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Tribute to Tamagne – video

While many fall for crumbs (firfari) and sell out Ethiopia to Woyanne, some artists are standing firm against all the odds. One of these incorruptible artists is Tamagn Beyene. The following is a video tribute to him by Dereje Degefaw. The struggle to remove the Woyanne cancer from Ethiopia has not bore fruit yet, and it’s not the time to congratulate one another. But it’s necessary to take time once in a while to recognize those who are at the forefront of the struggle. Watch below:

20 thoughts on “Tribute to Tamagne – video

  1. Is there anyone from Las Vegas Nv who knows about the Bambis store owner people have told me that he is a TPLF supporter and some people have told me to stop to use his store. I have also heard that Hodam Solomon Meles’s new girl friend was there because of that there are many people who are mad off this store owner, as a result there are many people talking not to do buisness with this Bambis store owner he has been advised by many people to stop his open support of TPLF. So if there is a close friend or relative of this person please tell him before it is to late I have heard people talking not to do anymore buiseness with him.

  2. Elias, thanks for sharing this heart warming video.
    Tamagne is a true Ethiopian hero that never stops fighting for his mother land Ethiopia.
    Tamagne, I hope you know how much you are loved and appreciated by millions of Ethiopians. Every time, I see a video of you or hear you talk, you give me hope about our beloved country Ethiopia. May God bless you, your wife, your precious sons and the rest of your family you hold dear to your heart. Tamagne, I can not thank you enough for your service, your dedication and the sacrifice you and your family make for our country.

  3. pls Tamagen do not disappoint the ethiopian people like that hodam solomon tekalegn. I sometimes scared to think this when i see hodam solomon, newaye, and hamaelmale abate. the love of the poor ethiopian people worth more than alamudi dollar. stay like this. you are loved by the ethiopian people. die by the love of the ethiopia people. i love you true ethiopian.

  4. Thank you ER for this wonderful clip.I may not speak on behalf of Tamagne,but deep in my soul I personally believe this true hero is our hope to galvanize our people and will stand firm all the way until the CANCER is eliminated for the face of the earth! Let’s throw our support to him and others who are genuinely scarifying their precious life, like Birtukan Midekessa and others! God Bless your family and wish you the best in life! I love you and your family.

  5. Thanks Elias for posting the clip.
    Tamagn,you are the true hero of real Ethhiopians.We proud of you and we are with you until Ethiopians are free from parasitic goverment.

  6. Tamagne is doing great in terms of exposing woyanne’s atrocities. We have to be careful though,look what happened to Solomon Teka, traitor: we also raised him high so fast now we all know where he is so let us not be emotional. There are oter heroes who sacrificed their lives,their youth and everything they have to free our people from oppressors at different time, i wish we made a video of them as well. Having said that, i salute Tamagne for his continuous attempt to shout for our people.

  7. I love this guy Tamagn; he seems very seasoned and wise politician. We need more people like him who can lead both Ethiopians and Eritreans to live in peace, love and prosperity.

  8. This video reminds me Haitian hip-hop star Wyclef Jean who registered as presidential contender after fund raising act for reconstruction of Haiti eathquake victims.


  9. Tamagne is inspiring,role model for many, so deserves all the tributes even more ,hope no one will question about that.
    But a litte word for the others,please “atashkabitu”-instead ask your selve, he does this and that because he belives in it, what about me can I do anything as a human and as an ethiopian for ethiopia.Because at the end of the day Tamagne is also a human,what if (i believe it won’t happen)tamagne become like solomon tekaligne.i mean ,i just see pple celebrating peoples achievement just because they see others doing so and languish in disappointment when they learn some contrary facts about this characters.Does anyone remember the recent memories about how pple like Hailu shawel,shaleka joseph and many other who rise to the celebrite status and disappointed and dashed many of our hopes for ethiopia and even resign from participating in any of the movemnts that follow. So watch out while celebrating this extraordinary personality of tamagne.
    viva tamagne!!!!!!!!!!

  10. He is a true Ethiopia son and i have full confidence he will not let us down like other Hodam pig who sell his country by pieces of bread and betrayed the Ethiopian people strugle but when i think of Tamagne i can lift my head up and continue the strugle no matter how long it takes.Thank you for the people who made this Video for the true son of Ethiopia we love you Tamagne.

  11. I am so grateful to see that individuals are acknowledge and appreciated for their commitment, dedication, and contribution while they are alive. The era of praising people at their funeral and after death is ending to the Ethiopian community. We need to see more of this. This kind of things rejuvenates and reinforces the individual to take his/her commitment to another level.

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