Call Etete Restaurant in DC – 202 232 7600

Etete Ethiopian Restaurant in Washington DC is hired to feed 500 Woyannes and hodams this coming Saturday at a lavish party thrown by the second richest man in Ethiopia and a business partner of Ethiopia’s brutal dictator Meles Zenawi (click here to read details).

If Etete owners need our business, they need to be sensitive to our pain, the pain of Ethiopians who have been forced into exile by Woyanne looters and murderers who continue to brutalize our people back home.

Let’s call Etete owners at 202 232 7600 and politely ask them to cancel their contract to provide food at the party.

Ethiopian Review has established a hotline for those who have information about every one who will attend the party. Please send us names, addresses, and photos of those who will be dining and wining with the looters:

Etete Restaurant Tel: 202 232 7600

Ethiopian Review Hotline Tel: 202 656 5117
Email: [email protected]

Sources of information will be kept strictly confidential.