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13 thoughts on “Woyanne town hall meeting (video)

  1. I like the story of the hyena that got stuck in the sand with his butt sticking out …

    Yes, those corrupt peoples’ ass are stuck and will be f***ed when change comes to Ethiopia.

  2. Wetatu Tenesa ager atasbela
    Gizew yante new
    zim beleh at’tegna
    Ethiopian madanu siraw yante new
    Neka bel gobez yambesaw lij hulu
    Woyanen asayew ye belaynetihnne
    nege satel zare tenes be gorade
    Angetun kenteseh gedel gotegnawin
    Deres Le Ethiopia nege satle zare!!!

  3. I WAS AT HOME ALONE WHEN I WATCHED THIS VIDEO AND I LOUGH LOUD TILL MY TEARS COMES OUT. I really likes this type of”kelids”. You see this is what funny means.It is a long time since I lough from my heart. Thank you and you really made my Easter happy. I really missed this types of “keldis”. Ethiopian “kelids” are really precious.

  4. Zenawi and his footsoldiers have been busy for two decades making laws in Ethiopia that criminalizes anyone who makes critical comments about them. Zenawi and his TPLF thugs have effectivelly muzzled the Ethiopian people shutting down and banning all forms of media in Ethiopia. There is no such thing as public debate about anything that concerns the life of the people and the future of the country.

    The TPLF love their guns and shooting and killing people is what they know and are happy to take orders from zenawi to do what he says. there is no rule of law. Intimidation, harassment, bullying, torture , violence against unarmed civilians is widespread in Ethiopia. Yet Zenawi tries to project a different face to the diaspora Ethiopian community, he tell us he wants to discuss this and that issue with us. Why doesn’t he start doing this in Ethiopia with the Ethiopian people.
    Why doesn’t they allow freedom of expression in Ethiopia. Why is he penalising and locking up journalists, political activists and leaders.

  5. Man…i can’t stop laughing.

    The last guy was the best one…I loved the part when he said “Ke fit fit, fitfit ale Socrates” that was just classic. Just watch the guy sitting on the left…he couldn’t control himself laughing, he had to hide.

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