Zenawi to buy respectability by hosting forum

By Bernama | Malaysian News Agency

ADDIS ABABA, March 1 (Bernama) — Ethiopia Woyanne will be hosting the World Economic Forum on Africa in May 2012 here in Addis Ababa, reported China’s Xinhua news agency.

Mekonnen Haddis, Chief Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia Woyanne, and Elsie Kanza, Director for Africa World Economic Forum, on Wednesday told reporters at Sheraton International Hotel that Ethiopia Woyanne would host the 2012 Forum in the coming May.

In organising the event the Ethiopian government Woyanne junta has formed a national Committee led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said Mekonnen.

By following multi stakeholders approach “we are closely working with businesses and the media,” he added.

“Ethiopia is in a best position to receive some of the world’s powerful business leaders, government leaders, and civil society to be able to mold Africa’s economic transformation. At the same time we visualize the forum to create opportunity for our local investors to have networking opportunities,” he said.

Kanza said the Forum will be focusing on three main issues including strengthening leadership, accelerating investments, and scaling up innovations in Africa.

About 700 people are expected to attend the Conference which will be co-chaired by seven people, she said.

It was noted on the occasion that the Forum is an annual event.