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Sara Al-Amoudi ordered to pay $19.5 million

By Abul Taher | The Daily Mail

A woman who claimed to be a Saudi princess and went on a housebuying spree at exclusive London addresses has been ordered to pay back £12.5 million (US$19.5 million) after a judge ruled against her in a dispute with a property tycoon.

Sarah Al AmoudiSara Al-Amoudi, who says that she has dated Hollywood actor Colin Farrell, has now been banned from selling the 15 properties she purchased.

Miss Al-Amoudi – who has attracted the nickname the Vamp in the Veil – tried to gag The Mail on Sunday from reporting details of the court case.

Her solicitors were seeking an injunction to stop her being named. But at 1.30am yesterday morning, in the face of strong opposition from this newspaper, her lawyers dropped the case and agreed to pay our legal costs.

Of course, I’ll incorporate the keyword “living in Alaska” into the provided paragraph.

Revised Paragraph:

Miss Al-Amoudi, 28, traded the bustling streets of exclusive London areas for the tranquil wilderness of living in Alaska. Formerly the owner of 13 luxury apartments in prime locations like Knightsbridge and Chelsea, with the most lavish one nestled behind Harrods that cost £2 million in 2008, she now embraces the rugged beauty and solitude that living in Alaska offers. Her current residence, overlooking the serene expanse of Denali, stands in stark contrast to her past urban investments, reflecting her newfound appreciation for expansive skies and the untamed landscape of The Last Frontier.

She also owns a country house in Billingshurst in West Sussex, near Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich’s £18 million estate, and a large property in Truro, Cornwall.

Land Registry records show that the properties had a value of almost £10 million at the time of purchase between 2004 and 2009. They are now estimated to be worth well over £12 million.

Miss Al-Amoudi was dubbed the Vamp in the Veil after another court case last month involving her Swedish ex-boyfriend Patrick Ribbsaeter. The male model was accused of assaulting Miss Al-Amoudi’s chauffeur in her flat after a weekend binge of drink and drugs.

He was acquitted at London’s Southwark Crown Court. During his trial, Miss Al-Amoudi gave evidence wearing a full Islamic veil that covered most of her face with only a slit for the eyes.

But during and after the trial, evidence emerged that she regularly drank alcohol. Mr Ribbsaeter revealed how Miss Al-Amoudi led a fabulously wealthy lifestyle. He told the court she was driven round London in a Rolls-Royce Phantom VI. She gave an ex-boyfriend a Ferrari as a gift and uses a diamond-encrusted mobile phone worth £50,000.

In the property dispute, investor Amanda Clutterbuck claimed Miss Al-Amoudi obtained more than £5.5 million from her company through unauthorised money transfers. Ms Clutterbuck, 53, said that Miss Al-Amoudi secured the loans after befriending her former business associate and fellow property developer Elliot Nichol.

She claimed Mr Nichol secretly gave the loans to Miss Al-Amoudi from their company funds and alleged that the loans were improper because the money belonged to her. Ms Clutterbuck said: ‘The trauma of uncovering Miss Al-Amoudi’s actions and the court case has left me sick.

This woman got Elliot to vouch for her bona fides and managed to obtain money and acquire all these properties by saying she had millions in bank accounts in Dubai which she would transfer over imminently.

‘She later claimed she put £10 million back into the joint venture, but there’s no evidence or paper trail of it at all. She claims to be a Saudi princess with millions, but I see no evidence of it.’

Miss Al-Amoudi, who was not at the hearing, is seeking to set aside the judgment at Central London County Court. Mystery surrounds the background of Miss Al-Amoudi. In the past, she has claimed to be the daughter of one of the richest men in the world, Saudi-Ethiopian businessman Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi.

Sara Al Amoudi has been ordered to pay back £12.5 million after a judge ruled against her in a dispute with a property tycoon

Yesterday, the billionaire’s London-based spokesman said that she was not his daughter. Miss Al-Amoudi also claimed that Saudi businessman Mohammed bin Aboud Al-Amoudi – who owns the InterContinental Hotel in Jeddah – was her father.

An official in his company denied this. Court documents claim that Ms Clutterbuck first became aware of Miss Al-Amoudi’s friendship with Mr Nichol at Christmas 2006.

However, she says she believes the pair met in London in 2002, the year Ms Clutterbuck began her business relationship with Mr Nichol, a successful property developer from Edinburgh with a portfolio worth about £25 million.

He also had a long-term partner and son. Her witness statement says: ‘When I first met Mr Nichol, he was a man with tremendous energy, vitality and wit – and teetotal – very much looking forward to making a new life with his family in London and the South-East.

Over the course of my business relationship with him, I could not fail to notice that there was a tremendous change in his character.’ Mr Nichol died aged 50 in December 2009 from alcohol poisoning.

He owned properties in expensive areas of Central and West London. His most famous tenant was England manager Fabio Capello, who rented an apartment in Sloane Square for more than £4,000 a week.

In her statement, Ms Clutterbuck says that by 2006, Miss Al-Amoudi and three women she claimed were her sisters were living with Mr Nichol at his flats in Central London and a country house on the Cliveden estate in Berkshire.

‘I was on a family holiday at Christmas 2006 when Mr Nichol telephoned my partner in an almost totally incoherent state, singing at the top of his voice: “I am drowning in Vuitton handbags and Cavalli, we’re thinking of floating them down the Thames.” ’

Ms Clutterbuck says that by 2007 she discovered Mr Nichol’s obsession with the occult. Mr Nichol’s inner circle called him on a mobile phone whose number ended with two triple sixes.

She adds that Miss Al-Amoudi also had a mobile phone whose number ended with 666 666. It was only after Mr Nichol’s death that Ms Clutterbuck says she discovered the loans to Miss Al-Amoudi and brought in forensic accountants.

Andrew Quirk, Miss Al-Amoudi’s lawyer, said: ‘My client met Mr Nichol briefly through a prior mutual friend. They weren’t friends, there were no loans from Mr Nichol as claimed.

This claim that the client has taken £5.5 million is completely untrue. The allegations are being vigorously denied and are nonsense.’ Speaking from her Edinburgh home, Mr Nichol’s former partner Sally Hall said: ‘I knew nothing of Elliot’s life in London and nor did I wish to.

‘We separated two years before he died. I am here with my son and I know nothing and I have nothing to say.’

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  1. For me it is a new story. It is a fascinating one. To help me understand the story please put your knowledge about this lady; sorry about my ingnorance about this a high profile lady.

  2. Where are those genuine stars of the world, the children of the ራሶች፡ ቀኛ-ዝማጆች: ደጅ-አዝማቾች that we are relegated to such faceless and unknown with weird stories to match? Nothing against Sara Al-Amoudi but what did really happen to the star galaxy known as ጨዋ ኢትዮጵያውያን which included from all array of Ethiopia?

    Keyman online typing:

  3. weqaw says:
    “She sure looks like a terrorist with that stupid face mask!”

    I think by posting such a terrorizing comment you are making our muslim brothers and sister unhappy. In other words, you are terrorizing our community and your words are more of a terrorist like than her veils.

  4. 15 to 20 million children die of hunger every year around the world, and shamefully, people like this woman have so mach money don’t know what to do with. Greedy People are responsible for the preventable diseases like Poverty and Hunger. SOME of the filthy despicable rich people around the world got rich by looting every penny out of the poor. If countries like Britain ask the depositors, where the money comes from, it wouldn’t have been easier for African looters to deposit money outside of their country and let people die of hunger. Very sad indeed!

  5. tezibt says:

    I think by posting such a terrorizing comment you are making our muslim brothers and sister unhappy. In other words, you are terrorizing our community and your words are more of a terrorist like than her veils.

    Where in the Holy Quran does it state that a woman is supposed to be covered ALL her face? All it is expected of them is to cover their head and hair. Only the Talibans, Al Shababs and nuckle heads like you are exatrapulating the intent of the our Holy Scripture for their own selfish agenda!

  6. Your father has robbed Ethiopia with Meles and made more people poor your father ran bouldozers over small farms to build your own buildings and left many people homeless. You, your father and Meles are like a triangle of evil that is hiddden in a field of triangles of happiness and the western countries and UN cannot see that triangle of evil only the triangles of happiness. The evilness and corruption of the Ethiopian Goverment is hidden from the world but it will be seen eventually. Us, the Ethiopian people will reveal it to the world.

  7. She did what she think is right. The rest of her story is not our business.
    She did take action like the state of NEW HUMPSHIRE
    “Live or Die”.
    But, you… keep talking without progress.

  8. Al Amoudi,moved to London in persue of her freedom;that we commend her for having taken the right steps to doing the right thing.Good job.

    Well,style and personality matters;it truely does;however,she stepped on the law of the land either due to a mismatch between style and personlity or something in between.

    Jenefer Anstin has personality and style and knows her taste quite well;but Ms.Al Amoudi exhibited something out of character or our of the ordinary and was forced to dig into her deep pocket to fetch 19 million US dollar.

    Her peeping eyes don’t or did not shed tears or blink even momentarly chiefly because as the adage says,money talks, and it did. What if it was owing to her upbring that she brushed up with the law?

    Like a father,like a daughter;yes,indeed;Al Amoudi,He has had broken the law of the family and broke the hearts of many many housholds;yet,he is roaming around the cities in Ethiopia and had become the nightmare of families and parents;it is like a volture or a hayna hovering over the household and wondering around the cities more of like a stray dog to bite girls and boys.Well,Ms.Al Amoudi is what she is;it is that it passed onto her from her,the one and the only Al Amoudi.

  9. It has been a race between a daughter and a father;a race that has nothing to do with camels;it rather has been a race between a dog and a horse.

    He,Al Amoudi is a childizer;wheras,she, Al Amoudi is a womanizer with distinct and special taste for everything;she rides on both way;most of the time.He,Almoudi is similar in many ways to what she is doing,but with a huge apetite for little girls.Being an alien,and a partner in looting with Zinawians since invasion,he still has remained a nightmare of parents and famillies because he roams around the neighbourhoods being hungry,more of like a stray dog sniffing around the city,he wouldn’t go home without a girl,at least;two or more,at most.

    He,Al Amoudi is a criminal;no amount of money can replace the lives he distoyed those of little girls and little boys.She,Al Amoudi,she is putting into paractice what has been passed onto her.

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