A spectacle of shame at Columbia University (video)

Ethiopia’s genocidal regime led by the Woyanne junta has a new propaganda strategy. Here it is: After conducting a fake election in May 2010 and claimed to have won 99.6 percent of the seats in parliament, its propaganda chief Bereket Simon paid a bunch of people 50 birr per person to stage a protest rally against the opposition parties and international human rights organizations. Those who were victimized and robbed of their votes had been prevented from protesting. The consequence of staging a protest against the Woyanne junta is mass arrest, torture and death as witnessed in 2005. The victimizers and genociders (Woyannes) have the right to protest against the very same people they are victimizing. In line with this new propaganda strategy, yesterday, while pro-democracy protesters (who would have been jailed and tortured if they were in Ethiopia) went to Columbia University to confront Meles, Woyanne-hired supporters were there also to “demonstrate” their support for Meles. They were chanting “we love you Meles!” “Good Job Meles!” It was an embarrassing spectacle. Watch the video below.