A question to Kuma Demeksa and Dula Aba Gemeda

Kuma Demeksa, Dula Aba Gemeda, and Alemayehu Atomsa are the most favorite puppets of Ethiopia’s khat-addicted tyrant Meles Zenawi. They have been appointed by Meles as top officials of Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO) to represent Oromia Region in his government. Alemayehu Atomsa is the current president of Oromia. The question to these three pigs is: Why is there a famine in the fertile Oromia region, and no food shortage in the dry Tigray region?

The following USAID map shows the current famine in the Horn of Africa that is threatening 10 million people. Most of the famine victims live in Oromia, a region that is rich in natural resources and has several rivers that are now being irrigated for flower farm. Over 1.3 million hectares of fertile land in the Oromia region alone has been sold by Meles to Saudi, Indian and Chinese companies to grow flower and food crops for export.