Azeb Mesfin goes after Al Amoudi’s gold mine

Azeb Mesfin, the wife of Ethiopia’s genocidal dictator Meles Zenawi, is now going after Al Amoudi’s Legedembi Gold Mine, according to Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit sources in Addis Ababa.

Recently, Azeb, who is now fully in charge of the EFFORT conglomerate after pushing out Sebhat Nega, went after the coffee industry. EFFORT is currently monopolizing Ethiopia’s coffee export.

Azeb’s next move is Ethiopia’s mineral mining. Already Meles and Azeb extort huge commission from Al Amoudi’s gold export. As reported previously, Al Amoudi’s private planes transport gold directly from mining locations in southern Ethiopia to the London gold market without the knowledge of Ethiopia’s Ministry of Mining. The operation is protected by a special force under the direct command of Meles.

Earlier this year, at least three students at Awassa University were kidnapped by Meles Zenawi’s forces after complaining about Legadembi Gold Mine, which is contaminating the river in the area.

The Meles crime family‘s avaricious appetite to dominate every thing in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa region is what led to the 99.6 percent victory theft at the May 2010 elections. Meles and Azeb are looting Ethiopia’s economy with the same level of audaciousness and greed they have displayed in politics.

It is not new for Azeb — as much drunkard and pervert as Al Amoudi, known to have several boyfriends — to go after Al Amoudi’s businesses. She has been pushing him out of the real estate business for a while now, causing his office buildings in Addis Ababa to remain vacant.

Currently none of Al Amoudi’s businesses in Ethiopia, including the Sheraton Hotel, are profitable. Al Amoudi is said to be frustrated with Azeb and the only reason he stays in Ethiopia is to continue having a good time with underage girls — paying hefty salaries to his underlings who bring him virgins.