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ESFNA and the art of lying

By Yilma Bekele

What is it about us Ethiopians that invite abuse? Is there a big fat lettering stuck on our forehead that proclaims ‘I am stupid?’ It is not some idle question but a subject that requires some soul searching and must be answered if we have to move forward and expect to bring positive change to ourselves, our surrounding and our poor country.

What brought this important question to the surface is the recent action by none other than the infamous ESFNA (Ethiopian sports federation in North America) and its Board of Director’s ongoing dysfunctional behavior. This is not the first time ESFENA have gone the extra mile to humiliate its constituents. What I have in mind is ESFNA’s acceptance of large amount of money from good old Sheikh Al Amudi back in 2008 and the condemnation it received from the North American public. They promised to be mindful of their responsibility to the public and claimed that they will work on the question of accountability. It was an empty gesture.

Here we are 2010 and we can see this wild animal is not tamed yet. They decided to insult and disrespect their cash cow once again. This time it is no other than the honorable Judge/Chairwoman Bertukan they decided to dis.

Very timely and educational articles were written to clarify the situation and encourage rational discussion on the subject. I am referring to the opinion pieces by Ato Ephrem Madebo and Ato Shakespear N. Feyissa on our independent Web sites.

The response to this invitation for reasonable and grown up discussion took a bizarre turn. The article by Ato Tesfaye Abebe, a member of one of the clubs is a little disingenuous to say the least. It is a well-written article as far as the grammar goes but the facts are revised to fit the writer’s bias. That is not an honest thing to do. I spoke to two individuals that were present in Atlanta to have a good understanding of what exactly happened in that meeting.

Is Ato Tesfaye not telling the truth or simply put is Ato Tesfaye lying in his article? He wrote:

‘ As those that nominated Birtukan spoke passionately to underline the importance of inviting her, those that did not believe she should be invited expressed theirs. Reasons for not inviting her, ranged from the inappropriateness of inviting her in the cultural category to her being a leader of a political organization whose invitation might compromise our non-profit and non-political status.
Upon the insistence of those members that nominated Birtukan, and following parliamentary procedure a vote was taken by the Board Members and Birtukan narrowly won.’

In my opinion what Ato Tesfaye is doing is what is called ‘lying by omission’. He is cleverly using ambiguity in order to deceive and mislead the reader. Weizero Bertukan was nominated; the issue discussed and voted upon, that much is true. But there is more to it than that. The issue on the so-called jeopardizing the ‘non profit’ status was mentioned in passing but was not brought as a major hurdle. The main argument by those opposed was the question of ‘timing’. They felt it was not a good idea ‘at this time’ since she was just released from jail and it would create a bad impression on the organization (I guess by the government of Ethiopia) After a lengthy argument the issue was voted upon. When he says ‘Bertukan narrowly won’ that is a bold lie. She won 14 to 4 and that is 77% majority. Some will call it a landslide.

If you noticed I characterized it as an ‘argument’ not a ‘discussion’. According to my sources it was a very shameful meeting fit for gangsters. The Chair was clueless and weak and members were on each other’s face taunting and insulting like kids in a playground. Some members were forced to leave the meeting out of shame and disgust. The real purpose by those who lost was to create chaos so those well meaning individuals will be discouraged and will give in to the demands of the bully’s. If you think about it there is no rational reason or parliamentary procedure that allows an issue that was settled by an overwhelming majority to be brought back for further discussion.

Please notice the fact that Ato Tesfaye qualifies both Ato Ephrem and Ato Shakespear with their political party’s affiliation. What brought that about? They wrote their opinions as concerned individuals not Party officials. We are familiar with that kind of argument, smear rather than answer the charges is the logic behind it.

I have noticed these two characteristics to be a must among TPLF school graduates. None other than junta leader Meles Zenawi practices the best example of ‘lying by omission’. During the question and answer at Columbia University when asked why he jams Ethiopian Satellite TV and our independent web sites he responded by saying ‘the US does not allow VOA to broadcast to the American people either. Yes it is true VOA does not broadcast inside the US but it is not due to jamming. It is because the US government does not think it is appropriate to use taxpayer’s money to distribute the news. There are zillions of news outlets operated privately. Ato Meles on the other hand does not want independent newscasters telling the truth and unravel his house built on sand. Technically he did not lie, but he just subverted the truth.

There was also a second article written by Ato Tibebe Ferenji titled ‘In defense of ESFNA’ I don’t think it is a wining strategy to baselessly attack those who you disagree with instead of presenting one’s opinion and letting the reader be the judge. There is no point in putting words in your opponent’s mouth when the reader can easily go to the source and verify. My copy did not include such allegations as Ato Ephrem claiming to be an attorney nor asking organizations to break their rules.

On the other hand Ato Tibebe gave us a section of IRS rule as if reading those five lines will entitle us to reach a reasonable conclusion. I truly believe my friend Ato Shakespeare’s approach is most appropriate here. Interpreting the law is his domain. That is why he invested time and money to qualify and hold a license to practice the law. This Ethiopian habit of being an expert after a cursory glance is not a good idea. I ask both Ato Tibebe and ESFNA to read Ato Shakespeare’s analysis and correct their mistake and wrong interpretation of IRS code.

What can we do to remedy this unfortunate situation is an important question. The organization is too important to be left to individuals that do not have the interest of the community at heart. It has been a playground of those whose sole aim is to enrich themselves at the expense of others and use the organization as a commodity to be sold to the highest bidder. In its over twenty-five years of existence it has nothing worthy to show that could be mentioned in public. Its own supporters have no example or instance to mention to convince the public of their good deeds. Ato Tibebe is forced to say ‘more over, ESFNA has been engaged in various charity activities including providing scholarship in Ethiopia.’ Looks like we are a little short on verifiable facts here because there is nothing to show.

The fact that during the Atlanta meeting the financial report showed that the 2009 festival in San Jose showed a profit of just $13.000.00 is cause for alarm. Either the Board is engaged in creative accounting or they are not fit for the position they hold. When you consider they were bilking our local business people $3,000.00 per tent and were charging us $20 for admission one wonders where the money went. As the name implies it is an Ethiopian sports organization. I agree with my friend Ato Ephrem. The use of ‘E’ in the name is not a simple matter. I do believe the use of ‘E’ is a privileges and an honor. Yes my dear Ato Tesfaye it can be taken away too! I don’t think you will put Abuna Petros and some Banda like Dejazmach Gugsa in the same league, would you? The ‘E’ in front of Abuna Petros brings warmth to our heart while the ‘E’ in front of Banda Gugsa looks out of place.

What we should strive for is ‘empower’ the clubs to exercise their right as owners and main actors of this outfit and run it like a business and make us proud. After all it is the clubs and the players that we all gather to see and there is no need for a Board of vultures to lord it over and abuse us all. The clubs can hire professional Ethiopians that are experienced in the hospitality and convention business and produce a better product that what we have now. Twenty-five years have shown that the current leaders are void of new and creative ideas and repeat the same old tired formulae until it is beaten to death. Frankly I don’t see any difference between them and their Woyane masters. It is up to us to work with the clubs and make them aware of their strength. It requires work, perseverance and unity of purpose. Like their Woyane cousins they are good at creating side issues, character assassination and a lot of smoke. On the other hand we have a good cause and the support of the majority of our people. We got work to do. Now quit talking and take the garbage out.

30 thoughts on “ESFNA and the art of lying

  1. I agree with Ato Yilma that the players & the clubs should wake up & safe ESFNA.

    ESFNA’s decision to make Birtukan’s sacrifice not an honorable did is a disgrace. Once sacrifice for country & people is honorable!

    Great article, Ato Yilma

  2. Yilma Bekele, why do u always generalize? Why denounce the whole ESFNA when there are probably 2 or 3 TPLF wolves fooling the rest of the sheep?

    If you live like how you write, you really sound like someone who suffers from some kind of inferiority. It really disgusts me. Be a man and write like a man.

    JESUS CHRIST! I don’t even know why I am reading your articles.

  3. Do you know who is running the show says:
    am realy sorry all of you have just wake up and found out that every thing ESFNA is about money. Do you realy know who is running the show? Do you have any idea who these the so called board members are? Have any one of you tried to attende one of their meeting in October of each year and ask critical questions about Ethiopia and its people and culture? these are some of the question I will forward to some of you who think these groups are trying hard to make a yearly event for ethiopians to get together. there are a lot going on in every state about these abuses but no one of you have said any thing sighting these is the only orgainozation that will bing as together every year. The organization is a 501 C 3 but the participating teams are profit making execpt some teams that are legts.

    I have a lot of information. but this is only the only the tip of the iceburg what the so called team leaders are doing in every state. I am not talking about those teams that are legitmate. There are so called board members who claim that they own the team and can not be changed by the board of the team of the club.

  4. do you remember the watchdog group it had provided you all the evidences about ESFNA. Then it was not political and everyone including you (Elias) did not concern and ignored the evidence provided by ESFNAWATCH. Now here again. motive politics! and you are all over ESFNA. Please read the laws of the 501 (c). Birtukan can not be a guest of honor because she the leader of the major political orginization. If ESFNA invites her as a guest, that means ESFNA endorsed her whether she is a judge or a politician. and you know very well that if she attends ESFNA event, it is obvious that ESFNA event will become political event. BRAVO ESFNA for not iniviting Birtukan

  5. well written article Mr yelma!however as pointed out by Ato melaku we have to retreat from gross accusation of ESFNA members .I believe they are handful of woyanes numbering three or four who are wreaking havoc within ESFNA.These woyane gangs planted by alamudi are manipulating the association with overt motive of creating dissension and division so as to split the association and diasporans anti-woyane forces.Having this in mind we have to seriously confront these woyane emmissaries and urge their respective clubs to call them back and replace them by independent minded person.I think this has to be done urgently and need to work in earnest before too late.

  6. The ESFNA board should summon an extraordinary meeting again soon and needs to decide on the status quo anti of it’s original decision. It should purge out the few individuals, so called executive committee members that tried to reverse it’s decision without it’s will and prior notice.This is a serious violation of an association bylaw. The wrong deed shouldn’t be excused under any circumstance if this public association would like to continue to be the organization of the people or the Ethiopian Community in the future as it’s name implies and not of the few in the board that are agents of their abusive lords and thier remote feeders.

  7. While I agree with the call for more accountability,transparency, and better over all management practices, I don’t think breaking up an organization that has brought Ethiopians of all walks of life every year for the past 25 years serves any useful purpose.

    The better solution, in my judgment, is to throw the bad apples out of the organization.There are several avenues to do so legally and in a civilized manner. All it takes ids for the 14 board members who voted as a group to stand in unison, expose the rascals and take legal action if necessary. After all, as board members they are duty bound and could be held accountable for their inaction.

    The community at large also has the responsibility of standing with the sane board members.

    Let us not resort to the tried and failed strategy of radical surgery for an ailment that may just need a band aid.

    My two cents

  8. hahahaha what did you say ms,Melaku did you say be a man to ato yilma do you know what being a man means?in the first place by the way did you understand what his articles is talking about?i don’t think you understand look calm down read it again til you get it ok good

  9. look I agree with u period. And also I have an idea why ER call all team members and ask for boycot anless ESFNA reinvite Judge Bertukan Mideksa. I think u have all teams phone #s. we can help. WE should go agressive no more back down brothers.

  10. Mr Yilma,

    It is just simple rule to abide by. Their rule say…they should not invite poleticians. PERIOD. FULL STOP. It doesn’t matter how much we love Birtukan, let us respect that simple rule that has been in place. And the whole reason we aren’t democratic back home is we always impose our thought and ideas, but not following the rules no matter how small or simple it is. Please do not just open your mouth. Think first if u think you have 21st century thought.

  11. By the way the players have to beg for contribution every year to buy their uniform and pay their transportation.The profit have been taken by those old timers who goes and comes to Sheraton Addis and Washington DC. It is a shame for all of us to let this people go on like this.The issue is not Birtukan here ,it is the principle.For that reason we have to empower the young players and have some respect for our name ETHIOPIA.

  12. In my life time I have seen a lot how individuals or countries tried to mix politics with sport. For example, Olympics…countries boycotted to reinforce their political influence but Olympic is still alive. They hurt the young competitors from participating Olympic and winning a medal for themselves and their country. In most cases, it did not bring any significant result. It does not mean the Olympics committee is a flawless organization.

    ESFNA’s Board directors are accountable for alleged mismanagement and misconduct. However, the motive fueled with political mischief should not be allowed to bring ESFNA down. There is a civilized way to solve this problem. This nonprofit organization every year brings diverse Ethiopians together once a year to promote social and cultural festivities.

    There are anti-Ethiopian forces who want destroy ESFNA because it is a big organization which can assemble more Ethiopians than any political party. These forces managed to weaken the biggest opposition party because they do not want see a democratic Ethiopia. Their manipulation is not recognized by most due to emotional political stance. In short, as Solomon said in his book, there is time for everything. There is place for politics and there is a place social life. I hope genuine Ethiopians recognize these forces and throw them under the bus.

  13. I am surprised with this ‘boycott’ thing, it is a pathetic strategy. It is better to call a general assembly and kick out those individuals responsible for this undemocratic decision and elect another genuine people who truly serve the interest of Ethiopians. Then, life will continue as usual.

  14. When and where is the next meeting of members to change or keep current leadership of ESFNA? This information if published can give all interested Ethiopians time to make an accommodation arrangement to participate in the meeting. I am requesting this information under an assumption that ESFNA is a community organization and the community as stockholder can legally make any change to make it better any time it wishes to do so. Thank you

  15. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Ok let me get this straight, Mr Yilma Bekele!
    You spoke to two individuals to have a good understanding of the situation, when 18 people voted at the meeting. And also you stated the main argument by those opposed was the question of ‘timing’ and they felt it would create a bad impression on the organization( you guessed it may disappoint the Ethiopian gov’t). Just because they hesitated to nominate her at this early stage the are Woyane cousins!
    Readers beware! Isn’t this’the Ethiopian habit of being an expert after a cursory glance!’

  16. Ato Yilma, as usual it is a wonderful article and prudent reflection. I could not agree more.
    Sadly, many of us are blinded by our emotions and unable to see how ideas, relevant information, inputs and perspectives are so good to form our judgment. If we start jumping to a conclusion without analyzing the facts we may end up in making a terrible mistake. So please read all articles written about ESFNA by all concerned Ethiopians specially the one by Shakespeare Feyisa, (a lawyer by profession) regarding how woyane affiliated board members are writing their terms and dictates such a big organization. Listening from both sides and collecting evidences will definitely help us to pass a clear and clean verdict.
    Why most Ethiopian in Diaspora are so furious and frustrated in such magnitude by the action of ESFNA? Is it because few infiltrated woyane board members are in the driving seat that could twist the arms and manipulate the less fortune weak board members to reverse the land slide majority vote? Why the majority was easily bullied and surrender? Are they not equally represented and strong for their constituents? Or are they like George Orwell’s animal farm, “all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others” is that because those who bullied the weaks are having more money from the tycoon sheikh? It is not fair to see that the rules are twisted to suit the fortunate highest bidders.If that is the case, what guarantee do we have that ESFNA is not sold or handed over to the shiekh some day like the Australian soccer club? What should be the next course of action? We have to be patient and long winded to clean the house and keep on going. We have also to avoid being insensitive and going far to tear apart each other as it is a woyane plan to dismantle anything that assume the name Ethiopia and its belongings. Beware folks! A few might turn against their own people working hell-bent day and night to dismantle the community if they find a “generous” looking alms from meles’s alamoudi or alamoudi’s meles. History shows that there are bandas (hodams) in all generation but do not get angry we have to be strong, wise, calm, and resolved to fight them wherever they are. ESFNA will be back stronger with Ethiopians board members.
    There will no be a place for sold outs.

  17. The decision to invite Birtucan has been made by vote. Why are we even discussing? What was the reason to vote? Vote 101: the decision is made by majority and no further discussion….
    I bet everyone, if Birtucan’s invitation gets cancelled no body will even think of boycotting the next event…..
    We should boycott at least in the name of what she has done for us….

  18. All this crap is not about ESFNA or the non-profit status of the organization, but it is all about the money some bullies like Sebsbe Assefa and Iyaya Yaregal receive from TPLF/Alamoudi mafia group, if they had succeded to disinvite Bertukan. What was the reason of Iyaya’s crying like a baby when the Board passed the vote to invite Bertukan? Is it because this moron bully cares about ESFNA? No! because he is not going to get the promised blood money from TPLF/Alamoudi mafia group. As some of you proposed the majority members of the Board have to work on purging these lumpen bullies from the organization. Then we will have a real ESFNA with a giant “E”.

  19. ESFNA is a profit company for few in the name of bringing Ethiopian together. # 8 and 11 People like you guys are holding us back. It is time to destroy ESFNA and start a clean organization. It is the most corrupted organization. They survived 25 years because no one reported them to IRS and FBI. ESFNA survived because it was an Ethiopian organization. If ESFNA was a mainstream non profit 501 (c) organization like Red cross, united way it would had been on the news for violating IRS non profit 501 (c) status. Some of the board members had been in jail or pay fines.

    Ley us not abuse the American system in the name of non profit. The time may not be soon but one day IRS and FBI will audit ESFNA. Watch and see

  20. Why don’t you invite Bertukan in the capacity og North American residents? Why do you want her to be invited through the Ethiopian Sports association in North America? I am a strong opponent of this government, but I see a ,lot of dishonesty when people try to insist bertukan should be invited. The association include people who oppose and support the government. If this association is to continue embracing these opposing and warring groups, it makes sense to disin to disinvite Bertukan. If the sports association should chase out government supports, I totally agree ESFNA should invite Betrukan. No doubt the associations justification we heard so far is flimsy to say the least. As much as we hear this flimsy justification we are also see dishonesty in people who want to use the association as a means to do their job. I say to all that cry for inving Bertukan, do it on your own.

  21. Time favored them and invaded Ethiopia.when Zinawianrobbers came into Ethiopia,they were wild and cruel;they hate Ethiopians very deeply.

    They did not waste time;they scattered allover and accross our homeland and quickly moved into towns,villages,cities and neighbourhoods and broke into homes and vandalized the lives of families.

    They are evils.Devil sent them to Ethiopia and setted in our homeland disguising as being Ethiopians.They did good to Satan and themselves by looting and murdering Ethiopians,but they did wrongs to Ethiopians and cost Ethiopians and Ethiopia too much and a lot.

    Today,Zinawianrobbers are transformed into super robbers through looting and murdering Ethiopia and Ethiopians and became the riches and the weathiest criminals on Earth.It is not a girl’s secret diary that they wrote notes in Ethiopians’ blood.They were a pack of wolves tearing appart the lives of Ethiopians,they are now bugs and insects sucking the blood of Ethiopians.Today,everything and anything that is available below and above the lands,in Ethiopia is owned,run,and controlled by Zinawianrobbers;their illegally gained wealth worths in billions of is allover the world.

    Deep dislike towards Ethiopians and their interdependency with Ehtiopia’s historical enemies that motivated them to loot and murder Ethiopians.

    We are not forgetting.They sell rice and lands,they sell babies and little girls.Their children have access to millions of dollars and guns and bullets and have bank and guards;they are armed and dangerous.

    But our children are homeless and hugry;they fight with rats and dogs for survavial.Ethiopians,the enemy,it is what it is.Ethiopians,you must not judge the enemy by what it does;rather,judge our common enemy by what it costs us.

  22. ESFNA’s leaders are suppose to unit us not divid us. ESFNA survied because of the Dispora. ESFNA should had been a clean organization and should not had accepted Al-ahmoudi money. I am not against the government of Ethiopia but I complety understand the other side why Judge Bertukan invitation is reversed. She is a role model for our generation. The first time in my life I saw an Ethiopian women leader . She is our herio. I do not care for ESFNA event but I will like meet her in person. You are an amazing women.

  23. Here we go again.Talk about the art of lying, Ato Yilma there are many factual errors on your piece. First of all the vote was not whether we should invite Judge Birtukan or not. The vote was between Birtukan and Mohmmud Ahmed. Second the vote was not 14 to 4 as you reported.It was 12 to 10 Birtukan getting the 12 vote. That is why ESFNA’s press release stated she won narrowly. Third you’ve no idea of how much we made in San Jose. You’re just throwing numbers. Once and for all the only reason the nomination was withdrawn by the Board members that presented it in the first place is because it goes against our core principle of being non-political that we held on to for 27 years. No one in ESFNA is saying Birtukan does not deserve the nomination or she is not a hero. We’re simply saying it sets a precedent and next year Berhanu Nega’s, Lidetu’s, Merara Gudina’s supporters can demand they be invited too. By the way do you know we gave “Free Birtukan” movement a booth where they can gather signatures this year in San Jose, while she was still in prison. I don’t know why every time ESFNA is mentioned Al Amoudi also gets mentioned because he donated money two times in 28 years. Both donations came when the tournament was in DC. An organization should not be vilified because it wants to stick to the formula that has worked for it for a long time.

  24. You can not take Al-ahmoudi money and say we are not a political organization. ESFNA already violated IRS 501 (c) code. when you associated with Al-Ahmoudi.No one reported you to IRS. Al-Ahmoudia is not only a business man. Al-Ahmpudi= Woyane= Ethiopian Government.
    Did You realized about IRS code if you invite Birtukan. This is not about Birtukan. It is about ESFNA abusing the non-profit code. If you invite Birtuken you will violate the IRS code, but you accepted donation from Al-ahmoudi and violated IRS code.

    At least invite Birtukan and enjoy your 501 (c) code until IRS catch you. This way at least you cam minimize ESFNA’ s pressure from the Diaspora. No #26 you said “our core principle of being non-political that we held on to for 27 years.” you core principle is in theory in practice you core principle was broken the first time you associated your self with Al-ahoudi= Ethiopian government. I am an insider of ESFNA. We are Ethiopian government CIA. Let us admit it. I am ESFNA member so do not cover up.

  25. I hope ESFNA board members will read #27 and 28 comments.
    Society is based upon rules. Without rules society doesn’t properly function. While many, myself included might believe that we have far too many and far too intrusive rules today; nonetheless society must have rules to function properly.
    1. Al-Ahmouid= Ethiopian government is a correct statements and one can documents this statements with so many evidences.
    2. ESFNA had violated IRS non profit 501 (c) statuses for so many reasons for long time such us:
    a. Refuse to disclose the financial statements to the public. Most non profits have their tax returns, Financial reports available to the public. ESfna not only did disclose but refused.
    b. ESFNA claims donating $100,000.00 to Ethiopian relief no documents was found
    c. ESFNA source of Income is mostly from unrelated business, Alcohol, admission fees for concert and charging Ethiopian for profit fees.
    D. Esfna had accepted Al-Ahmoudia’s donation from an Ethiopian government
    In summary one can documents so many evidences that ESFNA continuously violated IRS non-profit Tax exempt 501 (c) statuses.
    The community is not educated about nonprofit status to reported them to IRS
    3. ESFNA will violate IRS code if THEY invite Honorable Judge Birtukan but ESFNA will make the Diaspora happy.
    4. ESFNA BOARD MEMBERS, TEAM LEADERS AND FORMER ADVISORS, ATTORNEYS all should resign and give the organization to the community.
    The Diaspora owns ESFNA not THE Board members
    IRS Whistleblowers you can anonymously report tax cheats and earn a windfall from their dishonesty. ESFNA needs to be reported to IRS.
    Elias it take a great courage to report ESFNA to FBI. As USA citizens we all have responsibilities to protect the USA laws and regulation, if you have a valid EVIDEANCES to report ESFNA to IRS. WE WILL TEACH OTHER ETHIOPIANS NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION TO OBEY THE RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THIS GREAT NATION THE USA.

  26. The truth is ESFNA had violated IRS Non profit Tax exempt status for several reasons. I agree with you inviting honorable Judge Birtuka will also violated the IRS code tax exempt again but The IRS need Ethiopian Whistleblower. The Whistleblowers Office, which was established by the Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006, will process tips received from individuals who spot tax violation.

    ESFNA is a profit company for few in the name of bringing Ethiopian together. It is the most corrupted organization. They survived 25 years because no one reported them to IRS and FBI. ESFNA survived because it was an Ethiopian organization. If ESFNA was a mainstream non profit 501 (c) organization like Red Cross, united way it would had been on the news for violating IRS non profit 501 (c) statuses. Some of the board members had been in jail or pay fines.
    Let us not abuse the American system in the name of non profit. The time may not be soon but one day IRS and FBI will audit ESFNA. Watch and see

    1. ESFNA has refused to disclose its annual returns to the public despite
    the United States Internal Revenue Code. Visit
    The United States Internal Revenue Code, CITE: 26USC6104 states the
    Tax-exempt organizations must make available for public inspection
    their annual returns (Form 990) and applications for exemption (Form
    1023), and must provide copies of such returns and applications to
    individuals who request them. Copies usually must be provided immediately in
    the case of in-person requests, and within 30 days in the case of
    written requests.

    Why did they refuse to disclose ESFNAs annual returns to the public?
    2. Al-Ahmoudi= Ethiopian Government.
    Esfna has violated IRS tax Exempt statues 501 (c) the first time ESFNA received money. ESFNA had admitted to receive over $700,000.00.

    3. Most of ESFNA incomes are generated from unrelated business such as the sale of Alcohol, concert tickets

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