fellow Ethiopians we have to unite against our common enemy and I am sure Weyane will not resist the power of a united people. The days of Patrons like US and EU supporting brutal regime is over and Weyane will not survive more than couple of weeks if a revolt kicks inn.

  17. Thos horable picture needed to be posted on all ethiopian website. To inform ethiopian people about the meles regime crime against humanity. also needed to be posted to international media outlet please.

  18. Like any dictators before and after them TPLF and their criminal nature is in denial ,Look how Dictators share values they all have the very some characters -They all believe they are Unique kind of dictators,They all believe after them the country will be in chaos disintegrate and dismembered -We learned that from Ben Ali,Mubarek.Ghadaffi and we Will hear the same lame and usual excuses from unleashed TPLF dogs and many more dictators who will be falling in-front of our eyes in the coming weeks,months and years to come -BECAUSE DENIAL IS IN ALL DICTATORS DNA

  19. I Would like to see Zenawi and his criminal gangs face justice and the rule of law after they applied the jungle law on Ethiopia and its people for the last 20 years.I’m So sure than ever that justice will hunt this criminals door to door Sooner than they Expected

  20. My Lord, I happened to stumble upon this. This is just horrible. I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of pain that these women and child went through, It’s completely sickening to even think a sane person could do such inhumane acts. I researched on the Ogaden and other parts of Ethiopia but I didn’t think it was this extreme. May the Lord heal you physically and mentally. And the Evil Zenawi should be assassinated for these atrocities,

    Regards from Ireland

  21. And Ethiopians wonder why:

    -We are waging the armed struggle?

    -We don’t want to be part of the Ethiopia which massacres us this way(silence means agreeing and approving). Meles does not make it secret that he wants the land (Ogaden)but not the people.

  22. If criminal Meles scapes from the international criminal court and tries to stay so to keep his thuggery, we ethiopians must take the matter into our own hands, like our brothers in Libya did. This is sickining to say the least. Meles belongs to The Hague, period!

  23. This is an evidence of crime against humanity by barbaric Woyanne militia. David Cameroon said he never hesitates to use military force against dictators. Hopefully his East African desk will be informed about the ongoing gross human rights violation in Ethiopia in general and in Ogaden in particular. There is already disgruntled society against TPLF in Ethiopia, what fails is political and military support by the West.

  24. Daer Elias,

    The treatment of the young Ethiopian, Shweyga Mullah, has outraged Ethiopians all over the world; indeed it has outraged the world. You yourself mentioned it in your news release.

    What surprised me is your extensive coverage of the treatment of Ethiopians by Melles Zenawi in a way it overshadowed the rage over the treatment of Shweyga. We all know the atrocities committed by Melles, but the focus right now is on Shweyga. By bringing up how Melles treats Ethiopians, while we are discussing Shweyga’s case, you are saying that her treatment is okay because that is how Ethiopians are treated any where.
    I really think you have lost any sense of moral balance in what you write and do. It is sad that Ethiopians should deal with your nonesense instead of focusing on weighty matters at this period of great struggle. Do you think for a short time , at least, before you write whatever you write. Or are we Ethiopians such that we deserve the type of journalists like you?

  25. One thing I like about We Ethiopians we really stand up for every one, we don’t care who they are as long as they are Ethiopians, even we stand up for Eritreans and Somalians in Eritrea and Somalia. Take for example, OLF and ONLF, if they are going to stand up, they stand up only for Oromos or ONLF. These liberaiton fronts are selfish. Who died under Mengistu during Red Terror, it was all the students who died for the rights of poor farmers. However some die hard ethno fascists like OLF, TPLF, ONLF, etc would like to tell us the oppressed are the ones who stood up. Well there is the evidence that many Ethiopian students died for the poor. So the claim that Ethiopia, prior to TPLF was favoritism, that is bull, that is all I can say.

  26. Tyrant Meles wouldn’t be the Crime Minister of Ethiopia and live in the Palace if it weren’t for his blind supporters who knowingly support an evil man that commits these kinds of despicable crimes and also rob

  27. All crime emanate from inhumanity to man in a society where power grab
    has become an obsession. Power is a means and not an end. Power is a
    means to bring about change in a society for the majority of the people. Authority Should be used to abolish ignorance, disease and poverty.
    Shared authority’s purpose is to uphold the rule of law, justice and fairness of equal treatment of all citizens regardless of ethnicity,
    religious belief and traditional animosity.

  28. Really this is shocking. But,if one is in Ethiopia, there are many crimes more than these crimes that one can observe. No one of the the dectator regiem feels human. I suspect they are human beings while they are purforming such action on human being.

  29. These is really embarasssing and shocking crime being committed by the gov’s security personnels. Beside, ONLF also has a role for all these humaterial crises in the area. ppl are suffering because it denies the unity of Ethiopia. So you can leave the territory, or must accept your reall identity-Ethiopia. We, never ever let you cut the land from Ethiopia and will fight 4ever. ONLF, be an Ethiopian and then let see the central governemnts do any isolation or stigma because u r ogadenian. Hope, no Ethiopian government, discriminate the ppl of ogadean from other ppl. We can support you if only only if you fight as Ethiopian for Ethiopian. But we are always with those civilians suffered from ur moron politician fightes.

  30. Denden #8,
    Whoever did this to the poor woman is cruel and inhuman to say the least and I condemned it in a strongest terms.Although,its not acceptable such despicable act happening anywhere but a lot worse is happening in our beloved Eritrea by the dictators of our own that you and I should stand against.The crimes that have been committed against our people are unthinkable and immeasurable.They are too long and too many.But for now I will highlight only the inhuman and grusome act by Issaias and his cohorts that took place in Barentu almost a year ago.
    They picked up 12 innocent Kunamas who could speak Tigrigna from their villages and ordered them to play Kunama rebels who tried to bomb government institutions with the help of the Woyanes but cought before it happened with the tip from the Kunama public in return for a reward.The unaware innocent Kunamas said what they were told to say and it was aired on the TV,radio and newspapers.
    Soon after,they were escorted to their graveyard and they were executed,put them in a mass grave and burned them with poisons chemicals with the order of General Philipos.
    I mentioned this crime but a lot worse is happening in Eritrea and this is just the tip of the iceburg.A lot of shocking things are going to come out with the departure of the criminal gangs that is going to shock the nation.Lets stand against evil and inhuman acts happening in Eritrea today than meddling in Ethiopia’s affair.Ethiopians unlike us are bold and smart enough to handle their affairs meticulously.
    Death to Issaias and his cohorts,
    Democracy and Justice will prevail,

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