Ethiopian man arrested near Pentagon on suspicion of terrorism

ABC News is reporting that a man with uniquely Ethiopian name, Yonathan Melaku, was arrested Friday morning near the Pentagon carrying what are thought to be bomb making items. There are two possibilities: 1) the guy is mentally sick, or 2) it is the work of the desperate Woyanne junta in Ethiopia that is trying to cause problem for Ethiopians in North America. Woyanne is known for planting bombs in public places and blame it on opposition groups. Read the report below.

ARLINGTON, Virginia (KABC) — A man carrying suspected bomb making materials and pro-al Qaeda literature in a backpack was arrested near the Pentagon on Friday morning.

Officials said they noticed the man, identified by ABC News as 22-year-old Yonathan Melaku of Alexandria, in Arlington National Cemetery after it was closed. They took him into custody and interviewed him.

The questioning led authorities to search for a red 2011 Nissan, which was located in bushes near the Pentagon’s north parking lot. Nothing suspicious was found in the car.

ABC News reports that Melaku’s backpack contained what officials believe is ammonium nitrate. The items in the backpack were described as “inert,” but were still being tested.

The backpack also reportedly contained notes that mention al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Brenda Heck, special agent in charge of counterterrorism for the FBI, said authorities believe Melaku acted alone. He was arrested and jailed earlier this month for tampering with vehicles in Leesburg.

New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said during a news conference that Melaku is a naturalized citizen and lance corporal in the Marine Corps Reserve, 4th engineer battallion out of Baltimore, Md.

No charges have been filed yet against Melaku in the latest incident.

Nearby roads were shut down for the ongoing investigation, which snarl Washington’s morning rush hour.

The Arlington National Cemetery was briefly closed during the investigation.