Ginbot 7 forges an alliance with 2 other parties

Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy (Ginbot 7) has created an alliance with two other parties, Afar People’s Party, and Ethiopian Movement for Unity and Justice.

The press release issued by the coalition announces its name as “Alliance for Liberty, Equality and Justice in Ethiopia” (ALEJE).

According to sources close to the ALEJE, the top members of its leadership include: Dr Berhanu Nega, chairman; Ato Allo Ayhadis Mohammed, Vice-Chairman; and Ato Neamin Zeleke, Secretary General.

Except Gibot 7, the other two parties have so far been operating underground as clandestine groups.

Click here to read the full text of the press release.

Ginbot 7 has been trying to forge an alliance with other armed resistance groups for the past two years with no success due to chronic internal divisions within the other organizations and Ginbot 7’s own failed tactic of approaching each group for bilateral talks, instead of working to convene a national conference involving political parties, as well as civic groups, elder statesmen, scholars, activists, the media and all other groups who want to see regime change in Ethiopia.

Under a bold, aggressive leadership by Ginbot 7, a transitional government in exile could have been established by now.

The creation of this new coalition, however, is a major step toward a broader alliance that is inclusive of all “stakeholders.”

It’s is also encouraging to see newer, younger faces in top leadership positions of the opposition groups. This needs to be followed in all the other opposition parties — let the younger, more energetic, defiant leaders come forward to lead the struggle. What the struggle needs is less theory and more anti-Woyanne action.