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Ginbot 7 forges an alliance with 2 other parties

Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy (Ginbot 7) has created an alliance with two other parties, Afar People’s Party, and Ethiopian Movement for Unity and Justice.

The press release issued by the coalition announces its name as “Alliance for Liberty, Equality and Justice in Ethiopia” (ALEJE).

According to sources close to the ALEJE, the top members of its leadership include: Dr Berhanu Nega, chairman; Ato Allo Ayhadis Mohammed, Vice-Chairman; and Ato Neamin Zeleke, Secretary General.

Except Gibot 7, the other two parties have so far been operating underground as clandestine groups.

Click here to read the full text of the press release.

Ginbot 7 has been trying to forge an alliance with other armed resistance groups for the past two years with no success due to chronic internal divisions within the other organizations and Ginbot 7’s own failed tactic of approaching each group for bilateral talks, instead of working to convene a national conference involving political parties, as well as civic groups, elder statesmen, scholars, activists, the media and all other groups who want to see regime change in Ethiopia.

Under a bold, aggressive leadership by Ginbot 7, a transitional government in exile could have been established by now.

The creation of this new coalition, however, is a major step toward a broader alliance that is inclusive of all “stakeholders.”

It’s is also encouraging to see newer, younger faces in top leadership positions of the opposition groups. This needs to be followed in all the other opposition parties — let the younger, more energetic, defiant leaders come forward to lead the struggle. What the struggle needs is less theory and more anti-Woyanne action.

17 thoughts on “Ginbot 7 forges an alliance with 2 other parties

  1. The formation of ALEJE is a well timed response to step up the struggle of Ethiopians to librate themselves. On a personal note nomenclature of Ginbot 7 was not wise in the first place because Ginbot is a Pandora Box of Ethiopia for it brought Woyane in the political scene.

    ALEJE is likely to be a pain on ass for Meles Seitanawi

  2. Atleast you shared my idea lasyly Mr Elias. I still have a big gap in mind to believe Ginbot7. Because of the personalities of the leaders. sack full talk no action. That is not what we need to punish woyane. We need strong people who believe in action. Dr birhanus relectance..and Linience…along with their( and Andargachew Tsige) close connection with might put us into another Meskrem 22……senario…killing our courage.Dr Birhanu Plz set Up your mind Woyanes are using ur liinnence and negotiation invitation mentality as you seen what the davil Prime mistry said a couple of weeks back. Plz Plz Plz …..Don’t play with these innocent people and nation.

  3. This is a precise & foucesed undestanding and compliment. The realty is beyond this by now. G7 can swim even in the shallow bey better “Farasume medawm yahw”.

  4. @Agamino,

    first good choice of username i must say :) , what we are going to do is you idiot… do the same thing your coward boss did 20 years ago.. come and root you out of the palace and off the shoulder of my people… and neftegna.. is so yalefebet propaganda tool… you don’t even know its meaning and where it came from.. because if you knew.. you would have understood that there is nobody more neftegna than your weyane bosses… suck it up and wait for your demise!!! Long live Ethiopia and death to woyane!!!!!!!!!

  5. Elias is an old but immature guy. He do not have any political or journalistic skill. He is imply shouting with no relevant point in what ever he talk or write. Especially he is rather dull and flatter when he talk. The comment writers are also a group of narrow minded, cheovinest groups of the so-called old dergist and shaebia supporters.

  6. I hope it is a good start for the good of our beloved Country God knows Ethiopia needs a good leadership independent of other country involvement and free of the HODAM among us.

    i love your comment.

  7. Selam#7 I think u are very narrow minded when u support the most narrow minded tribalism Woyane.and thanks for telling us about your self. WOYANE will not be in power if it was not for SHABIA more on.

  8. one does not have to agree or disagree to notice the fact that Ethiopian review (Elias) got the balls to say whats on his mind about whom ever at any time. . . I like the fact that he pointed out a weakness on G7….They have yet proved themselves and being critical on some points will help them take a step forward….

    God Bless the Mother land

  9. It is good to hear that, some of the oppositions are now under one umbrella, and hopefully others join them to work together for one goal—get rid of Meles and Co.. At the same time, I am disappointed and frustrated that, with the kinds of criminal records Meles has; in the last five years alone, the oppositions have failed to show the rest of the world, who the real Meles is. The bloody hand, war criminal–Meles should have never been allowed to attend the G-8 meeting, representing the whole continent of Africa, and be seen sitting side by side with President Obama and other distinguished world leaders.

  10. Elias,
    We want a group or individuals who are dedicated for the independence of Ethiopia. It is the younger generation or a few of them, in the past, which destroyed the country. Mengistu Hailemariam, Meles, Isayiyas and many others, so called progressive and liberal, such as EPRP members were of younger generation at the time. But we realized later that they were all pompous and self-centered power hungry heartless bitches. They only focused on grabbing power and not for the well being of the people and unity of the country. I cannot therefore accept your proposal to open the door for younger generation only.

  11. All partys should be united in order to win ET people mind & heart after that you can fight for power it is plenty of time for that , first free the people of Ethiopia from this monister meles & his servent. I am wondering is Ethiopia ever have strong MAN who fight for here enimes,or it is just story, or shall the woman of ET give there dress to all ET MAN. How in the GOD name Meles is the only one buting pant on answer me?

  12. Le Woyanewoch…

    please know that the minute you start ranting neftegna and shabia we immediately know that you are woyane.. so your infiltrating system is laughable!!!!

    I know Jegnaw Ethiopiawe has tried to tell you so many times but you don’t listen so let me say it again..

    you woyanewoch were nothing without shabiya..remember.. they used to control you before the ethio-eritrea war.. so who are you trying to fool? really? your #1 boss is half Eritrean remember? so don’t even start on calling ppl shabia just because they don’t agree with you.

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