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ESFNA board members clashed over Birtukan

The Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA) board members held a meeting over the weekend to plan for its annual event. Toward the end of the meeting, the board members voted to invite Birtukan Mideksa as a guest of honor by an overwhelming majority over the objection of some of the Woyanne/Al Amoudi supporters in the board.

The Woyanne supporters, including Sebsebe Assefa and Yaya Arega, were outraged at the decision to invite Birtukan and tried to physically attack some of the board members. In the past, Sebsebe and gang would often succeed in intimidating the board into doing any thing they want. However, this time the majority in the board stood its ground and pushed them back.

The next step the board needs to take is to kick out these Woyanne thugs from the Federation. Most of the soccer players, without whose participation the ESFNA cannot exist, are patriotic Ethiopians who despise Woyanne and its agents such as Al Amoudi.

The decision by the majority of ESFNA board members to select Birtukan Mideksa is the first major step in declaring the group’s independence from Woyanne businessman Al Amoudi who has infiltrated the organization through his top aid Abinet GebereMeskel and his thugs Sebsebe, Yaya, Endale Turfa and others. (A full list of Woyannes in the board will be made public shortly).

Abinet and gang were behind the August 3, 2010, Woyanne demonstration in Washington DC.

ESFNA will hold its next event in the City of Atlanta in July 2011.

35 thoughts on “ESFNA board members clashed over Birtukan

  1. Bravo ESFNA Board Members who had voted to invite Birtukan Mideksa!!

    Lady Liberty belongs to all Ethiopians. She suffered for all of us.

    Thank you ER for this wonderful news.

  2. These “YEALAMUDI WUSHEMOCH” Sebsebe Assefa and Yaya Arega have tried to intimidate Alem and Isayas of Netanet Le-ethiopia last year because the latter reported about ESFNA and the danger if these hodam thugs had succeded to put the association under the control of TPLF/Alamudi. It is time to start retaliating against these hodams at any time. “IMBIZAM DEGENET LEBEGEM ALBEJE ASRA HULET GILGEL AND NEBER FEJE”.

  3. That is why attendance at all time low. the players as well as the people who came from all over the world their number is very low. Unless this organization throw out these tugs there will be a danger of losing the whole thing. As for visiting friends wan create some other ways.

  4. It is a step in the right direction.Those Alamudi -woyane insiders of like sebsbe ,and yaya have to step down before too late.The genuine ESFNA board members need to lock horns to challenge these riff-raff woyane planted gangsters

  5. Bravo ESFNA!!!!! I am always impressed with your selection of your guest of honours….here you go…you make it even better this time by being to the side of the Ethiopian people….

  6. Previously, I didn’t hear anything or I didn’t happen to know about this person Sebsebe Assefa and his colleague Yaya Arega.

    It is imperative to collect documents and challenge them now or in the future about the intimidations they are alleged done at least on Ato Alem and Ato Esayas of Netsanet LeEthiopia. I greatly admire these two Radio Hosts.

    Personally, I wish Every Ethiopian Listens Netsanet LeEthiopia every Sunday at 1:00 pm Wahsington DC time and give every support to Radio Program.

  7. Kudos to ESFNA Board Members for standing with the people of Ethiopia and finally showing what they are made of…I am proud of all of you for standing up for the truth by nominatng to honor the brave Birtukan

  8. Well Well it is about time for the good old ESFNA to come to side of the Ethiopian people for a change.That big hodam Sebsebe Assefa is a low life who used to cry a crocodile tear for mother Ethiopia just before the so called Al Amudin guy surfaced around Washington DC.Subsebe Asefa have the Omni cab company as a cover but God knows how he makes a living.Sebsebe who is ashamed of his natural persona have planted artificial hair some years ago.I was personally present when Sebsebe intimidated Alem of Netsanet Le Ethiopia at Lalibela restaurant in Washington DC makeing Taye uncomfortable to say the least.GO ESFNA get Birtuye come and SHAKE-UP the Diaspora .Birtukan is our star who is not giving up for weyane TUGS.

  9. Bravo Elias for reporting the good news. Bravo to the new ESFNA executive committee for standing by the side of a remarkable citizen like Birtukan.
    I know Sebsebe from home…he is nothing but lumpen. He is capable murdering anyboy if he gets few dollars. With out the support from Al Amoudi, Sebsebe would have been homeless or even expired. So he could do anything to stay on Al amoudi’s payroll. He is the odl duriye…..Yaya is the same. These are the most useless mindless individuals. I am saying this from my first hand knowledge about these hodams.

  10. I am proud of ESFNA board members. ESFNA is the only Ethiopian Organization that has changed seven presidents. Hold a vote of confidence on its leaders. Set a term limit on its constitution. ESFNA debates issues and make decisions on a majority vote… , We all remember when ESFNA elected professor ASRAT as a gust of honor at the 1999 tournament in Dallas it was decided by a majority vote…ESFNA is proud of its democratic rules..

    VIVA ESFNA for selecting an Ethiopian Hero as a gust of honor to come to Atlanta.

  11. Why these woyane cronies became board members to being with? We need to demand how board members selection process is.It’s meaningless for us to go to soccer event every year and spend our hard currency without knowing who is who in the organization. It seems to me there is something is going on in this organization for so many years. It pisses me off to know woyane cronies are palying major role in the ESFNA. Wtf?

  12. I am always wondering about those people who doesn’t care for those humble and poor Ethiopians suffering under woyane.

    I was a teach in one of Addis Ababa School, it is so shocking to see children collapsing in the class room due to hunger. The whole generation is devastating.

    Yet, there are still mindless people who support this criminal, selfish, narrow minded regime. I just can’t imagine a person with a brain supports woyane…

  13. I am so happy that LADY LIBERITY (BIRTUKAN)is invited.If there were any body who opposed that we have to demand and they have to be told that they are in the wrong side and they donot belong with the federation.This is ethiopian tournament and birtukan is the hero of ethiopians who fight againest ethnofasist(Invaiders).Now it is time to act from now on we have to invite the real heroes who are standing for our mather land and any body who support TPLF must be alienated.We are sick of tierd by these bandas who are killing Ethiopia.Dont forget what they have done to mather land emeye ethiopia.Long live ethiopia and death to tplf and hodams.

  14. we have to boycott this event and make owr own one in DC….then we will see what they can do with out us…..this not just a comment …. its action comes very soon

  15. It is amazing that when these guys openly opposed to the honor of human right activist in the land of Unted states in 21ST century.It is upto us now to take strong action by collecting petition if ESFNA can eliminate these thugs,if not, again we have to question our selves how we can paralized ESFNA.

  16. Hey !
    Another big news from Atlanta !!!
    The sport club of the Somali team and Eriterian teams are willing to play
    in july 2011, with Ethiopian teams.

    PL well come BRITUKAN!!!!!
    It will be special day for us.!!!!!

  17. How come the weyane cadres reach to this stage?how come this big and organized sport associatoin let this outrageous crime to take very angry, sorrow as the same time very mad.when is the time that we Ethiopians can recognize these weyane’s thugs whenever they approching us for their mischivious act.

  18. It’s completely understandable for Sebsebe & his Al-Moudi funded gangs to act immorally as they have bills & morgages to pay while they keep the rest of Ethiopia muzzled up. Everything boils down to money and personal interest. As far as these hired Hodams are concerned, their personal interest supercedes the the interest of the vast majority of Ethiopians. Their brains have slipped down to their bellies leaving vacuum for between their ears. The only way to defeat these hodams with insatiable appetite, is to unite just as the majority of the board members in the ESFNA did.
    As long as Al-moudi bank rolls them with strings attached, the trouble will brew.
    God bless your struggle for justice.

  19. Wow Elias another great article!
    I’m very happy and excited to hear our distinguish guest of honar is Birtukan. A good example of an Ethiopian hero who to this day is fighting against these monsters regime. I also believe in consumer power at least in the states there is an effective way we can raise our concerns to ESFNA about its members being affiliated with TPLF and how they plan to extinct these individuals from the board as well as the federation as a whole. We all know most players and most attendees are patriotic Ethiopians that are active and regular supporters of this event, we will not sit back and let some thugs impact our voice with in this federation. I take my hat off to former president Dawit Agonafer for his outstanding leadership skill and i pray the new members could learn a thing or two form its predecessor.

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