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Savage Egypt police shoot another Ethiopian woman

JERUSALEM (JTA) — An Ethiopian woman was shot and at least 14 people were arrested in Egypt while trying to enter Israel illegally.

The Egyptian guards fired warning shots in the air early Sunday morning, but then shot a woman in the arm when she did not stop, according to reports. The migrants were from Ethiopia and Eritrea.

The incident comes less than a week after Egyptian police shot dead four African migrants trying to infiltrate into Israel at its border with Egypt’s Sinai Desert.

The migrants usually are looking for work or asylum in Israel. Egypt has been under pressure to prevent the migrants from slipping into Israel, Reuters reported.

One thought on “Savage Egypt police shoot another Ethiopian woman

  1. Every day Middle East horror is Ethiopian woman, killed, dead, found hunged, beaten, scholded with boiling water and raped. Do we even have an exact number how many these women victims are. We all should ask ourselves, what does this say about Ethiopia? It says that it is a country at best who does not care about its women. How can a nation stand by and watch this contineous horror film
    (that is how it is increasingly looking)upon its females. A country about 90 million people does not have one single body that is addressing this urgent national tragdy. Not one. What makes is worse, despite so many examples, there is no shortage of travellers to the Middle East. Is looks like someone else in the UN has to put some mechanism by which the state is made accountable to this exporting of citizens to absolute danger.

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