Solomon Takalign cashing in on Woyanne butt-kissing

By Elias Kifle

When singer Solomon Tekalign went to Eritrea to visit Ethiopian opposition groups (see the video here) 3 years ago he was in dire financial straits. He was literally begging friends for money. Right after he returned from the Eritrea trip, suddenly cash started to flow into his hands from “invisible” sources. Within a few months, he bought a 4-bedroom single family home in Atlanta, as well as a brand new Hummer ($40,000).

[Below is a photo of Solomon Tekalign’s 4 bedroom house at 1096 Carriage Trace Cir. Stone Mountain, GA (fully paid off)]
Solomon Tekalign house in Atlanta

Then suddenly he packed his bag and flew to Ethiopia. When he returned, he started to sing to Woyanne propaganda chief Bereket Simon’s tune by launching an attack on opposition groups and any one who opposed the Woyanne ruling junta led by Meles Zenawi.

As the May 2010 fake election approached, Solomon released a new song praising and admiring Meles Zenawi’s eyebrows (qendib). Singing a love song to Meles meant more rewards.

[The third house at 1228 Carriage Trace Cir. in Stone Mountain, GA, that Solomon Tekalign is currently buying with cash]
Solomon Tekalign house in Atlanta
[Photos by Ethiopian Review’s Intelligence Unit]

Solomon now owns 3 cars (Jeep, Hummer, and Mercedes Benz 500) and 3 houses (a town house, a 4-bedroom house, and a 6-bedroom house) with an income of about $50 per day that he gets by making illegal copies of music CDs.

Solomon Tekalign is a good case study of how Woyanne is successfully co-opting and neutralizing its opponents through bribery with money looted from the poor people of Ethiopia.

I hope the U.S. law enforcement authorities who specialize in corruption look into this case since such corruption is undermining the Ethiopian community in North America and also it is a violation of U.S. laws.

Solomon and other hodams are feasting on Ethiopia’s treasure that is looted from children like this girl below who scavenge and eat trash at Addis Ababa city dump to survive.
Ethiopian children surviving on trash