Lidetu, Samuel, Hailu and more acts of shame

If Ethiopia’s second richest person (among the hodam class), Samuel Tafesse, has even a speck of pride, he would feel great shame Saturday night when over half of those he invited to his lavish party failed to show up.

Ethiopian Review has learned that out of the 400 people who were invited, less than half went to the Mandarin Oriental, a luxury hotel in Washington DC to wine and dine with Azeb Mesfin’s business partner.

Two individuals who had received invitations told that they didn’t go to the party because they do not want their photos to show up on web sites.

On Friday, Etete Restaurant managers were telling callers that their customers are mostly Americans and that they don’t really care if Ethiopians boycott them.

Meanwhile, sources of Ethiopian Review Investigation Unit have reported that the disgraced chairman of EDP Lidetu Ayalew was forced to leave a wedding party in Addis Ababa a few days before he arrived in the U.S. this month.

hailu shawel lidetu ayalew and bereket simon nov 2009_145323.jpg-145749According to the sources, every one at the wedding stopped eating the food until the hosts ask Lidetu and friends to leave. Lidetu had no choice but to leave in disgrace.

Lidetu’s partner-in-shame, Hailu Shawel is expanding his business in Ethiopia after bowing down to Meles Zenawi. His company is currently building (see the photo below) a multi-million-dollar entertainment center for Woyanne families, as well as Arab sheiks who are tuning  Addis Ababa into their favorite whorehouse. The facility has no use for most Ethiopians who are barely surviving.

Below, Hailu Shawel’s son, Shawel Hailu, poses for photo in front of the massive entertainment complex that his family’s company is building in Addis Ababa. This is one of the rewards Hailu Shawel Shewden has apparently received for betraying the people of Ethiopia.

Below is Hailu Shawel’s just completed night club, bowling and swimming facility in Addis Ababa to be used by famiiles of the ruling class, Woyannes and their children >>