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Armed groups wreak havoc in northern Ethiopia

The Reporter, a newspaper affiliated with the ruling party in Ethiopia, is reporting that armed groups are currently wreaking havoc in northern Ethiopia, particularly outside Gondar. The newspaper calls the armed groups “bandits.” However, every one knows that they are resistance fighters and their targets are ruling party officials and assets.

Bandits wreaking havoc outside Gondar

By Hayal Alemayehu | The Reporter

Armed bandits who carry out ambushes in the woods nearby Dabat as well as Debark and Wogera, small neighboring towns within a radius of 40 to 100kms from the northeast Ethiopian town of Gondar, are becoming a threat to the security of the localities and travelers crossing these village towns, it was leaned.

A spate of bandit attack and theft has occurred outside these small towns particularly over the last one month where two civilians and a police officer were killed by gunmen who have not been wholly identified, according to an official of the regional government who declined to be identified because the concerned authorities are currently conducting an investigation.

While the official put the number of victims at three, some localities said the number could be more than ten.

According to the unnamed government official, the security situation outside these small towns has been worsening at an alarming rate with armed bandits wreaking havoc outside these village towns.

The official said that the concerned government authorities were closely investigating the case and that every effort would be made to keep the unprovoked threat at bay.

According to the official, some of the bandits are said to have been wounded in an operation by a team of a trained militia of the area, including their alleged leader named Gebre Agide.

Officials of some of the localities approached by The Reporter fear that the bandits may get stronger unless they are apprehended soon.

17 thoughts on “Armed groups wreak havoc in northern Ethiopia

  1. whatever amare aregawi’s paper say, people prefer to struggle and be called “Bandits or whatever” and die rather than living under fascists tyrannical rule.

  2. This is the news I want to hear. we have been talking to long and it’s time for action. We have to speak to weyane with the only languge they understand, the GUN. Long live Ethiopia!!!

  3. That is an encouraging start in the right direction.The blow has been felt by woyane and have already started shivering.I hope more and more youths will join the struggle .Better to die as a fighter rather than dying as woyane slave.

  4. Since there is no legitimate government in Ethiopia, these Ethiopian Freedom Fighters have the right and the responsibility to bring peace and order not only in Dabat, Debark, and Wegera but in the whole regions of Ethiopia, so they have to fight and demolish the stronghold of the Woyanne government anywhere in the country.

    The fire that burned down the town of Humera few weeks ago has spread to the other small towns in Wegera, and it will continue to burn the illegitimate Woyanne headquarters throughout Ethiopia.

    The Woyanne mercenary army cannot stand up against the heroes of Wolkait-Tegedie, Armacheho, Debark, Dabat, Thelemt, Telelo, Debebahir, Kollawegera, the Semen Mountain, Belesa, Denbia, Fogera, Ebnat, Gaint, Farta, Simada – all the Amhara regions.

    Many times, the Woyanne criminals think they have enervated the spirits of the Amhara and the Oromo people; they are wrong! They may, probably, win the coming election by cheating, but they will never win the hearts and the minds of the Amhara, the Oromo, and the rest of the Ethiopian people by any means; therefore, from now on, havocs, confusions, doubts, dismays, and regrets will be the orders of the day throughout the Meles fake kingdoms.

    It will not be hard for the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters to pin point where the properties of the few selected Tegarues, supporters of the Woyanne regime, are and destroy them immediately without any hesitation. Most of Woyanne properties such as factories, airplanes, and other industries are located in the Mekelle city; therefore, the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters may cross the Tekezie River and destroy those factories, industries, and many other Woyanne properties that have enriched the Meles family.

    This Gebre Agide, a Tigrean, with his Tigrean militia, has no business in Wegera area; he better leave this place and move to his home town, Mekelle before he gets hurt because the Amhara regions, sooner or later, will be the battle zones between the Meles demoralize army and the well-disciplined Ethiopian Freedom Fighters.

    As one government official in Dabat informs Hayal Alemayehu, the Reporter, “…the security situation outside these small towns has been worsening at an alarming rate….” The deteriorating conditions the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters created in these small towns of Wegera will not be confined to the small towns only; it will, very soon, include the other big Ethiopian towns, cities, and large villages. If there is no peace in the small towns, then there will be no peace in Gondar city, in Bahirdar city, in Dangla city, in Debre-Markos city, and even in the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa itself.

    Time has finally come for the Woyanne criminals to pack up their belongings and flee the country or surrender peacefully to the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters.

    Once the Northerners, the Wolkait-Tegedie people, have started avenging their country-men’s and women’s blood the Meles death squad spilled and mingled with the waters of the Kaza and the Sanja Rivers, there will be no way of stopping them from dismantling the whole systems of the Woyanne government. The flood gate of the North has been opened and it will inundate the entire Woyanne stations all over Ethiopia.

    The Northerners are marching forward, singing their eternal song: “ስሜን አርማጭሆ ወልቃይት ጠገዴ ይመዘናል ጥጥ:

    እናጂሬ መጡ እናባ ጐርብጥ.”

    As the rainy season is approaching in Ethiopia, so is with it the forward advance of the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters with an overwhelming force to crash and pulverize the Woyanne criminals.

  5. it is good news for those freedome lovers, we have been waiting for this moment, on oromos amara, somali, sidamo and others are stand together, to clean out wayyanee facichest. no more div antil wayyane have to go.

  6. Assta B. Gettu,

    although you are working on Oromos not for Oromos,in your comment you are acting as if you are advocating for Oromos by messing Oromos with Amharas. Might be you mean the Oromic speaking Amharas and Gurages are Oromos.

  7. It would seem plain common sense that what is taken by brute force can be recovered though force. And that TPLF in particular understands only the language of violence.

    Yet it took most of us twenty long years that military action, not conferences and talk , is the way to go to cleanse the country from the Woyane. Now that the country is headed to the right direction, we need to walk the walk and to that end the masses should throw their support behind the armed struggle to hasten the end of the TPLD regime and free their victims.

  8. Asendabo,

    I have been always working for Ethiopia: Ethiopia is the land of the Oromos, the Amharas, the Tegarues, the Gurages, the Somalis, and the rest of the other Ethiopian tribes. I always advocate for a united, not federated, Ethiopia. Are you with me?

  9. ASSTA B.GETU, we all love Ethiopia, but not the Ethiopia which has served only one group of people( Amharas) for more than a century . And one thing which we must not forget is that rejecting the Ethiopian Federation will push Ethiopia to separation. To avoid such a fatal dismantlment, every family member must be respected.

  10. Oromatic,

    The Amhara people have never been the favorite sons and daughters of King Haile Selassie more than the Oromos and the other Ethiopian tribes; therefore, it is unrealistic to simply say the Amhara people have been the only beneficiaries of Ethiopia for more than one-hundred years. In those years, have you ever seen any economic development in the Amhara regions that you have not seen in the Oromia regions?

    I would say Ethiopia was a better place to live in during those one-hundred years compared to the living conditions of the Amhara and the Oromo people today.

    Federation is not a guarantee for every Ethiopian family member to receive a respect from the other federated region of Ethiopia; federation is unchartered water for Ethiopians to navigate through safely and go ones’ own ways.

    Throughout Ethiopian history, there have been respect and admiration for every individual, regardless of race, color, and religion, and this kind of mutual respect comes from a country that believes in unity (አንድነት), and that country is Ethiopia.

    No doubt in my mind that federation will lead Ethiopia into fragmentation, conflict, and civil war; the only thing that has kept Ethiopia together for so many years is that one magic word – ኅብረት (unity); therefore, let us strengthen our unity and wipe out the entire concept of federation from our hearts. Federation with the Horn states will be considered after we are matured and ready, and this Horn states federation will lead us to form a united states of Africa.

  11. Assat I like and agree with your articulated comment. The removal of Weyane is not just an Ethiopians issue, but honestly it is the whole horn Africa and world issue including Tigray. Let’s look at it. The problems are us, when it comes to the horn problem. We need to learn to find a lasting solution. I know it is a matter of time the Weyane juntas will be removed and chased in the next short time. But what comes after that is the concern (the vicious cycle). Are we going follow the footsteps of Hail selassie, Mengestu, and Meles? Or are going take another venue and act and behave and be cooperative with our neighbors for regional peace.

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