New opportunities for Ethiopian opposition parties

The Ethiopian opposition groups — both inside the country and in exile — are currently in disarray due to Woyanne’s fascistic policies and their own lack of leadership. However, things are not hopeless. In fact, Woyanne’s decision to stamp out any semblance of muti-party politics in Ethiopia creates new opportunities for us. I invite forumers to discuss what these opportunities are and to make suggestions to the opposition parties on how to move forward. My own suggestions are:

1) All the opposition parties need to make leadership changes and get more youth and women involved in the top leadership.

2) Convene an all-inclusive national conference to set up a viable interim government in exile or national alliance.

3) Establish a full diplomatic relationship with Eritrea’s government and set up an embassy in Asmara. Remember that the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), which was a coalition of several political and civic groups, had diplomatic relations with many countries. ANC had also diplomatic relations with countries such as Libya.

4) Call for nation-wide economic boycott of Woyanne.

5) Organize a systematic civil disobedience campaigns, which include disabling government-owned vehicles, infecting computer networks with viruses, vandalizing government buildings, cutting power lines, making citizen arrests against Woyanne businessmen such as Al Amoudi, etc… while making sure that civilians are unhurt.

If the opposition groups are able to care out the above 4 suggestions alone, Woyanne will crumble in no time. What say you?