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Could the Current Somali Crisis Affect Passage of H.R.5680?

Possible Strategies for the Home Stretch By Alemayehu G. Mariam Prowling and Skulking Several weeks ago, an alliance of Somali Islamist militia leaders calling itself the Supreme Islamic Courts Council (SICC), (Majilis al-shura Council) captured the Somali capital Mogadishu, and the nearby towns of Jowhar and Balad. The SICC is suspected of having ties to […]

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Kinijit on the path of self-destruction

Ethiopian Review July 31, 2006 ER’s integrity and credibility have been questioned by a few individuals who are angered by some of its critical views towards the Kinijit North America Support Committee (KNASC). They ask why ER is concerned about the Coalition for Unity & Democracy Party (CUDP/Kinijit) since it is not affiliated with the […]

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Kinijit in disarray

It is with great reluctance that Ethiopian Review is once again writing about problems inside the Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party (CUDP/Kinijit). A few months ago when ER tried to discuss the problems and weaknesses on the part of the North America Kinijit leadership, it was condemned by several Kinijit members and supporters. Some […]

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World must act before the Beast

By Aie Zi Guo July 12, 2006 — After Auschwitz the international community made a collective promise to defend humanity. Fifty years after the community witnessed multiple madness and abuse of humanity by mindless dictators from Rwanda to Srebrenica, Darfur to Chile, Ethiopia to Cambodia, and Iraq to Chad. The ghosts of dictators haunt millions […]

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Wolfowitz visits Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA – Members of the parliamentary opposition parties — including Professor Beyene Petros (first on the left) and Dr. Merera Gudina (first on the right), both of the United Ethiopian Democratic Forces (UEDF), and Ato Temesgen Zewde (third on the left) of the Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party (CUDP) — brief World Bank […]

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Oromo Options

GETZ #8 By Donald N Levine For all the attention paid to issues of ethnic conflict occasioned by the Government’s charge of “genocide” (see Getz #7), I find it puzzling that so little attention has been paid to one of the most momentous ethnic issues of all: Oromonet. In the contemporary Ethiopian political scene, Oromo […]

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