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09.25.09. Where Will You Be? Staff
Published August 26,  2009

Numbers are important and Ethiopian-Americans for Change, formerly Ethiopians for Obama, is taking the initial steps of making the Ethiopian community within the United States ‘count’.

During the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign, the diligent work of Ethiopian-Americans for Change (then Ethiopians for Obama) earned a great deal of attention.  Newspapers and online publications such as The Washington Post and The Huffington Post wrote about the group’s effort in working to elect Barack Obama.  Obama’s campaign also acknowledged the work of the group in the form of a first letter ever written by a presidential candidate directly to the Ethiopian community… Read More

2 thoughts on “09.25.09. Where Will You Be?

  1. Tamrat–Is it at all possible to have ANY event where we celebrate ANYTHING Ethiopia wizout you trying to divide poeple? From what I see, it looks like it is an Ethiopian Day. So just take it at that, unless you are the Woyanne yourself who is trying to ruin a good thing for everyone. Shut the hell up and go find another thing to mess up. Better yet, get off your azz, get a job, and do something productive with your life.

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