Ethiopian Review’s 2011 Person of the Year to be announced

Ethiopian Review’s 2011 Person of the Year choice will be announced next month. Person of the Year choice has been Ethiopian Review’s annual tradition for the past many years. The criteria for selecting Person of the Year is that the individual must have made a significant contribution to the cause of freedom in Ethiopia during the past 12 months. You are invited to participate in the selection process by sending your nominations. In the run up to Person of the Year selection, we will also have the following Top 20 Lists. One list will be posted every week starting next Monday:

* 20 Most Influential Ethiopians
* 20 Dumbest Politicians
* 20 Best Friends of Ethiopia (foreigners)
* 20 Worst Enemies of Freedom in Ethiopia
* 20 Smartest Ethiopians
* 20 Richest Ethiopians