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Migration could reduce Ethiopia’s population by 46% – Gallup

WASHINGTON — Singapore, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia would see their populations triple if everyone who wants to move there were allowed to, a poll released Friday by Gallup shows.

At the opposite end of the scale, the populations of Sierra Leone, Haiti and Zimbabwe would fall by more than half if migrants were allowed to leave at will, the poll found.

Zimbabwe, where life expectancy is around 47 years and 15 percent of the population need food aid, would lose 47 percent; Nigeria — Africa’s most populous nation with a population of 152 million — and Ethiopia would each lose 46 percent, and Liberia’s population would fall by 45 percent.

For Nigeria alone, the poll findings mean that 75 million people want to leave the west African state.

Gallup researchers interviewed nearly 350,000 adults in 148 countries between 2007 and 2010 to calculate each country’s potential net migration score — the number of adults who would like to leave a country minus the number who would like to move in — seen as a proportion of the total adult population.

They found that Singapore’s population of 4.8 million would increase by 219 percent, New Zealand’s population of four million would rise by 184 percent and Saudi Arabia’s population of 26 million would soar by 176 percent if everyone who wants to come in and wants to leave, could.

Switzerland made it onto the list, which was first compiled in 2009, for the first time this year.

Some 800,000 of Switzerland’s six million citizens said they would like to permanently leave the country, while some 10 million foreigners said they would move there, given the chance.

The hefty influx of migrants to Switzerland versus the scant outflow from the Alpine country would mean its population would more than double, according to the Gallup poll.

The preferred destination of most would-be migrants is still the United States, although the already large US population — 300 million inhabitants — means that the impact is less acutely felt, Gallup said.

The United States is number 14 on the net migration list. If everyone could come into the United States that wanted to, and all those who wished to leave did, the US population would rise by around 60 percent.

At the other end of the list, many countries in Africa and Latin America showed net outflows of population — although four African countries would gain residents, the poll showed.

They are Botswana, which would see its population increase by 39 percent; South Africa, Zambia and Namibia, which would see rises of 13 percent, five percent and two percent, respectively.

Botswana, which ranked just after the United States and just above Norway on the list, is the world’s top producer of diamonds and a leading destination for high-end tourism. It prides itself on being a model of successful democracy in Africa.

At rock-bottom on the Gallup list is Sierra Leone, the west African country that is still struggling to recover from a 10-year civil war that officially ended in early 2002.

If everyone who wanted to leave Sierra Leone could, and anyone who wanted to move there did, the country’s population would plunge by 56 percent.

Haiti, the poorest country in the Americas, would lose 51 percent of its population.

“While Gallup’s findings reflect people’s wishes rather than their intentions, the implications of what could happen if these desires become reality are serious considerations for leaders as they plan for the future,” Gallup said.

Two Latin American countries besides Haiti figure in the bottom 10 of the list: El Salvador would lose 45 percent of its population and the Dominican Republic would lose 43 percent.

The lowest ranked European Union member state on the list is Latvia, which would lose around a quarter of its population of 2.3 million if migrants were allowed to come in and go out as they wished.

“High unemployment, low wages and a rising cost of living have driven many Latvians out of the country,” University of Latvia migration specialist Aija Lulle told AFP.

Latvia ranked equally with Iran, and was only marginally better than the Philippines.

— Jordi Zamora and Karin Zeitvogel (AFP)

11 thoughts on “Migration could reduce Ethiopia’s population by 46% – Gallup

    In our series of viewpoints from African journalists, Elizabeth Ohene, a former minister in Ghana, ponders the meanings behind election percentage wins.
    Somehow no matter how imaginative the manipulation methods employed, the authorities always seem to fall shy of going the whole hog, they never declare 100% win.
    So the question is this: What percentage of a win is big enough to indicate you are much loved and your message is most worthy without giving the impression that you are a dictator and you have rigged the elections?
    After years of watching and participating, I am happy to present the Ohene Standard of Evaluating Election Results (OSEER):
    • 50% plus one up to 51.5%, you have scraped through
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    • 61% to 69%, you have a landslide
    • If you get 70% to 79%, as Ghanaian opposition politician Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo did in his New Patriotic Party’s primary elections this month, you have answered all the questions
    • 80% to 89%, you are feared and not loved
    • 90% to 99.99%, there shouldn’t have been an election (i.e there was no election- like that of Ethiopia).

  2. It is very disturbing news! Centuries a go our country was called the basket of bread and its people’s passionate love have been weighed in the heart of God,once he used to say franticaly to his own choosen people”you people of Israel are you not like the children of Ethiopia to me”
    Again Ethiopia was proven to be a haven of both wild animals escaping from wild people around and for the now days soul traders from the middle east.
    I am left with wrecked heart and I sometimes moan and sigh in silent why we are not forgiven for our sins(envy,jelousy,hypocrisy,gossip,betrayal,murder and genocide)God knows how long he kept silent for all those inocent souls lost crossing the dessert with out a spear,sailing in the ocean without compass to seek a safe heaven and saving scraps of food for their families.
    I have no doubt that both the saying and prophecy of our forefathers make a history once more”eventhough it takes time the day will break”Also there will be no doubt too that the new cities built with the cost of million inocent souls under a false prophet( Aba gebremedihen)and his whisperer devil( legesse zenawi)burn with fire and sulphur like sodom and gomora till the salt statue of gebremedihen left.

  3. No one will be happy more than woyane.It is the long term plan to diminish the adult population particularly the Amharas and oromos not only by forced migration,but also contracting Hiv/aids viruses ,mass killings and decimation.The case in point is wolkayte tegede.

  4. Population reduction for overpopulated Ethiopia may not be a problem. It is the way these nationals are FORCED to leave their country which is the PROBLEM and that must be stopped.

  5. I niether blame nor applaud for the west who have the right hand in the third world man made crisis!

    Europeans are the survivors of both the first and second world war and preparing eventually for the worst and the ugliest one in the history of man kind and in the entire of science fiction.

    Europeans are always to be found running after their own profit and seen collecting all what they reach agressively like that of biblical history raining heavenly food mena with the same quensquences afterwards.

    I fimly condemen too all black nation and nationalities for their dull ignorance being not able to lean each other and adapt the civilization and living style of their blessed brothers.

    Death for the bribers and the collectors!

  6. I am not sure about Singapore and I disagree about Ethiopia. I think it is actually 100%. 100% of those outside the ruling circle will leave and 100% of those inside the ruling will also leave with their loots is they are given gurantees that no one will come after them. Fat chance!!! Right!!!

  7. Elias – recently you have shown us a very good example of unacceptable statistical results in relation to exaggerated number of children who would be registered in the Afar regional state. We appreciated your thoughtfulness and applaud for your attentiveness. Within less than a week after that you are telling us to accept the so called statistics – this time made by whites. Honestly, I see no difference between the two. As you know, 90% of Ethiopian population is living in rural areas. Let’s leave alone their opinion, but I am sure the so called research ignores their opinion. If they could have told us 46% of the population in Addis or other big towns then it might be true, but 46% of Ethiopian population is absolutely wrong. Please stop ridiculing us by posting such foolish and unrealistic figures.
    Let God bless Ethiopia

  8. Anonymous #10
    Stop ridiculing yourself.
    It’s Gallup’s poll not Elias’
    Why kill the messenger?
    As a journalist, Elias put forward the information & it’s up to you to accept or ridicule it.
    Use your common sense.

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