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Exclusive photo of Ethiopian Princes Kemeria Abajobir

Kemeria Abajobir Abajifar

(EthioPlanet) — Last week, revealed the name of the mysterious woman who until then was only known as the “Ethiopian Woman” Count Alexandre de Lesseps had apparently fallen for.

There were some disputes in the blogosphere as to the veracity of what EthioPlanet revealed. To avoid unnecessary defamation, we’ve now released a picture to go along with the name.

The featured photograph was taken in a limousine during a recent trip to Addis Ababa (capital of the AU), Ethiopia.

A source, close to the couple, Count Alexandre de Lesseps and Princess Kemeria Abajobir Abajifar told they were traveling in Ethiopia to promote micro-finance for Ethiopian women.

“They also have plans to open an orphanage in her hometown of Jimma, and to create in Addis Ababa, a museum of African history,” the source added.

Alexandre de Lesseps, 59, was raised in Khartoum, Sudan and in Tangiers, Morocco.

Microfinancing is, of course, nothing new to the Count. He is, among other things, an entrepreneur, investment banker, and has pioneered microfinancing in developing nations.

He is President of London based Coral Capital Ltd and Pandaw Investment Hldgs in Hong Kong. He is also co-founder and President of Blue Orchard Finance S.A., a leading micro finance management company based in Geneva.

More pictures will be released in the coming days featuring the couple together on their trip to Ethiopia.

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  1. You are an accessory, he will get tired of you soon too, unless he dies first which is not far away. good luck with the half deaf almost dead selfish count. it was very ‘classy’ of him to do this, I hope he thought of his children often.

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