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TPLF’s Berhane GebreKristos the real Foreign Affairs Minister

Ethiopia’s despot Meles Zenawi appointed HaileMariam Desalegn as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. Yesterday, new ministers of state were appointed and Meles loyalist and TPLF Central Committee member Berhane GebreKristos is given the foreign ministry, keeping the real power within the Meles crime family. Former foreign affairs minister Seyoum Mesfin is expected to arrive in Washington DC as ambassador.

Following is a list of the newly appointed ministers of state

1. Nega Tsegaye, Foreign Affairs State Minister

2. Berhane Gebre-kiristos, Foreign State Minister

3. Berhanu Abera, National Defense State Minister

4. Berhanu Negash, National Defense State Minister

5. Alemayehu Ejigu, Government Communication Affairs Office State Minister

6. Shimelis Kemal, Government Communication Affairs Office State Minister

7.Dr. Abraham Tekeste, Finance and Economic State Minister

8. Ahmed Shide, Finance and Economic Development State Minister

9.Alemayehu Gujo, Finance and Economic State Minister

10. Dr. Kaba Urgessa, Education State Minister

11. Fuad Ibrahim, Education State Minister

12. Wondiosen Kiflu, Education State Minister

13. Firenesh Mekuyria, Women, Children and Youth Affairs State Minister

14. Almaw Mengistu, Women, Children and Youth Affairs State Minister

15. Sileshyi Getahun, Agirculture State Minister

16, Mitiku Kassa, Agriculture State Minister

17. Wondiyirad Mandefro, Agirculture State Minister

18. Tadelech Dalecho, Culture and Tourism State Minister

19. Dawd Ahmed, Culture and Tourism State Minister

20. Mulugeta Wuletaw, Federal Affairs State Minister

21. Wondimu Tekle, Water and Energy State Minister

22. Kebede Gerba, Water and Energy State Minister

23. Tolosa Shage, Mines State Minister

24. Dr. Kebede Work, Health State Minister

25. Dr. Kesete Berhan Admasu, Health State Minister

26. Remedan Ashenafi, Labor and Social Affairs State Minister

27. Dr. Zerihun Kebede, Labor and Social Affairs State Minister

28. Mohamuda Ahmed Gass, Science and Technology State Minister

29. Getachew Mengiste, Transport State Minister

30. Tekletsadik Reba, Transport State Minister

31. Peter Gat Cot, Communication and Information Technology State Minister

32. Hailemaskal Tefera, Urban Development and Construction State Minister

33. Dr. Misrak Mekonne, Civil Service State Minister

34. Adamu Ayana Mekonnen, Civil Service State Minister

35. Ahmed Abagisa, Justice State Minister

36. Berhanu Tsegaye, Justice State Minister

37. Tadesse Haile, Industry State Minister

38. Ahmed Tussa, Trade State Minister

39. Yakob Yala, Trade State Minister.

40-Roman Gebre-sillassie, Government Whip with the rank of State Minister

41. Meles Tilahun, Acting Government Whip with the rank of State Minister

42. Getachew Bedane, Acting Government Whip with the rank of State Minister

43, Wondimu Gezahegn, Acting Government Whip with the rank of State Minister

44. Alebachew Nigussie, Public Organization and Participation Advisory State Minister

45. Mengistab Gebre-kidan, Public Organization and Participation Advisory State Minister

46. Temesgen Tilahun, Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister with the rank of state minister

47. Demisse Shito, Cabinet Affairs Advisory State Minister

48: Michael Tobias, State Minister for the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Affairs.

The appointment of the officials will be effect as of October 18, 2010.

21 thoughts on “TPLF’s Berhane GebreKristos the real Foreign Affairs Minister

  1. I knew there will be a TPLF “tako” in the foriegn minstry. Otherwise, how come Melese benovelently gives such key position to Hailemariam? It was just a game as usual.

  2. the fact that there are only 3 Tigreans out of the 49 state ministers shows as usual Meles is surrending the power to the Southerners and Oromos. The Amharas and especially Tigrians are pushed away.

  3. unless we are organized and remove TPLF parasites we will keep on reading the promotions and demotions members of TPLF by the their criminal masters. I think the discussion from now on should be how to work together and eliminate the cancer so that we can create a free society. For the last twenty years we have been talking how bad is the SHIFTA regime. It is time to take concrete action.

  4. For every Oromo or Southerner puppet minister there are hundreds of Tigrean “takos” as control mechanisms. Name it an oromo or Southerner minister, he or she would act as a Sesame Street puppet, every movement of his or hers controlled by a Tigrean TPLF under him or her. The puppet has to say only yes master! to stay in his/her position.

  5. I think the woyanes are coppying the play book of what ex-colonialist did to Africa.

    Currently all ex-colonialists of Africa control the economy of Africa hence control the politics.

    The woyanes know they are minorities and they could not control the political power forever. What they are doing right now is control the economy and the military and subtly leave the politics to the bunch of narrow minded non tigrean minorities and control them behind the scene with their merit(highly educated) money and gun.

    If we are serious about getting rid of them, we have to focus on attaking their economic benefits and inflitrate the military.

    They have already lost the game in the political front(and they know it)and that is why they are clinging to the money and the gun.

  6. The Only advantagious person on the whole “Shum Shir” is Seyum mesfin. He is assigned to Washington DC.
    His role woud be to find safe heaven in America for himself and his associates.
    He will sit there the next 20 years, until the age of 80.
    He will be an Ambassador for life.
    If I were Meles, I would have sent him back to Dedebit with his pension.
    He is still an absentee foreign minister at World political center in DC.

    Look how Meles and his TPLF-gangs control 1) the foreign ministry 2) the finance 3) The whole of Military, Police and Security.

    This is democracy ‘a la carte of the developmental state of Ethiopia.
    A minority group having the lions’ share in the contemporary Ethiopia.

    The man with the title deputy prime minister and at the same time foreign minister . “Doro’n siyatalluwat Be mechagna talwat” . This is a blessing in disguise.
    There is no free speech, no right of assembly, no right of demonstration. There is no right of equal participation in the overall structure.

  7. Wollo:

    you are absolutely wrong. This is victory of Ginbot 7. Ginbot7 with a good research showed that TPLF rule was infact less diverse than even HaileSillasie’s rule.

    The TYRANT knows he has to do something about that otherwise the donors will not answer his begging. So Desalegn Hailemariam etal are beneficiaries of Ginbot7.

    However this is an act, once again, to fool the West. Behind all these symbolic changes, there are signifcant “Mogzits” or “regents of TPLF” that are going to be deputies of these token people. The deput foreign affairs is for example a man named Birhane G/kirstos a TPLF agent who was ambassador to the USA. LOL who are you kidding me!

    Eitherway, we all know the MAIN POWER of TPLF lies in the army. 95% of the generals in the ARMY are from TPLF. Until that changes, you might as well forget it.

  8. Arkebe, is labled as one of the young leaders in TPLF who has got an ambition to replace Meles. So Melse has to let him as far away form the palace as possible. Girma Birru and Addisu Legese are also victims of the same assumption.

  9. Answer to 11,

    Arekbey happens to be more “heroic”, at the battle against the derg, than Legese (Meles) Zenawi and also showed some “humanity” while he was a Mayor in Addis. Therefore, he is a “threat” to Meles. Besides Saye & a few others etc the remaining TPLF thugs are as hodams & corrupt as Aboy Sebhat.

    Many others are scattered around the globe with big sacks of money looking for medical treatment after 20 years of eating kitfo, doro zegene & chechbesa with out green or anbasha! The generals are no different…they fight over money and blue lebel wiskey.

    Surprisngly, the only “smart” one seems to be Azeb Mesfen who is in control of the TPLF bank account. You are not going to catch her no matter what..with all her mansion around the globe…she will disappear by herself before the judgement days! The $$$$$$$$ can always be used to defend her husband at the ICC

    God Bless Ethiopia & Protect her citizens

  10. Foreign State Minister Berhane Gebrekirstos has a bright future and will climb the ladder of wealth swiftly as long as he keeps issueing the military personell a V.I.P. pass to enter Ethiopia without going through any security search for Heroine.

  11. It is known that the duties and responsibilities of a foreign Minister are numerous and time taking . It is evident that the reason behind appointment of the Deputy Prime Minister as Foreign Minister- two highly charged posts for one Person. Practically the Deputy Prime Minister shall be engaged in this capacity no room to properly discharge his responsibilities as FOREIGN MINISTER. One can easily realize that the so called vice minister Birhane Gebre Christos will be fully in charge of the foreign affairs. These people( TPLF) are calculative. As we all know the post of Foreign Minister was held by TPLF for 20 years. In the name QUOTA for ethnic groups They just appointed a robot from Debub Kilil as Foreign Minister and the real one is TPLF agent . Very cheap people they just want to have everything for themselves that is why they search every corner to appoint some one whom they can manipulate as they want. The most key posts are kept for TPLF so that they can abuse power and loot the others ethnic groups are just puppets. Shame on them who are being used as Trojan Horses whale they boast they represent the largest ethnic groups.
    As to Birhane he has looted the country’s wealth as Ambassador for 20 years and we shall see what he is going to do next.

  12. I happen to hear and attend his lectures while he was represting TPLF in early eighties in Northern America. The guy is tottaly hypocritical and chauvinistic against the people the south. I heard him saying ” Some of the southern people of Ethiopia do not have any cloth on their bodies let alone organizing a modern government.” Since then I lost respect for that person. A man that has not got any respect for our people cannot be a genuine leader for the countries foreign policies. The dammest thing that the TPLF government committed is to give power to people who were not capable to execute the most important responsibilities of their offices. Mesfin Seiyum was a college drop out who declared himself to become a foreign minister of the country after liberation. He did not have any credential from any institute in the country or other good schools in the world. Most probably he used to dreaming of becoming like DR. Minase Haile or Ketema Yifru. Both were brilliant legalists and politicians who had made reality the formation of African Union and helped Haile Selassise’s Govenment to negotiate the seat of OAU to come to Addis Ababa. By any standard Aklilu Habte was well versed in International law and modern Linguistics especially in French. He communicated the interests of his fellow Amharas very well. He even came to organize the UN after the Second World War. The other week I saw Ato Siyum Mesfin reading his speech; I was ashamed for the people of Ethiopa for he was not able to read the text as clear as possible. A high school girl from Saint Joseph would have done better reading of the speech to UN audience. Shame on Meles Zenawi, he kept putting in his cronies in key places that need agility of mind and thorough knowledge of international politics. You cannot force in wisdom by force of gun you have to fetch it in order to excel at it. The country will bear the wounds that it has been getting from such appointments for the generation to come. I am very sorry for the Ethiopian people who have been sending brilliant students to schools but never got back what they have been investing to work for them on international arena. Tefera Walawa who was a high school drop out had become a defense minister, and got another big post as minister after that. To me it was a total joke. Name it; you go around in every office you will see people who are not capable to administer and who have been holding official posts for being a member of the TPLF organization or born Tigrayans. It is not good for Ethiopia or the people of Tigray. They need better representations and better officials who can articulate their interests. We are damned to fail. We have already failed miserably and it will continue as well.

    The president of the county is octagorian and totally senile; I am wondering why they have been keeping him in the office. They need someone who could be more effective and mobile. I have not got a clue why he is still in office while nearing his late nineties. He needs to retire and enjoy his life. I have heard his fluency in foreign languages but that does not make him anymore useful for that office. I am getting a flashback of the Haile Selassie era where Haile Selassise was on power while he was mentally disoriented. I met a manager from Hilton Hotel who used to work for the chain in Addis who told me that whenever Haile Sellasie came off an elevator in the hotel he would not know where he was and the generals and people who escorted him were chasing away the employees of the hotel in order to hide the senile conditions and disorientations of the famous king. While there are brilliant men and women to hold that office, we should not keep an old man in the office for the sake of concentrating power under one individual. Let ceremonial power become very presentable to the international diplomats in dignified way. Shame our shame. Cry my beloved people.

    Let the government fetch good people within their own political conditions that may serve them but also let them be very educated and brilliant at what they do for the people and the country. I am not very sure if they had run out of any alternatives at this moment. I believe the country has well bred and well educated professionals. Power without experience and profession is useless. The people who take the assignments and people who assign them to the post are short changing the Ethiopian people and their nation.

  13. The great danger to our opposition is not the regime it self perse,but those lunatics who are serving the regime driven by greed ,and pseudo opposition groups,like the ethiomedia who are spending the time lecturing and giving endless analysis instead of doing the heavy duty.

  14. The Woyanes continue to disrespect us by stealing elections, committing atrocities and humiliating our heroes, etc. However, for whatever reason/s we seem to overlook the enabler’s role in this whole affair. We can all agree that the Woyanes are no match against 80 million Ethiopians. Their continued existence is entirely dependent upon those that give them military, financial, diplomatic support. I can’t imagine that this fact is hidden from anybody, and yet many of us try to discuss Woyane in isolation from this factor. It’s like ‘ahiyawin ferto dawilawin’

  15. I don’t pesonally think Hailemariam will do that. He has been a very good Dean at Abraminch univesity. during his time there,,, he makes the university as a good source of acadamician as far as I know…He is going to be one the many puppet in EPRDF,,,

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