The Case of OMN

By now everyone knows that the “stay at home” civil disobedience is going on in Ethiopia, particularly in Oromia. We were first told about this five-day boycott by Oromia Media Network (OMN). The Managing Director of OMN, H.E. Obbo Jawar Mohammed and its “all rounded familiar face analysts” came out on OMN and gave explanation or instruction on what to do and not to do. The “stay at home” protest or boycott has been called for five days from August 23-27, 2017. Then after, OMN stopped giving updates on its official website . As of August 24, 2017, 1700 EST, the latest news posted on the official OMN website is the news as of August 22, 2017, one day before the start of the protest. Do the OMN journalists and staff including its Managing Director went to Oromia to coordinate or participate in the stay at home protest or are they too on stay at home protest in the U.S?

This may look funny, but it is not funny. If OMN called for the protest, it must follow up the protest and give the updated information to the audience. It shouldn’t leave its audience in dark. Then why OMN failed or intentionally stopped posting updates on its website? Well, the answer is simple. Every information that has been sent from Oromia to OMN will be posted on Jawar Mohammed’s Facebook. Why is that? Again the answer for this is quite simple. Even though he is an employee of OMN, Jawar is greater than and more powerful than OMN. He wants any one who needs update on the “stay at home” protest to be his follower on Facebook and visit his Facebook, rather than going to OMN. He wanted to use the opportunity to be a center of attention.