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Britukan greets friends, supporters – photos

Birtukan Mideksa has been released today after spending over 600 days in jail, out of which 200 days in solitary confinement where she was subjected to mental torture. The Woyanne beasts released her having accomplished their mission of conducting a fake election and forming an illegitimate government. Awramba Times shares with us the following photos that show Birtukan greeting her supporters at her residence.

Birtukan Mideksa

Birtukan Mideksa

Birtukan Mideksa

41 thoughts on “Britukan greets friends, supporters – photos

  1. Until the high ranking loyal TPLF members of the Ethiopian armed forces are dismantled and the equal representation of all ethnic groups in the country are granted their will be no lasting peace……

  2. Meles lost the battle. he won in that he had her caged until elections were over. But see the spirit that is still fired up in the youth. How come no one jumps for any of the 547 donkey’s under Abba DULLA’s guidance?

  3. She is beautiful and weyane have done it’s job to break the courageous Birtukan and steal the election. It has made a meal out of the latter but weyane can’t achieve the former(to break Birtukan). Her daughter shouldn’t be denied of such a beautiful and loving mum , who proved her love by showing humility, love and caring for her the people of Ethiopia by paying a price of weyane’s dungeons for trying to unite her people. Unbelievable woman. She has set an examplery act to follow. When the western media flood us about the Burmese opposition leader Aing San Suu Sti(pardon the spelling) who is on a house arrest while Birtukan was in a solitary confinement allowed to be seen by her mother and daughter only once in a while, one can say that Aing San Su must be on a holiday resort compared with Bittukan. Yet, the media hardly mentions Birtukan. It’s rediculous of the western selective human right advocacy and their democracy preaching.
    No one should blame Birtukan if she signed a pre-agreement for her her conditional release as her daughter shouldn’t suffer anymore than the weyane-chiraQ has subjected her so far.
    God bless you Birtukan, your family, your people and country.

  4. ውድ ወንድሞቼ ለብርቱካን መታሰር ተባባሪዎቹ አሜሪካና እንግሊዝ እንደሁኑ በፍጹም አትጠራጠሩ፡፤አሜሪካና እንግሊዝ በኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ዲሞክራሲያዊ መንግስት እንዲኖር በፍጹም አይፈልጉም። ለጥቁር ሕዝብ እንደ እንሱ ህዝብ ዲሞክራሲ ያስፈልገዋል ብለው አያምኑም። ይህንን ድራማ ከወያኔ ጋረ በመሆን የሚሰሩት እንሱ ናቸው። አሜሪካና እንግሊዝ ለኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ጠላት እንጅ ወዳጅ አይደሉም። ሊሆኑም አይችሉም። የተለመደውን የአዞ እንባ ግን ያነባሉ። እትዮጵያን እግዚያብሄር ይጥብቃት!!

  5. I couldn’t control my tears of joy, it flowed from my eyes. Now, she can be with her little girl and her mother everyday. Thank God almighty, she is free at last! At the same time, is she really genuinely free without condition? We have to wait and see. It irritates me a great deal knowing the evil that locked her up and the countless number of innocent people, is still in power to abuse Ethiopia/ns for five more years. Sick!

  6. Meles released Birtukan as everyone has said it before, after declaring that he has won the sham election, made sure that he is elected again as Prime Minister and appointing his ministers. He now thinks that he is stable and every thing is well and under control and there is no threat any more. He thinks also it is time to release her because she is getting more recognition and attention in the world because of her sufferings. He should have known better and realized that he had created, by making her go through all the sufferings she had to, a great leader, Birtukan Mideksa, who will be followed by every Ethiopian that loves Ethiopia, in the fierce struggle that is is waged against the so called TPLF. She is now very large than life itself.
    Do not believe any of false documents and video recordings that the EPRDF media is showing as evidence that she has confessed to the crime that she perpetrated. As we all know it is always a big lie of Melese’s government that is crumbling and does not know how to get out of its predicament.

  7. One of the amazing thing seen on the second picture is that because it is illegal to raise the pure Ethiopian flag without the woyane star, people are raising the pure Ethiopian flag in peaces, one peace for each color, so that they will not be subject to intimidation. What a creative way.

  8. Dear Judge Birtukan,
    I cannot even stop crying. I was in the office when I heard this great news. God answered my prayer. Being in exile; I cannot share my happiness with not one but I cried and left the office- some might considered me as I am getting sick well “yesewager” . Now you know it very well, you did the ultimate prices for all of us. You practiced what you learned. You respected you profession. But you also learned the impracticality of justice in our own country . So please take you mother and daughter and leave Ethiopia for now. Give it to the altimetry God who are powerful than the oppressor. What you did is more than enough! May God Bless you and your family.
    Your sister in exile

  9. There is no more ministry of justice in ethiopia. It is ministry of pardons. Y can do anything and if peopel struggle for you you get released on the premises of a Pardon. Meles zenawi should know that he was forced to release her. he had no choice and had no answer to the world who asked him day in and day out wherever he goes whether in New york or in brussels!! Now he forced her and intimidated her to apologize! what an evil man he is?? Birtukan is a woman , a mother of small child and served so long, none of us would serve 1 day in jail. why would he humiliate her now ON TV that she must apologize?? Does it really make him a hero? NO ! Ofcourse anyone would say anything when forced under gun point!Meles Zenawi Egzer Yiyilieh. BANDA NEH mechem!

  10. temariew says:
    Elias i have a feeling the Woyane Agazi will soo crumble can you please pridict how soon.

    Indeed, the fall has alreday begun. It will end in six months.


  12. Viva Birtukan!

    Remember Birtukan, don’t cave in no matter what. You are our Mandela and stay firm and stand for justice. That is what makes true leaders. Weyane freed you for a reason: one, to please the West. Two, to make the people less resistant, Three to intimidate you so that you can leave the country like others because for Weyane it is better a prominent figure to leave the country rather than to keep them in jail because it is bad image for them. Four, they will buy you like the greedy Shawl Hailu to silence you and please you. Five, the worst will be they will stage some kind of assassination as if it is an accident. All these are possibilities because if Birtukan continues this struggle, more people are going to support her and many will turn to Birtukan so there is no way they will allow that to happen.

    God keep you save Birtukan!

  13. … Last but not least, let us thank who could make this happen:

    1. All opposition leaders
    2. Ethio sites such as ER (Elias), journalists, professionals, etc
    3. Those Ethiopians who contributed giving comments like us who criticized Columbia University, etc, This activisim is the first for me to see Ethiopians that have been silent came out in force writing great comments.
    4. Columbia U, students and professors. Those whom also we criticized Stiglitz, Sachs, etc.
    5. Other friends of Ethiopians concerned with Ethiopia’s situations, mainly Anna Gomes
    6. U.S and EU
    The list goes on….


  14. to
    Happy Me says:

    Bad advice. She will not leave the country she gave her life for. She isnt that type of lady. This is a refined and rare breed Ethiopian. This is like telling the angels don’t use your wings. She will be in Ethiopia and she will continue her peaceful struggle.

  15. For god’s sake let us stop dancing at the cunning fox dictator’s periodic drumming, making us some times crying for sadness and pain, while at other times making us cry even more for joy, like now, as if we were children yesterday, still children today as well as still remaining to be children tomorrow.

    Mature behavior based on unity/alliances within diversity needs to be put in place in order to make an end to the ROOT CAUSE of the whole unending problem.

    I am more than glad that Birtukan is released but she is only one person among 80 million people as well as also lots of more Ethiopians still languish in the despot’s medieval filthy concentration camp.

    Folks: this is called MIND CONTROL for propaganda victory and the ultimate one man unilateral monopoly control of human material and financial tight control of Ethiopia and its 80 million people.

  16. Ms. Birtukan Medeksa is deeply important
    to Ethiopians.Each day of her life contributed in a meaningful way to her country and to the freedom of Ethiopians.She was born a leader.

    Meles Naziawi,how many citizens has kept in prisons and how many Ehtiopians has he murdered?

    Zinawians came into Ethiopia with a lot of guns and bulletes and broke into homes and vandalized the lives of families.

    Today,everything and anything that is available below and above the lands,in Ethiopia is owned,controlled,and run by Zinawians.Ethiopians,what next?

  17. “The democratic Melese Zenawi who is loved by 96% of Ethiopians, who is so merciful that he even let go a person who committed the ultimate treason, who is sang by a poet as the most handsome Ethiopian.” lol

    Guys, that was a sarcasm. This guy is a jock that every thing he says and dose is so predictable that it is laughable. We need a heroic Ethiopian who can stab him on his ugly face!

  18. A moment of relief

    Burtukan’s freedom is not real. It is fake. It is still a dream. She just left the small prison and entered the big one to join her people. This is a temporary relief. This is not the goal of Burtukan nor the democratic forces. We are not rejoicing. We are simply glad that Burtukan is out to get at least a moment of relief. And see her duaghter, hug her and sleep with her to make up for all the two years she missed her. Her daughter is 6 now. And Burtukan lost almost four years of her duaghter’s time while she was incarcerated under this ethno-fascist brutal Nazi dictator.

    Burtukan is their joker card. Like all his mafia budies around the world, killer Zenawi put her in jail. And asked for money from his Western donors. And when he didn’t get no response, he released her. And now he will ask for money saying, ” Look, I have released her. Bring in the honey.” She is his valuable hostage. With Burtukan and many others, Zenawi can do what he wants and when he wants it. For the time being. For now. No doubt Zenawi will reap what he sow. Who didn’t?

    It is a matter of time. And Zenawi and his killer gangs have an appointment with us and with all Ethiopians. When their time comes,and it will, we will cut Zenawi’s head and put it in a golden tray while his damn blood is dripping fresh. We will hang it,along with his buddies, on Meskel Square. We will burn them and then build the new and democratic Ethiopia on their ashes under the leadership of Burtukan Mideksa.


    Burtukan will be free for real!
    Ethiopia will be free!
    Ethiopia shall prevail!

    We will win!
    Jegnoch Alequna

  19. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. And when we see her first picture, it tells us the amount of “suffering” she went subjected to get her freedom. The only thing they understand is force, and that is exactly what they did to make her fulfill the “conditions” or “terms” of her release. Birtukan will now have to make a decsion if she is willing to engage the woyane in their own terms or evade the reality and go the old ways…Some of her colleagues understood the relaity the moment they were released in 2007; it is not let for her to follow their suit or quit politics for good. The moment of reconing is now in her hands, and I wish her all the strength in this trying times.

  20. Death to Dictator Meles !
    I am happy Birtukan is free but I am worrying that we will have no issue to oppose the weyane government and go to the streets for demonstrations. She should stay there.

  21. Meles Naziawi has kept Birtukan and other political prisoners and subjected them to a horrable physical and mental torture to make them false confessions.Brutal treatment,harsh imprisonments,and total isolation from the external world.In situation when the subject is confined to,anything can happen.That is exactly what happened to Birtukan Medeksa.

  22. I dont have words to exprees how much I am happy to see our ICON being free from jail.God wiiling The fight will continue till all Ethiopia and Ethiopians are FREE!!!!!!!


  23. I Would Like to thank the Swedish Governement and Peopel for the pressure they put on T P L F about The Release of Birtukan, att the europian parlamenet,
    Thanks all Swedish !!!!

  24. ወ\ሪት ብርትኳን እንኳን ከቤተሰቦቿ ጋር በሰላም ተገናኘች
    ከምንም በላይ ደግሞ በጣም ደስ ያለን ነገር ህዝባችን ያለው ቆራጥነትና ፍቅር..

  25. Here is to Birtukan our last remaining bullet!

    Before i come to US i was in AA in 2005 election and a little know of your personal strength in that political momentem. You very models for the time being like Gash Hailu and Lidetu are sacrified during that struggle. Prof. Mesfin is also half sacrified. You all have the blood of Dr. Birhanu who is in the journey of self actualization by showing true humanity day after day.May God give his strength you all who are fighting for freedom in Ethiopia. We are many but one, we think a lot but do nothing, all of us know a lot but practice it not. Ethiopians are more in need of a person who lead them to the up top of the hill.
    You may not be satisfied materially by the long tiresome job of politics in Ethiopia. But refer to the old history those who leave their names live ever.
    Read more , liston more, see more ,compassion more, prey more, endure more, struggle more , tell others truth more, dream freedom more, hope more bright , more achivement, more mobilizing of the people, more mercfulness,more Ethiopianism.
    May God be with You!
    thank U!

  26. “Dender of kc”
    Mutucha min yilal tadiya. Aye echi yemotech, yeteneqabat, degim bota yimynorat, ye wushot, yeferi, … milas. Ahun america mehed endekurat qotirehew new america mehedih yemitinegiren? Shameful! Demo eji yemigermegn eko; Antew rasih anifira, enitagel, enanibib, … sitil now. Ejig yemiyasazinegn neger binor ante yetemerkibet debterina eskrbito lela behone kentu bal qere tiru neber.

    Talk to yourself first and try to know, though hardly difficult for you, about what you are saying. Of going school by itself have no meaning for the meanigless people, just like the illitrate Birhanu. Exodous is the bitter shame that you ought to shame about too.

  27. I think the main person responsible for the release of Birtukan must be Anna Gomez. She was behind Birtukan’s nomination for the upcoming award for human right issue. Not only that, Gomez discussed Birtukan’s issue to the South African president Zuma a week before Birtukna’s release. Hope someone finds out about this thoroughly. Zuma must have threatened Meles since SA is the core of AU. If Zuma or ANC was involved with Gomez, we should pour many letters out to these people.

  28. Just looking at her picture and the great pain that is written in that face say’s it all. Dearest Birtukane We All Love and respect you. Feel no pain we all know that you were forced to sign that and you had to make a choice to take care of your Mom and lovely child. You have beared more and sacrificed more than any of your comrades, and generals as you had stated.

    Stay strong, take a break and heal yourself both on the inside and outside, know that our prayers and love is with you. Stay strong for Hale, we are by your side always. Stay strong and beautiful just like your poetry.

    The thoughts and love of all your sisters will be with you.

  29. Thank you God. She is “free” at last. You know what fellow Ethiopians the more I know ,the more I here, the more I see things about Melese I can only say he is a human Beast, Beast and Beast. We know from her interview what she meant. We know what went down. So we Ethiopians are still believe in her. The Beast and his donkeys will have their day. We love you Birtuye We love you. You paid the ultimate price for us.

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