Meles Zenawi’s house of card starts to unravel

Meles Zenawi on feeding tube

A whisper campaign against Meles Zenawi, who disappeared 40 days ago, has started among members of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF/Woyanne) as many of them became convinced that he is dead or permanently incapacitated.

Yesterday and today, the whisper among Woyannes targeted Meles Zenawi and his close associates as traitors who are agents of the Eritrean government. This is causing concern in the Eritrean government. According to Ethiopian Review sources in Asmara, there is a heightened security alert in areas bordering Tigray just in case Woyanne launches a diversionary military attack. The Eritrean government is also handing out weapons to the people in some strategic towns, Ethiopian Review sources reported.

With Azeb Mesfin’s absence from the TPLF meetings, anti-Meles forces in the ruling party seem to be gaining ground despite the fact that Meles recruits control most of the security apparatus. The problem for the Meles camp is that he had surrounded himself with yes-men who lack leadership capacity and experience, and although they have all the guns they need, they do not have the financial wherewithal to sustain themselves for long without Meles the master beggar in charge.

Sensing a problem, neighborhood Woyanne spies have already started to disappear from bars and internet cafes, Ethiopian Review sources reported today.