Ethiopian Satellite TV Jammed

(Press Release) — For the past three days and intermittently before that, Ethiopian Satellite Service (ESAT) broadcasts in Ethiopia have been interrupted due to undetermined electronic interference.

Following preliminary investigations, we have confirmed the following facts:

Our service providers have performed extensive technical tests and determined that ESAT transmissions have been targeted for multiple interference from unknown sources.

Once the interference was detected, our service providers made appropriate adjustments to overcome the interfering signal. That effort worked temporarily and ESAT was back on the air. In the last 72 hours, the interfering signal was boosted jamming ESAT signals once again.

Our service providers have performed additional tests and determined that the multiple interference is targeted only at ESAT broadcasts and none of their other broadcasts.

Our service providers are continuing their investigations of the
interference and seeking appropriate solutions.

ESAT asks its viewers and supporters to continue their support of the service. ESAT management wishes to assure its viewers and supporters that it will pursue its commitment to meet its mission objectives.

ESAT Management
Contact: Abebe Belew at [email protected]