74 Ethiopians arrested in Kenya

A Kenyan journal, The Standard, reports that the government of Kenya is intensifying its crackdown on Ethiopians who are fleeing from Ethiopia to seek refugee in other countries. Most of the Ethiopian refugees Kenyan authorities are arresting use Kenya as a transit point to South Africa and Yemen. The recent crackdown is said to be related with Kenya’s fight with the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) at the urging of Woyanne, the ruling junta in Ethiopia.

NAIROBI (The Standard) — In Taita-Taveta, 57 Ethiopians were arrested on their way to Mombasa from Nairobi while 17 were intercepted on Nairobi-Nyeri highway.

The arrest brings to more than 70 the number of illegal immigrants so far arrested in Taita-Taveta County in the past two weeks. This is also the largest number of foreigners so far arrested.

Taita OCPD Nathaniel Aseneka said 56 men and a woman were arrested at Caltex filling station roadblock in Voi town. One of the suspects, however, escaped and police are still looking for him.

“We are detaining the suspects and will take them to court once we are through with our investigation,” said the police boss.

“We’re doing everything possible to rid the area of illegal immigrants,” Aseneka added.

No documents

Meanwhile, MPs Calist Mwatela (Mwatate), Dan Mwazo (Voi) and Thomas Mwadeghu (Wundanyi) accused some livestock traders of hiring foreigners as herders with no identification documents.

Elsewhere, police arrested 17 Ethiopians as they were travelling to Nairobi from Isiolo on Nairobi-Nyeri Highway.

They were nabbed on Monday night by police officers who were patrolling the highway at Huhi area, near Makuyu town.

Yesterday, Murang’a South OCPD Antony Onyango said the foreigners were arrested at 10.30pm after police manning a roadblock flagged down their vehicles.

Also arrested were two drivers who had been hired to ferry the 17 to a hotel in Narok town where they were to stay before travelling to South Africa. Onyango said they would be arraigned before a Thika court once investigation is complete.