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Ethiopians run away to Kenya to only face more nightmares

Unable to freely live and work in their own country, Ethiopians are migrating to Kenya in unprecedented numbers. In exile their dreams of better life turn into more nightmares as they fall prey to corrupt authorities and human traffickers. What are these Ethiopians running away from? The “remarkable economic growth” that the Meles regime and its supporters claim? The “popular” ruling party that “won” 99.6% election victory? Many of these Ethiopians were living in some of the most fertile areas of Ethiopia. Their land is now being taken away and sold/leased to foreign corporations (as reported here) at bargain prices.  The following video is a special report by Kenyan NTV (Sep 2010).

Part 2

7 thoughts on “Ethiopians run away to Kenya to only face more nightmares

  1. It is a joke woyane is talking about double digit growth and the youth leaving the country for a better life.
    It is an insult that Obama is praising Ethiopia of its economic achievement.
    Shame on president Obama.

  2. This is very very sad film, i actually cried when i saw that film today. Ethiopia is much richer than Kenya when it comes natural resources and human resources. Why Ethiopians are humilieted, beacause in Ethiopia it is ocuppied by a tribal junta, who does not care ethiopians and Ethiopia.

    Many people had ampitions that one day EPPF will libarate Ethiopia from the conolialist, that dream is now seems not realistic since the EPPF is idle and unable to do that nople job. I am now disappointed and hoploss like as many ethiopians do. The only breakthrough remains in the hands of freedom fighters from EPPF. If EPPF does not reakt to what is happening to the ethiopians everyday then we must live in despair for the centuries to came.

  3. i am sure this Woyane cancer have a hand in trafficking Ethiopians and benefiting in there misery of this people. a mafia woyane like the used the famine in Tigray to ames millions of dollars in the 80s

  4. “Woe unto you lawyers…” Eeyesus Kristos said…
    First and foremost it is sad because we are one people in one land only becuase we have colonial land marks that says this part is Ethiopia this part Kenya and then systems which support this. I am Kenyan Ethiopian Orthodox and it hurts to see how the Ethiopians are being treated in Kenya.”Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands”Psalm 68 and that only when we go back to the ways of His majesty First Haile Selassie and the restoration of the Solomonic dynasty.His Majesty and Jomo Kenyatta were One.Every Ethiopian should be inKenya and evry Kenyan in Ethiopia as they wish.

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