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Ethiopians in Dallas confront Woyanne

Ethiopians in Dallas confronted a Woyanne delegation that called a public meeting to discuss Meles Zenawi’s 5 year plan. A few weeks ago, a similar Woyanne meeting was dispersed by brave Ethiopians in Seattle. In the Dallas meeting, about 50 people showed up. Watch the video below.

16 thoughts on “Ethiopians in Dallas confront Woyanne

  1. bravo ethiopians in dallas …well done ….we should fight weyane everywehre and this is a typical example where ethiopians should challenge weyane in diaspora….no more talk from diaspora …we should fight weyane just like these brave ethiopians….those people around paltalk in current affair should stop thier endless talk and come out to confront weyane in thier respective countries…..rather than declearing war on cyber day in and day out…you guys around paltalk should come out and face weyane just like these brave ethiopians…..god bless you ethiopians in dallas….

  2. This is something we anticipated since Elias alteted weyane’s plan,what it called, with people to people discussion withen the diaspora community.This brazen approach to divide and intimidate the unity of the oppostion is alarming.After the open day light stolen election the despised weyane wants foot in the door amonng some of the none commited oppostion in diaspora.
    What are we to do about it?
    We need to oganize,and mobalize in mass all Ethiopians for counter propoganda,confront weyane loyalists where ever they are and get the names of the payed cadres.
    We need all Ethiopians for this action.Medrek members of Tigrins need to come forward fo this task.They need to be able to send a message to their fellow country men who support the regime.The message need to be weyane has lost golden opportunity to resolve the political crisis peacfully and from now on it must be prepared to face the wrath of Ethiopians.

    In the long run Ethiopians must come to their sense and say enough is enoug.Once again,the country need to train a multi
    national military and technical experts as well as small elite force over seas.It is suffice this germ idea be said here and no more detail is necessary.

    This being said, we need also to examine the commitment of some Ethiopians. I tink some of the former Tplfits who are opposed to the regime need to prove themselves about their commitment.Some still their writing continue to remind us about weyanes past military exploits.
    Those who believe this need to be reminded Wih this eternal truh.”GOD HAS SPOKEN ONCE, TWICE HAVE I HEARD THIS,POWER BELONGETH UNTO GOD”Frankly,weyane has no time more than what Ehiopians can allow it.We need not care what suppoters are telling us about weyane.As far as mos Ehiopians are conserned if it was not for Bereket’s EDM it could have not been easy for weyane to pass through the heart land.Even then weyane has to heavy acrifice in Gondar.Government troops assisted by patriots at he foot of Mt.Guna caused weyane to pay heavy sacrifice. If these men are really commited they need to be agents of change-through involvement and action.Ethiopians are weary of those whose words dont much their deeds.As an Ethiopian I find it insulting to be told we must not have any contact with shabia and bla bla…The very people who feel this way I am afraid they have done little through their none activiy-which amounts buing time for weyane. Those who are indiscive need not have any moral autority to tellEthiopians wat not to do. Ethiopians must use any means and avenus to free their people from out moded weyaneism.

  3. These in the front are paid agents of Weyane and they are here to silence the mass. These Weyane agents can’t disseminat wrong information in the diaspora and they should be accountable.

  4. At this time it is very hard for the government of the tegadalays to change the direction of the political orientation of the diaspora. Even with the so called agents the tegadalay government is way way behind. Its members are to ignorant to convince any one. The hodanms are easly identifable. so first thing is first. The burninig question is how should we organize. It is a known fact that a peasant army always follows the power balance. The tegadalay army is 95% composed of peasants. History showed us many times when things start to get uncomfortable the tegadalay peasant army will abandon its government.

  5. No doubt that the weyane are on overdrive mode to passify the diaspora after humiliating the people in Ethiopia, who rejected weyane 5 years earlier, to vote for it or starve to death. Now the diaspora is next to bringinto fold. The weyane 50-plus pages of directives for the passification of the diaspora that were dispatched some time ago to weyane’s embassies across the capitals of the world, clearly indicates the tricks in its evil agenda. It’s a trap as a juicy bait is for a fish that “hook” them into a caught-up meal.
    Weyane’s foreign advisors have whispered to their client to buy out the diaspora by exploiting their needs so as to create that sort of middle class that keeps the weyane in power by turning a blind eye or sticking their necks for weyane’s crime by becoming anything between an active collaborator to a passive apologetic. It has worked elsewhere to keep western sponsored tyrants in power for longer. People can easily be lured into biting on the bait. Once hooked, always crooked.
    Mark my words…. Just as weyane worked from
    day one since its humiliating trashing at the polls in 2005 to get back at the people by “hook or crook” to totally intimidate, coerce & subjugate the people to vote for it to claim a record 99.6%.
    Lets see some of the dirty tricks that the weyane used to legitimize its stay in power since 1995. ” GERGIR LE’LEBA YAMECHAL” endilu. The massive massace of innocent civilians in Arba Gugu and Bedeno and blame it on the OLF in the runup to the 1995 election. That helped swept the weyane in power but the truth started to pip it’s head ….. So the Sunday 14th of May 2000 election approached which was hardly a problem for weyane who is master of deception and distraction. Two days prior to the election, on Friday 12th of May, Weyane opened a sudden assault of its third & finally exhausted invasion of Eritrea but it only to end up invading its own people’s rights and votes two days later that very Sunday. It took q couple of years for most to see into weyane’s evil agenda. weyane claimed it was a democracy and Eritrea is a dictatorship and many jumped n the band wagon until 2005 approached and weyane had to live upto it’s propaganda so far & that gave it a headache. May 2005(AKA GINBOT 97) trashed weyane when it lost so comprehensively and emphatically including 23 seats out of 23 in Addis Abeba alone and the Addis mayor’s post. Weyane rounded up and banged the elected officials in prison. It claimed it won the election despite the report of the election montors including the EU one led by Ana Gomez. The Weat and the Carter centre turned a blind eye while at times sided with the weyane tyranny andobviously double speaking at times to create confusion and for passification purpose. 100 were killed and tens of thousands jailed. Weyane’s head, Meles, with hands soaked in fresh blood Odin innocent civilians mowed down in the streets of Addis Abeba, was invited in the Gleneagle summit that summer and then wined and dined with his sponsors. A year later, the vote rigging and day light robbery of the election wouldn’t go away, mainly as a result of the people protesting and EU’s Anna Gomez pressing on the issue. Meles needs another diversionary distraction …..the Somali invasion was a perfect boogyman to keep the people busy talking about the Somali debacle. For Weyane, they would prefer the world to talk about it’s scandalous Somali invasion that the invasion of it’s own people’s rights and votes. It worked and gave a moment of respite for weyane at least from outside but didn’t bother about the one that is coming from inside. The weyane will cook something up for the ones at home for 2010. So it did as its 99.6% result it claimed……. Now what is the weyane going to cook up for 2015? The diaspora passification and mark my word…… Another invasion of a neighbouring country cannot be ruled out as one of its ingredients for the weyane’ 2015 cooking. If it’s Eritrea that it wants to invade, then itshould write it’s own Obituary as it prepares to commit a suicide. When weyane concocts such plan, it plan to hit two birds with one stone but one of the birds will be used as a cannon fodder while the other bird will dodge the stones thrown at it & stone the stone-thrower to death.
    I urge my brothers and sisters in diaspora mainly not to rise up for weyane’s cheap bait instead rise up in unison against weyane’s dirty and dishonest games.
    God bless the struggle for a just justice.

  6. I think confronting Wayane outside is an encouraging act, but it is not decisive to achieve tangible change in Ethiopia. What we need to change the current dictatorial and murderous regime in Addis Ababa is to be ready to confront TPLF mafia inside Ethiopia. We have to prepare ourselves to engage a longstanding and unavoidable war to topple the rustles dictator. We should know that dictators do not understand without bullet. Meles is a foolish warlord, he will never accept unless he frightened of military defeat. So, let us direct our efforts to confrontation inside Ethiopia, we should not focus too much in the Diaspora, since that a secondary effort.

  7. Who is that bully who stood up and called the F word? He must be one of those brainless woyane gangsters.
    If any one knows his name, please post it so that all fellow Ethiopians keep eye on him.

  8. Let us confront woyanne delegates in every and each state. We should not give wayannes stage . If woyannes want to be listened by Diaspora they should listened the Ethiopian people first.

  9. Teshome, the guy who was cursing in the video is the village idiot, and lumpen in the true sense of the word. His name is Berhane ( I don’t think he even knows the name of his father). Apart from being a foul mouth, he is known for a series of failed marriages. He is in his late 40s.
    The guy has apparently grown up in Asmara but from Adwan Parents. He was detested by the Tigreans here in Dallas. Growing up in Asmara, he feels superior to the people of his ancestors. On the other hand, for the Eritreans he is an ‘Agame’ through and through who tries to pass as an Eritrean, as most Tigreans who have grown up in Eritrea were incidentally viewed, before the infamous war.
    This guy was once beaten by a sixty-six years old man a couple of years ago – the guy would fail from a thrown-punch missing him.
    Coming to the incident in question, the guy highly suffers from attention deficiency syndrom and will open his stinking mouth in order to get accepted. Even the Woyanes know that he is a liability to them and told he me so much by the guy who was chairing the meeting in the later part of the meeting.

  10. why dont the people who attended the weyane meeting bring those two men who stood up and used f words and intimidiated ethiopians….they can be charged for assult agianst humanity as the video will be a great evedience…ethiopians in dallas should come together and help each otehr to bring these vagabond criminal weyane elements to justice …..please ask any kind of finacial help if you needed to charge these hodam and racist weyaen gangesters

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