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Ethiopian genocide suspect comes to the U.S.

The Horn Institute of Peace and Social Justice has reported today that President of the Somali Region in Ethiopia, Abdi Mohamud Omar, is due to arrive in the United States on January 18, 2011.

Abdi Mohamud Omar is a puppet of Meles Zenawi in the Ogaden region — which was renamed Somali Region by Meles when he came to power. Omar is responsible for carrying out genocidal war against the people of Ogaden. Some of his crimes include mass executions, public hanging of women and elders, gang rape of women by this troops, and food blockade to local population.

The Horn Institute of Peace and Social Justice has issued the following statement regarding Omar’s visit to the US.


Minneapolis, MN – Horn Institute of Peace & Social Justice is concerned that the Somali Regional President of Ethiopia, Mr. Abdi Mohamud Omar is expected to depart from Ethiopia on January 18, 2011 and arrive in Minnesota. We are vehemently protesting the decision to allow Mr. Omar to enter the United States. Mr. Omar and two accompanying members of his delegation, Mr. Abdifitah Sheik Abdullahi and Abdirahman Sheikh Mohamed are known human rights violators who have earned a despicable record in their part for the suffering of the Ogaden Somali civilians in Ethiopia. Mr. Omar, who leads the delegation, is the man who has established and single handedly maintained the brutal paramilitary force called Liyuu Police whose mission is copied from the Janjaweed of Sudan who caused the Darfur genocide.

Mr. Omar had created the Liyuu Police for the sole purpose of terrorizing the population to submit to him and the Ethiopian government. The Liyuu Police are unleashed on the population to commit crimes against humanity. The magnitude of their oppression is indescribable and had gone unabated for far too long. They are committing daily atrocities which are documented in the Human Rights Watch’s reports and confirmed by U.S Department of State –Bureau of Human Rights. Mr. Omar’s forces perpetuate arbitrary arrests, open executions, torture, imprisonment without fair trail, and rape as a weapon to suppress women who are defenseless against armed men. Mr. Omar has forcefully recruited underage men from the Ogaden cities, and goes after those in refugee camps located in neighboring country of Kenya who fled from him to join Liyuu Police in order to carry out Ethiopian government’s hidden atrocities against the Ogaden Somali civilians. Mr. Omar was the former Chief of security who led the Liyuu Police before becoming the President of the Somali region of Ethiopia.

Mr. Omar’s victims are scattered all over the United States and are saddened if their tormentor is freely allowed to enter the country without any repercussions for his crimes. Mr. Omar’s victims are currently receiving legal advice to bring him and his two high ranking members to Justice. Mr.Abdifatah Sheikh Abdullahi, the current Minister of Labor and Social Affairs in the Federal Government of Ethiopia, and Abdirahman Sheikh Mohamed, Ethiopia’s Minister of Trade are both accused of serious human rights violations. We feel if these men are allowed to enter the country and conduct their business, it will give the recognition and privilege they so desire to legitimize their abuse back home.

Horn Institute of Peace & Social Justice believes that we must never be silent about grave human rights abuses committed by these men on behalf of the Ethiopian government they work for. We feel that the United States must remain on the side of the Ogaden Somali victims and heed their sincere calls to block Mr. Omar and his delegation from entering the country. The present Obama administration had promised to make human rights its top priority, and in this case it should make good on its promise and join us in our quest to get justice for Mr. Omar’s victims residing both in Ogaden and in the United States. We take this opportunity to thank our Congressional Representatives from Minnesota, and other organizations who expressed their support by writing letters to the U.S government.

Horn Institute of Peace & Social Justice
Dept of Public Relations & International Affairs
P.O BOX 240781
St.Paul, MN 55124
Email: [email protected]

16 thoughts on “Ethiopian genocide suspect comes to the U.S.

  1. No this guy is not a person who committed genocide. Let’s not use words to describe someone because those words do just exist. Another words used here which do not apply to this person is rape. Again, this word is used not because it was perpetrated by this individual but it was slapped around just to irk the uniformed public. The writers want to invent ‘another’ Darfur. Were there killings of innocent civilians committed in the region by forces that belong to the Federal Republic of Ethiopia? The answer is yes. Was similar crime committed by forces that are a part of the military wing of ONLF? The answer is yes. The region is wrought with clan fragmentation and periodical bloody conflicts. One clan profoundly belittling the other clan is the norm that arouses occasional destructive anger among the tribesmen. I would love to come out and shout this guy down if he ever dares to hold public meetings in Minnesota but exaggerated claims will take the oomph out of my desire to do so. Let’s stop throwing around hyperbolized claims and accusations such as ‘1,000 soldiers killed(out of action), women raped, children and elderly killed in hundreds in one day, millions forced in concentration camps, etc…’ I remember when I was growing in Adigala when one day Radio Mogadishu reported killings of hundreds of Somali people by the Haile Selassie’s soldiers at a small settlement called Ali Gedi which was not too far from my home town. I was very sad because I had uncles who lived in that locality. The next day my relatives came to Adigala to buy supplies from merchants that came from Dire Dawa with goods on the train that was on its way to Djibouti. The supplies include essentials like oil, grain and othe basic food supplies (I missed those weekly rituals tied to the legacy of Chemin De Fer, a childhood memory that I will keep until my last day on this good earth). My father joked to my relatives telling them they were dead since yesterday and how on earth they managed to cheat death. They have heard about the falsified news and all burst into roaring laughter. They never shared their secrets on how to cheat death !!!!!

  2. BTW these delegates are not ‘Melse and Berete’ and so your
    allegations are baseless and not sharpen one. Before rushing finger
    point, Please be on your best behavior to describe or accuse someone
    otherwise you will definitely hazard the credit of your article and
    most importantly it is a vulgarity, beyond readers wild imagination.
    Please be wise and come to expectation

  3. Thank you Ethiopian Review for publishing this article. I am from the Ogaden and as we speak, two of my relatives are part of the evelen people they took from Qabridhare jail, and no one nows where they took them. I called last night and I was told that in Dhagaxbuur is even worst, they killed 2 people and arrested over sixthy people including three Ogaden traditional. There is a major fear going on in the Ogaden and now one is doing anything about it. You will see if these so called delegation arrive in Minnesota, I am sure they will meet a lot of protestors. I hope they get returned back to where they came from. Again, don’t listen to idoits who are working hard to benefit from the misery of their people.

  4. the joke in addis_ababa this weekend was whether Ben Ali’s plane would stop in addis to pick up zenawi becouse The Tunisian political situation may share common cteristics with those of ETHIOPAI{AS HAS BEEN MENTIONED BY ATO ELIAS}: rule by a centralized, authoritarian regime; a dominant family that exercises power through patronage and has become increasingly corrupt; control through the army and, more importantly, the security and intelligence services.

  5. WTHIOPIANS need to form a revolution as well as tunisia! We have a selfish goverment that only cares about themselves and their ethnic group. We are a very wealthy nation, yet many of us live under poverty while the politicans are getting more richer. Enough is enough! Is time for all ETHIOPIANS to fight for thier freedom!

  6. This time take these hooligans who are servants of a slave who is hiding himself in minilik palace and destroy Ethiopia in a daily basis to fullfill his masters request to see many weak and small countries in the horn and the money they give as economy aid is a loan for the chimp for each small achievement
    and that election 2005 has send shock to him and hia allies (donors)that his 15 years destructive politics is rejected by 95% Ethiopians and that does not change till the day to day and some of these groups advised him to change to an iron feast administration and will supply him with aid as if they will not be the first once to demonize it the day the peoples sunami (uprise) starts that we have witnessed from pres Obama and Mrs Clinton in Ethiopias situation it will be the British govt to demonize tegre gujille using the tegre peoples as its desructive machine

  7. Thanks to ER and Elias for telling the coming to America of Meles`hunting dog Abdi Iley.This crimimal who does only what his Woyanne handlers tell him has committed many unspeakable crimes in Ogaden.Just this week,his liyuu police engaged in a killing spree in Higloley(outside Dhagahbur) and killed inocent civilian in Kabridahar.In Qorehey,they took prisoners out of jail and executed them.This man and his boss Meles Zewawi are guilt of sordid brutality and war crimes in Ogaden.He should be taken to the Hague and be made to face his victims.

  8. Abdi M.Omar is sent by Meles to win over the Ogaden Americans and tell them that things are ok in Ogaden.The Ogadeni community in North America is more informed about the situation in Ogaden than Meles and his overseer.Their PR is not going to fly and the Ogaden Americans will tell the World the injustice and the crimes that take place daily in Ogaden.

  9. Abdi Mahamoud Omar Knows As (Abdi-killer) is part of Woyane Gangs in the Ogaden, he rapes, kills and tortures innocent civilians in the region, after all its the US Embassy in Ethiopia that gave him the Visa to go to America!!!!

  10. We need an exhaustive list containing all killers, genociders and corrupt looters from Ethiopia needs to be made official by all websites.

    The wb sites need to update those lists and send them to State department.

  11. To Ali Jamaa says

    Thank for sharing your childhood story. When I was around 8 years old arriving home from my elementary school, usually I believe around 5 or 6 pm our helper at hope would always listen to a radio from Mogadisu and even though I didn’t understood most of it I believe he was loughing because of all the lies. I do remember one day the radio in Amharic anouncing “ethiopia ebid woosha anegesech” it was talking about General Aman Andom Michael. It was talking about how many hundreds of Ethiopian soldiers were killed. I believe that there is more “blown out of proportion” exaggeration in the struggle for freedom in that region. Why would ethiopia committe rape as a strategy only for that region. I am sure there is atrocity but even new york times couldn’t continue with that erroneous story. Struggling with out pack of lies is possible.

  12. Sometimes I wish eastern_ethiopia[ogaden} could suffer an earthquake or a tsunami, so that it might finally get the attention it needs. The barbaric ethnic cleansing being waged there is the most lethal conflict since World War II and has claimed at least 30 times as many lives as the Haiti earthquake… i wonder what the world waiting to respond to ogaden…

  13. ONLF Press Release – January 20 2011
    Posted by niessuh on January 20 2011 04:57:54

    The Ethiopian Army unleashes widespread and vindictive ethnic cleansing campaign in the Ogaden

    The Ethiopian Army, fulfilling Meles Zenawi Callous call to punish the Ogaden people, has unleashed widespread ethnic cleansing campaign in the Ogaden. On January 16, 2011 the Ethiopian Army, stormed the police station at mid-night and took away 19 civilian detainees, who were rounded by the Ethiopian security in Qabri-dahar the previous week. Some of these people were civil servants working for the regional administration, international NGO’s, the UN and local businesses. The next morning on the 17th of January, the bodies of Mr Abdirizak Hurre Osman, a graduate from Hawasa University working for the water Agency serving the three regional administrations of Qabri-Dehar, Godey and Wardheer; Mr Subaan Ahmed Khalif, a businessman were publicly displayed in the Qabri-dehar town centre. Wires that were used to asphyxiate the victims were left wrapped around their necks for further terrifying the towns’ people.

    Town’s people report that the Ethiopian Army took the rest of the victims to unknown destination and their fate is uncertain. The names of the victims identified are listed below.

    In a parallel campaign in Degahbur area, the Ethiopian Army looted the town of Higlalay, beheading Ms Amina Ali Madobe with a knife in the village centre and wounded more than 27 people, who were put in detention pens in the Army camp without medicine or food. Mr Ibrahim Mohamed Yusuf and Mr Badri Mohamed Aw-Ismail later died in detention. The rest of the town residents fled to the surrounding area. Since it is at the height of the dry season and both water and food are scarce there is an urgent need of humanitarian aid for the victims, but the same army that is committing these crimes controls aid.

    This practice has intensified since the dictator, Meles Zenawi, vowed to punish the Ogaden people for supporting the ONLF who are struggling for the rights of the Ogaden people to a genuine self-determination as accorded to the south Sudanese people.
    The Ogaden National Liberation Front calls upon the UN and the international community to act swiftly and intervene in the hidden ethnic cleansing the Ethiopian Army is conducting in the Ogaden.

    Partial list of identified victims harmed by the Ethiopian Army

    No. Name gender Work Town action

    1 Abdirizak Hurre Osman ( M ) water Agency Qabri-Dehar massacred

    2 Subaan Ahmed Khalif ( M ) Businessman Qabri-Dehar massacred

    3 Ahmed Qorane ( M ) Medicine De Mond Qabri-Dehar disappearance

    4 Agaasin Wacdi Shaqlane ( M ) Qabri-Dehar – disappearance

    5 Abdulahi Abdi Jire ( M ) Local finance depart. disappearance

    6 Abdulahi Ali barre ( M ) disappearance

    7 – Maryan Abdi Gaa’uur ( F ) Qabri-Dehar disappearance

    8 – Fardowsa Geele ( F ) Head of Ogaden women’s office Qabri-Dehar disappearance

    9 – Ihsaan Abdulahi Biihi ( M ) UN office employee Qabri-Dehar disappearance

    10 – Dayr Haji Bisle ( M ) Qabri-Dehar disappearance

    11 – Ahmed Duale ( M ) Qabri-Dehar Disappearance

    12-19 Unnamed victims missing Qabri-Dehar Disappearance

    20 – Ibrahim Mohamed Yusuf ( M ) Higlalay Wounded &Died in detention

    21 – Amina Ali Madobe F Businesswomen Higlalay Beheaded in the village centre with a knife

    22 – Badri Mohamed Aw-Ismail ( M ) Higlalay Wounded & died in detention

    23- 25 unnamed victims detained Higlalay Wounded and in detention

    The Ogaden National Liberation Front

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