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Birtukan’s “apology” an indictment against the Meles regime

Ethiopia’s beggar dictator Meles Zenawi thought by forcing opposition leader Birtukan Mideksa to sign an apology letter he can {www:humiliate} her and her supporters. But when you look at the interview she was forced to give today on the Woyanne-controlled ETV and the apology letter itself, it is glaringly clear that she was made to give the apology under extreme {www:duress}, having been subjected to mental torture, including {www:solitary} confinement, for the past 21 months. More than any thing, the forced {www:apology} letter and the ETV interview prove how miserable, cowardly thugs Meles and Woyannes are. Had Birtukan been in their place, she would never do such an inhumane thing against a peaceful, defenseless person. Birtukan’s words in the video below is an indictment against the Meles barbaric regime. — Elias Kifle

77 thoughts on “Birtukan’s “apology” an indictment against the Meles regime

  1. Still Meles regime has the chance to turn Ethiopia around with humility and wisdom! Let god give him LIBONA and turn the country around that is beneficial for ALL, that way any group that threatens Ethiopia as a whole outside, the people will be behind him. If he continues to betray us then his regime will be weakened and can’t save himself. Leaders who are in fearful are the ones who become dictators and out of this fear and paranoia because they knew they have done heinous crimes they tighten their grip to protect himself. Meles regime should once again Ethiopia is indeed exceptional. I believe in forgiveness as Mandela style. Let us see unless the freedom of Birtukan is another bad agenda.

  2. Yes it’s sick and humiliating what Birtukan have to go through this humiliating experience.

    It made me sick to see her this way.

    I am totally shocked how the Meles Gang is pissing in front of you all Ethiopians. What happened the heroism that you refer about Ethiopian Heroes day in and day out. It’s this much Ethiopians have lowered for a one woman to stand up and be courageous? Enough a talk and do some tangible acts.

    Look at the Somalis and Eritreans how they always stood up in unison and defeat what ever comes in their way.

    Just a frustrated neighbor expressing my concern on the lack of unity and courageous act among Ethiopians.


  3. Hi Elias – as you already know many of us were very disappointed by your recent posts, but your introductory message here was indeed outstanding!

    I believe soon of later the Woyannes would understand their miscalculation while broadcasting this very silly and arrogant video. It is shame on them if they really think that even one of their loyal cadre may believe that this letter has been drafted by Birtukan who is a sound lawyer. First of all, if she could have been written a letter to the Prime Minister while in prison, it could have been written by hand not on computer – for we know what Kaliti prison may look like. Secondly, if they were sure that the letter has been written and signed by her there was no need again to request her to give interview.

    Besides, if they could have some conscious, and if they were sure that this letter has been written and submitted by her, they could have kept this letter in confidence.

    Anyways, I had some hope that these guys may learn from their mistakes and deliver a tangible change, but not any more. By this terrible act I am sure today they have lost not only their symphatisers but a significant number of their supporters and loyalists.

    Let God bless Ethiopia

  4. It just is unbelievable, they totally dehumanize her. On a positive note, it could be a positive move in her part and might yield a long term fruitful effect. I do not know I said that may be to feel myself better because watching her speak made me puke and throw.errrrrrrrhaaa

  5. Thank you Elias for standing up for the truth and being brave. It must be clear to everyone by now that Meles Zenawi is a thug, a ruthless tribal leader and a power-mad dictator.

  6. this is no apology – all his lies and talking of the weyanes is exposed – remeber he said her case was between the law and her – weyane banda proved to the world that there is no law or justice everything is under the mercy of the traitor – she is the real hero exposing the evil and illegal regime

  7. weyane made a complete idiot of itself by forcing her to apologize. No one in his or her right mind would believe this made up story. It exposed itself in front of the whole world what a pathetic bunch of gangs it is made of. I am sure there are more threats and warnings given to her by these thugs in order to silence her from telling her side of the story to an independant media, and it will be quite a while before we hear what’s burning her inside. For now they are the winners because they have the guns and the money, thanks to the selfish donors who don’t give a damn about the plight of the Ethiopian people.

  8. 1) Melse has to make sure she is pressured in to signing this document before he went to Colombia University. The letter was written on Meskerem 5, Meles came to Colombia two weeks after. That is why he was bragging about Brtu’s “Track record of apologizing”.
    2) He kept saying zero chance for her getting out one side and it is up to the Judges on the other side. This means Meles was the Judge all along, it just depends on what day you ask him about her. There was no court involved, Meles and his Agazi’s only.

    It has been said “he was caught with his pants down” but this one is to the tune of “The wai wayo King is naked”

  9. Hey Elias she did not make the interview today, listen to it again. Birtukan says she is awating for the pardon answer. This means that the reporter talked to her in jail and was just seen walking out of her home to make the the enterview look new.

  10. COMMENTATOR #49 cool your senses, tplf have massacered 200 civilians after election 05, it has issued death warrant on many ethiopians innocent of any crime other than asking for the rule of law, it has confiscated the country’s wealth, resources and revenues for use by its tiny constituency, it has divided ethiopia into bantistanized kilils, it has caused the death of 123000+ ethiopians in a criminal war against ertra, it has wrecked havoc in somalia and ogadina…All this as a USA lackey, enslaved for the job title of terrorism night guard, but I am sure ethiopians are standing firm and victory will be theirs soon!!!


  11. I am glad that she is out of that hell. She did the right thing to sign whatever letter they handed her. Whatever she signed or said under physical and Psychological torture and is not acceptable legally. After all she has totally unveiled woyane and exposed the evil nature of the ruling party particularly the so called Prime Minister. Over the last two years Meles and his cronies were humiliated in the face of the international community as her innocence was officially acknowledged by Human Rights Groups when they declared that Birtukan was Prisoner of Conscience and requested her immediate release.
    Birtukan has become popular not only among Ethiopians but internationally. History has recorded the priceless contribution she made towards the struggle for democracy and good governance as well as for the rule of law. The same chapter in the country’s history has recorded the evil acts of TPLF and Meles Zenawi . Shame on you Meles! The only thing TPLF brought to our country is poverty, misery and societal decadence. You will pay the price TPLF.

  12. Wow, this is an endeavor to humiliate not only Birtukan herself but also all freedom loving Ethiopians who are fighting day and night to have a say in the political system. This is sadism at its best guys!
    But I would like to comment on the number 2 guy by the name Zuu . I don’t know what Eritreans have to do with this. Eritreans happen to be anti Melese regime. They are as disgusted as any ordinary Ethiopian by Melese. You seem to mix apple and orange my friend. Eritreans are way gone now and they have a land called Eritrea . This is a very dangerous precedence to point fingers at the neighboring country for any internal affairs. If anything, you should work with such people as we all have the same cause.

  13. What has the pimp Zenawi done to lady liberty. Did you see how she looked like during that interview. Look at her teeth, her lower gum. It is full of periodontitis, a serious gum infection that destroys the soft-tissue and bone that support the teeth, she has either lost a tooth or two or the space between her teeth has gotten wider because of soft-tissue lose. And all the commentators that think this was a smart move on her side, think twice. We have so many smart politicians, Hailu, Lidetu, Chamisso, iniitally even Birhanu Nega. What we need is not smart leaders but brave leaders. We betted on Birtukan, not because she was smart, but because she was brave. The pimp Zenawi and his wife have now broken Birtukan,s soul. By winning this small skrimish, though, the pimp Zenawi has lost the war.

  14. Elias and Kebede, very well put. I have nothing to add about the humiliating nature of the tyrant. One day, God willing, he will taste his own poison… In human history, sadistic torture never goes unpunished.

  15. Ok may be I sounded a little bit bitter in my perivious postings. Ok let me take the softer approach.
    Can we all organize Melese Shaming day on facebook around all major cities close to some noticable international event.

  16. Undoubtedly, Birtukan was forced and threatened to sign the apology letter that was fabricated by narcissist dictator Melese when the pressure around the world got to him. The most calculated, cold blooded dictator in the world, made the big mistakes of his life and exposed himself to the world when he locked up a mother of a four year old child and when he claimed victory by 100%. God works in many mysterious ways, now the real Meles is known as one of brutal dictators of the world as Hitler and Stalin.

  17. ይህ የመለስ ዜናዊንም ሆነ የሚመራውን ህወሐት-ኢሕአዲግ ፓርቲና መንግስት ፈፅሞ ለሕግ የማይገዙና ለሐገርም ሆነ ለሕዝብ ደንታ ቢስነታቸውን ቁልጭ አድርጎ የሚያሳይ ሌላው አሳፋሪ ክስተት ነው:: ብርቱካንዬ-የሁላችንን የጭቆና ቀንበር በመስዋዕትነት የተሸከምሽና ለነጻነታችን ክብር የተፋለምሽ ጀግና ኢትዮጵያዊ መሆንሸ ለዘልዓለም የማይካድ የታሪክ ሐቅ ነው:: እሰየው ተፈታሽ ለሁላችን:: እንወድሻለን:: ሁሌም መንፈሳችን ካንቺ ጋር ነው::

  18. As I watched this historical short video, I couldn‘t contain my tears…watching one of the most courageous woman in the world Birtukan, the young Ethiopians chanting, the reactions of the older women, everything too emotional. My heart is filled with happiness and sadness at the same time. I cried tears of joy to see that finally Birtukan is somewhat free. I cried tears of sadness thinking that, the most cruel and cold-hearted tyrant that locked up a young mother for two years, and a man that incarcerated hundreds of thousands innocent Ethiopians in prison, a man who gave orders innocent Ethiopians to be gunned down on the streets, a penniless man, that became multimillionaire by looting one of the poorest country in the world…is still leading our beloved country, Ethiopia and goes around the world pretending to be one of the greatest leader of the world. How tragic!
    Thank you to specially Ana Gomez and all the Ethiopians that got involved and have done their best to spread the story of Birtukan around the world. Without your efforts, Meles would have locked Birtukan for life.

  19. How low and cheap is Zenawi!! He has a monopol controll over how 80 million people live each day-each night, a businnes conglomerate of over 65 billion dollar of stolen capital-EFORT, 99.6% parliament seats, no problem of his work done for he has kileb agazis, cadris and Ministers, advisers-all of no conscience but a belly and only it. He has entrepreuners who want to advance their agenda-the home of 80 mellion people as a laboratory for their “globalizing ” economic thoughts( Sachs-Stiglitz). He has the dismantled Somalia and terrerism working for him, he has a Rule of Law cry of Ethiopian diaspora have been falling on the deaf western ears, he has majority of Tgrians who has long lost rationale or didn’t have it from the start helping make each and every of his devilish act a cakewalk.He has so called elites (pro-devil, ones even in the free land the likes of Dr. Kefyalew and you name it) whose self worth and repect dented deep. And of course he has oppositions too who couldn’t learn from the past.

    Birtukan Medeksa has only A Prison Nation, Alemayehu G/Mariam has only A Prison Nation, Elias Kifle has only A Prison Nation,we have oly A Prison Nation Ethiopia.

    Zenawi got it not enough. He wanted to see a peaceful-poor-ordinary-defeneseless Ethiopian lady “humiliated”. You got satisfied now? Call your yes-men now, your own makings and and tell them this is you followed by your devilish grin. Pls don’t the grin to us.

    The interview can oly show me how cheap Zenawi is, how very cheap he is!!!

  20. No question that the release of Birtukan, a great opposition figure, was just a political move by the most despised person in Ethiopia and elsewhere- Meles Zenawi. The West must have whispered in his ears during his recent visit to NY, that unless he does some changes in his policy, especially with political prisoners, he may face the same fate others did. Of course, the demand by the west would be remotely out of concern for the Ethiopian people. Rather, it would be means with which they maintain order and calmness in the country, thereby continue to preserve their economic and political interests in the region.
    To :“Tarik Yeferdewal”
    Why wait for histroy to judge this criminal despot when you have people as big as history who, in unisom,are capable of getting rid off him and bring some positive changes. And, PEOPLE, please do us a favour for the last time and DON’T refer to this and other Criminial MLLT criminial Thugs as “Eritreans”.There is a great level of decency and moral character amongst Eritrean society. As one of the commentator rightly put it, these thugs can only be characterized as savages, animals with vicious tendency to anyone who’s perceived as a threat to their ethno-centered ideals and “Coresha”.

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