The Meles regime blocks Columbia University’s online journal

Ethiopian Review sources in Addis Ababa are reporting that Meles Zenawi’s Woyanne junta has blocked Columbia Spectator from being accessed in Ethiopia’s capital.

We have independently verified the report with multiple sources. In Bahr Dar and a few other cities, however, the web site can be accessed.

Columbia Spectator has taken a strong editorial position against Meles Zenawi’s human rights records, and posted a number of reports that are critical of University’s invitation to the despot.

Several Ethiopians used the opportunity provided by Columbia Spectator to voice their opinion (see here).

Blocking web sites is not new to the Meles regime. All major Ethiopian news web sites, including, are blocked in Ethiopia, and since May 2010, Voice of America, DW (German Voice), and ESAT broadcasts have been jammed with a jamming station that was built by China at the cost of $250 million.

It’s ironic that as Columbia University prepares to host Meles Zenawi today, a web site that is run by Columbia student is being blocked in Ethiopia.