Boycott Aster Aweke – update

There is an update. Click here to read.

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By Elias Kifle

This week the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) that was created by the Tigrean despot Meles Zenawi is spending millions of birr to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

First of all, both ANDM, which was created 16 years ago in 1994, and its predecessor, Ethiopian People’s Democracy Movement (EPDM), which was created in 1980, were used to advance Tigrean People Liberation Front’s (Woyanne) ethnic apartheid agenda.

Second, ANDM is an anti-Amhara and anti-Ethiopia group that is led by Meles Zenawi’s puppets who are not even Amharas, such as Bereket Simon and Helawi Yoseph.

Third, ANDM is a criminal organization that has incited violence against Ethiopians of Amhara ethnic group in southern region of Ethiopia.

Fourth, ADNM’s raison d’etre is serving its Woyanne Tigrean masters. In the video on the left you will see ANDM leaders pledge to build schools in Tigray while Amhara children eat trash at the Addis Ababa city dump.

This week, Aster Aweke and some lesser known singers are scheduled to perform at the ANDM anniversary event in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

And next Wednesday, Nov. 28, Aster flies to the U.S. and dares to come to Atlanta to sing in front of Ethiopians, many of whom have fled Ethiopia because of ADNM and its puppet master the ruling TPLF.

I love Aster and enjoy her songs, but I join concerned Ethiopians in calling for a boycott of her performances from hereon until she apologizes and gives an assurance to the people of Ethiopia that she will never associate herself with Ethiopia’s enemies such as TPLF and ANDM.

There are many talented Ethiopian artists who will never sell their soul and betray their people for Woyanne crumbs (frefari). Let’s support them and boycott those like Aster and others who betray their country.

There is a well written article in Amharic about ANDM by Wondimu Mekonnen of London. Click here to read.