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7 thoughts on “President Isaias Afwerki’s Christmas message for Ethiopians (video)

  1. I love brings the true the sad, the funny, the hope, the painful memories, and the joyful memories. At the same time they never stop form exposing woyann’es crime. They are great.
    One thing, we, Ethiopians need to learn from our brothers and sisters in Eritrea is that they never stop their financial supporting to their country. Do you think Eritrea would have survived if it wasn’t for the people’s devoted support? Absolutely not.
    During their arm struggle, Eritreans, who were residing abroad, had worked tirelessly to collect money for the fighters. Inside the country, under extreme difficultly circumstances, Eritreans were working very hard to collect viable information for the fighters. If they have done it we can certainly do it. In fact we can do even better.
    Talking about the cause is good, but providing financial support to the fighters who are fighting for the cause is much greater. So if we want to see the misery ended in Ethiopia we must join hands.

  2. Elias,

    You break the record as being one of the VERY few powerful Ethiopian patriots who has been speaking the truth without having been sued, convicted, jailed, killed or bought-out by the sophisticated Woyane/U.S. war-machine.

  3. comment #3
    Why would Elias be sued for speaking and doing “Right”? “Sueing” is aLEGAL stuff, which can only be done legally. So there is no a fat chance that anyone would sue him and hope to win.
    If the dirty Weyane and their supports could do it, they will trust me for they are rats!

  4. Wow!Isaias is a free man.I haven’t seen many securities while he was moving around.If it was Meles,roads would have been closed,and the there wouldn’t be ppl walking on the road.

  5. Isayas is a devoted leader loved by not only the people of Eritrea but also by the whole region. Increasingly he’s seen as a hero of Africans, the present day Lumumba, Malcolm x, and the other heroes who fought for the rights of Africans. On the otherhand, the Meles Se Se Seko and company are exposed as the tools of oppressors and its only a matter of time before they’re ejected from power. Africans must unite against their common enemies to oust the sell out ‘leaders’.

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