Meles speech moved

Columbia University has announced today that Ethiopia’s dictator Meles Zenawi is still scheduled to speak Wednesday at 4 PM, but the speech has been moved to a smaller venue, according to Columbia Spectator.

The University did not explain the reason for moving the venue from the stately Low Rotunda (see here) to the class-room-like Roone Arledge Auditorium (see here).

At least 3 buses will take off from Washington DC and Boston on Wednesday morning heading for New York carrying protesters. Others are planing to take train, plane and their own cars.

For more information or to assist the organizers by making financial donations, visit:

Bus 1 (from Virginia) 8:00 am Southern Towers Depart from the parking lot at Southern Towers (in front of the Seven Eleven Store), Alexandria, VA

Bus 2 (from DC) 8:00 am Kidist Mariam Church, Departs from the parking lot at Kidist Mariam Church, Washington, DC.

For the bus leaving from Boston, call 617-785-5495

Facebook is also being used to mobilize protesters. A Facebook page that was setup by 2 Columbia students sent out 1,019 invitations so far (see here).

Ethiopian Review will report tomorrow’s activities live from Columbia University. Stay tuned.